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  1. I alway carry a tourniquet only takes seconds to bleed from an arterial bleed. I have an assortment of crap in my truck for dogs and people but I carry a tourniquet on my person while in the woods.
  2. It was a bit of a joke Sorry it confused you
  3. That’s a sweet gun how you like it
  4. To each his own. sometimes a weapon isn’t own your hip such as in this guys case it was in his pocket in a holster. I carry many different ways off duty and on duty depending my responsibilities for the day. You ever go to Kentucky the only people to open carry are pedophiles because they’re the only ones who can’t get a concealed permit.
  5. I know when an officer has an accidental discharge most of the time they are charged through their department because accidental discharges are uncommon usually it’s negligence. but before they are charged the weapon is sent to a firearm expert and ran through a serious of test to rule out any safety or defects in the firearm. In theory a handgun being dropped should not cause the weapon to discharge the trigger must be pulled. glocks had a snag and I believe recall on the first 43’s they made due to failing the drop test and strike to the slide or slide cover when they first came out.
  6. I just did it last week just picked my gun up from ffl today easy peasy
  7. Stayed on Owasco lake a few years ago. House had canoes and kayaks. We were able to rent a boat for the week at a marina on the lake. Fishing was good yellow perch and rock bass were everywhere, big smallies bit at sunset and sunrise but this was in the heat of the summer. The wives hit the wineries why guys drank beer and fished. We went to several taverns for dinner and we went to Cooperstown for the national baseball hall of fame and museum. It was a good time I would definitely do it again.
  8. Some of those perch and pickerel are fat, full bellies on them. Nice day
  9. This was woodstown pilesgrove area
  10. They were in the farm fields we only have about 3 inches of snow so it’s not that deep. im no waterfowl or goose hunter so I don’t know much other then they were flying low and I saw several farm fields loaded with them like stacked in shoulder to shoulder must have been thousands. Some smaller flocks like 20 or so were flying low enough over the state lands I could have shot them if I wanted to.
  11. Both mostly snows but I saw a couple fields with several hundred Canadians
  12. Public land Salem county. Had a few chukar left did the old toss in the air and let them land where they want. Then got the pup and went to work. what a beautiful morning and game all over, tens of thousands of geese filling the air and farm fields. We jumped a few deer bedded under some pine trees. We saw a coyote running up a hill into a thicket several hundred yards away, had a point on a woodcock and I missed a bunny. We found all the birds I let out. The dog and I are wet and tired but happy for a great day.
  13. I just bought a gun off gunbroker thanks to this site lol i used the find a ffl in your area and found a awesome guy buy me that does transfer out of his house, $40 for the transfer and $16 nics. the shops by me wanted 75 or 65 plus tax plus nics which some were charging $22 for nics which I though 16 or 15 was a standard fee since it goes to the state
  14. Good place I’ve hunted there a few times always has a good mix of cover to hunt.
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