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  1. Looks like a great way to spend the day. Congrats on the catch
  2. As someone else said. Deer avoid the weirdo jogging and then go back to doing what they were doing. I had a friend who was walked in on about 45 minutes before dark by a couple guys picking mushrooms. They walked away and two bucks walked in as the guys just got out of sight. Sit tight cause you never know what is going to happen.
  3. Congrats Vito. Expect to see that buck in back of truck on monday. Good luck.
  4. Darren is good guy. I met him years ago at the outdoor expo when Theo was turning 2 years old. Paul (another tracker with dog Dallas) was doing the tracking simulation at the time I attended. I got to spend a little time seeing pics of some of the animals they recovered. And to hear about the dedication these guys have helping hunters find their deer/bear is very honorable. I wouldn't hesitate to call either of them if needed. Glad you found your doe. Any pics?
  5. Yea it just gets old after a while when you see an occupation bashed because of a few bad apples and skirting the site rules to push political bs.
  6. We have some bad teachers, some bad leos, some bad construction workers and so on. Trying to use the few bad ones is no different than an anti using the few bad hunters and labeling us all that way. This thread was meant as a political smoke screen post to push more "the sky is falling" hysteria.
  7. Sitting at tractor supply waiting to open. Just swapping sd cards today and adding cameras. Not hunting til october 2nd. Next weekend supposed to be into 40s at night I hear. Good luck to everyone out swatting mosquitos today.
  8. You are nickmarch junior. How much more am I going to comsume your thoughts every day?
  9. Len that thing needed another year. LOL.
  10. Right on time to stir shit, trolling as usual. I live in your head. I guess there is a lot of space there. You think this same lame brain crap was not happening when the mean orange guy was in office? You like to argue and hear yourself talk. That is why you constantly take jabs at people. Grow up.
  11. Nothing is better than nickjam. You keep talking like this and Fred will be here with another tribute. LOL. Good luck.
  12. Nice. I met a woman that was 102 at the bowling alley a few weeks ago. We had a company get together and she was bowling next alley over. She said she been bowling for 90 years. She was consistant in the 130's each game also. Some impressive people out there.
  13. Too late. I think he got eaten by a bear already.
  14. Pete do you think we have more yahoos among us or that it is just more noticeable today because of social media? Maybe we had the same amount of yahoos 20 years ago but did not realize it because of not having social.media we have today. Not sure we truly know the answer. Having posts and debating like the would you shoot posts from Rusty are helpful in discussing proper shot and shot placement. But mone of these posts are going to change an unethical person. But it does help those new hunters.
  15. Choot em MM. Good luck to everyone out there.
  16. I have two handlers numbers in my phone along with a couple CO's numbers. I have given handlers numbers to a few guys who shot deer but having trouble finding it. Just because you have a number does not make you unethical like you are trying to equate. It makes you prepared for being human and making mistakes. Easy rxample is i had nice buck come out one evening. He waked in different directions for several minutes. When I finally got on him I did not realize my bpw limb on crossbow was against tree. So my shot actually went behind the deer because it kicked left so much. In me following the deer for several minutes I lost sense of how tight i was to tree. Glad it was a clean miss instead of wounded deer. But I was prepared for making a mistake. Nothing unethical about what happened.
  17. Any pics of you with some boars you killed?
  18. I would have said Jack Harris but I don't see the doggy purse so it can't be him.
  19. Yea this will be my 48th year hunting. I enjoy the work of checking all these cams. I have started not liking some of the drags of dead deer though. But while I can still do both without issue I keep putting buying an e-bike off. I am sure I will feel like Hammer and say to myself I should have done this sooner. But I have always hunted my way. I enter the woods with a knife and flashlight and whatever weapon is in season. I do not take binos or range finder or other gadgets. I have never used a compass. On occasion during rut I may throw a grunt tube around my neck but do not blind call with it.
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