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  1. Bones

    9/22 Youth Day Hunt - BUCK DOWN

    That’s awesome congrats to both of you
  2. Bones

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Congrats guys awesome bucks
  3. Bones

    Broken to my core

    Be hopeful medical science is very advanced in most things I know how you feel I’m a father also and want noting but the best for my kids I’m not sure where your located but university of Pennsylvania has a great medical field.
  4. Bones


    It’s been a bit but is your first post allowed to be a for sale post
  5. Bones

    Surprising incident at Six Flags

    Yup crazy there’s a group of medical marijuana card holders that go out front of police stations and smoke weed just because they can. soon it will be decriminalized makes no sense ban guns but decriminalize drugs
  6. Bones

    9/15/2018 Youth hunter success!

    Nice congrats
  7. Maybe some sort of swallow tail
  8. Bones

    Coyotes are back

    Yeah they’re everywhere I wish I could use my rifle at night for them. i got one last year during 6 day on my lease 4 came out only could get a shot on one, they were definitely hunting in a pack. I don’t see them during the day very often.
  9. Bones

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Can’t wait to see pics in the am looked like a good shot to me
  10. Bones

    Gloucester County Velvet 10 point

  11. If they last till the season they are partridge daily limit is 7