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UPDATE 11/20 DOG HAS BEEN FOUND - Lost Dog Colliers Mills


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UPDATE 11/20 DOG HAS BEEN FOUND AT COLLIERS MILLS AND REUNITED WITH OWNER.  they found him at archery range 11 cold nights brrr

This is NOT my dog. Please contact Daniel directly. Lost dog at last light on Pheasant opener near main entrance down by where dirt road splits. He has clothes and food where he lost dog and also a hat on main road for scent. Dog is microchipped, has a name tag and running a bell. Saw Dan and his son searching yesterday. Help this boy get his dog back.



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3 hours ago, Bones said:

I don’t think it’s the same hope they turn up 

It certainly could be. My brother had bought a dog from someone in allentown. Dog got out of yard in trenton and was found in yardville headed back to allentown. Hamilton and Colliers is not that far. I was in several places in colliers today but not sightings. Hope they find their dog.

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4 hours ago, Bones said:

Someone called into xtu this morning about a lost Gsp in Hamilton I don’t know if that’s close to there they said to call 925 xtu if found and they will get you in touch of the owner 

Hi Bones not sure if they radio station said someone found a lost dog? Can you clarify?

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