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  1. Where are you, I have a good trainer that did both of my GSPs 1 is 6 months old and in class now...Atlantic city area...the other is 1.5 and a good bird dog...the obedience training allowed easy training to fieldwork
  2. Can I use my .22 revolver with blank rounds on a WMA to help train a new pup to gun fire or does it have to be designated blank gun..thank you
  3. Bravecto and then a good hose down outside when you get home
  4. I use short on my GSP.. long is a good idea for you...also tight!!! 2 fingers should be a able to tightly fit in..also as high up as possible
  5. Yes plenty in atlantic and Cape may county, great exposure for the dogs
  6. That's awesome here's my 81 year old grandpa this December managed 1 pheasant over the 10 month old GSP, only held the gun for a photo op mid field.
  7. Yea, we never got that 2-3 week freeze off, the area I was in is some of the worse tick land I've ever seen, permitherin is my best friend
  8. Yes I was 1 for 8 this year in the thick heavy woods....also plenty of ticks out, pulled 1 off me and 6 off the dog
  9. I think many stayed this year as I saw a couple everytime out through January, yesterday was the first time where I found a dense amount of them in one area, I was at Tuckahoe WMA
  10. Took my GSP out with me scouting for new deer spots for next fall and found and pointed 4 woodcocks, in the low wet areas in the woods, wish they were open, they are fun to target, the dog had a great time "pretend" hunting
  11. Thank you that is what i was assuming, I only got 1 when deer hunting, never targeting them specifically
  12. No, bow, shot gun, muzzleloader, or air rifle only
  13. I did chuckars today as well, beats going to a preserve, cant wait for next year for my dogs second season
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