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  1. I wonder if the bottle scented stuff works
  2. Beau had his first introduction to birds today. I think it was a success I can’t wait to see how he progresses
  3. https://ammoseek.com/ammo/12-gauge
  4. Liberal bull sh*t and shameful fish and game committee bunch of bitch*s
  5. Awesome congrats
  6. I had a Alaskan malamute in my teenage years. he was an awesome dog great family dog great protector. He always went room to room throughout the night making sure everyone was ok. he did escape the yard several times and sometimes for days at a time. From me over hearing my dad he killed a few chickens and caused a mess on a farm once which my dad had to pay for. but he was very loyal abd protective you could not walk-in my house without approval from my old man or the wolf would eat you. And there was no rough housing with us kids or the wolf would eat my dad. Great dog
  7. Dominic peretti of franklin Twp Gloucester county if you want his number pm me
  8. That’s an awesome day
  9. Bones

    Summertime Means...

    Cool looking little dude
  10. Wow what kind are f catfish is that
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