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  1. Bones

    Guns for sale

    Ar reserved until Monday
  2. Bones

    Guns for sale

    Like new M&p15 Nj compliant 1 10rd magazine to go with it asking $550 dl and fid required dan wesson 22lr used but in great condition 90% asking $500 need ffl located Camden county
  3. Bones

    Dog Trianing stuff

    I sent anoth pm I’m sure this time I’ll takebthe 209 pistol if you can ship it
  4. Bones

    Dog Trianing stuff

    Yeah sorry I thought I sent a 2nd pm but I never hit send
  5. Bones

    Dog Trianing stuff

    I sent u a pm on the starter pistol can u post a pic of it? You don’t need a permit to purchase it do you I wouldn’t think so but it’s NJ so anything that makes sense goes out the window
  6. Bones

    Nobelle kennels

    My expectations are high comparing to my sawyer, I want to see pedigree, I’m not against a started dog but as long as my male dog is with me it would have to be a female and I question y anyone would get rid of a good dog . Im really set on my pup recovering and finding a treatment and getting a puppy male or female to follow in his footsteps. im a fast hunter covering lots of ground I hunt a lot sometimes days in a row I need a dog that can do that. Ive had two Gsp different bloodlines sawyer my current will hunt non stop injury tired you wouldn’t know. the other one would let you know the next day by sleeping or limping around. At this point I’m looking for references and pedigrees
  7. Bones

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    So does that mean I can’t sell privately starting today
  8. Bones

    Nobelle kennels

    I have a Gsp now that has bloodline from Malzone Indian creek and he’s a stud in the field I couldn’t be happier and over impressed with him. right now he’s got some skin issues I’ve been throwing money at and still no one has an answer for me I’m not sure how things are going to workout in the long run at this point so another pup is a must for me. From my understanding is the common us gsp is more white due to having English pointer in it. the one from nobelle kennels are a little thicker and liver or darker in color they’re referred as dk pointer DEUTSCH KURZHAAR. im not sure if they’re different hunting styles, the owner from nobelle made seem as his dogs are systematic or methodical hunters and the us gsp are runners. Anyone with any thoughts
  9. Bones

    Nobelle kennels

    It’s between the two from my understanding there’s a little difference between the dogs German standards for nobelle and just the us for Indian creek
  10. Anyone have any experience with nobelle kennels I’m going to be looking for another gsp pup soon I saw they will be having a litter ready in the fall.
  11. Bones

    Father/Daughter = Fishing Buds

    Yes sir good times
  12. Bones

    Interesting find on the job today

    Wow there in great shape
  13. I love my e collar But I got a stubborn young male Gsp, he’s excellent but once in a while he forgets who’s in charge usually the vibration mode is all it takes.
  14. Congrats to all the young hunters
  15. Bones

    suggestions for boat rentals

    Two chum in sea isle has 16 or 17ft cc for $180 a day minmar has a number of boats from 14ft to 21ft boats for rent