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  1. Price wise and comfort I love my summit I just wish the teeth dug into hardwood trees a bit better.
  2. He served in wwII and Korea an amazing person
  3. I’m still getting the adds covering the reply box soon can’t see what I’m typing
  4. My grandpa turns 94 this December and he still hunts. He hunted small game when he was a boy and didn’t hunt deer until he was in his mid 30s. In nj he’s only hunted deer with a gun club doing drives during 6 day or over bait with his crossbow which he just started doing in the last 10 years. He doesn’t care if it’s a 13 pointer or a spike what god sends out to him to he will take when his freezer is full he will hunt something different or stay home. in my opinion we lost our way when we have places for everyday hunters to drop off unwanted deer they killed. guys just killing to
  5. Saturday’s in October they put a few Chukar out. no shooting just for dog conditioning
  6. I’m getting adds popping up over top the comment section when trying to type, and the Quote box also shows up Randomly.
  7. That’s ridiculous I hope she has a quick and easy recovery
  8. https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/2020/smgame_summary20-21.pdf
  9. Congrats he’s a dandy
  10. Does it have the plate inside that gives the specs like weight Capacity max persons and hp. if it does I think you can go to the coast guard or state police marine division and get a title for it. as for a trailer I believe you just need a signed bill of sale. im not 100% on this I never did it but I heard people say that’s what has to me done.
  11. I would want to go as a boater if I can even make it it’s a hike from me. but if I can could I be a guest boater?
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