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  1. Just need a receipt from a state recognized game bird dealer and follow the state bag limit chukar are partridge which is 7 bag limit
  2. Bones

    Busted up buck

    Dang it looks like he lost one or both eyes
  3. Bones


    That’s when you give him the mr. chow tata goodbye
  4. Bones


    The old meat wagon is paid off and a few more dents and scrapes ain’t going to hurt it anymore.
  5. Bones


    I give em the gravel shower, drive onto the shoulder where the dirt and gravel collect, it kicks it up for the tailgater behind you. But I do agree if your not passing people stay out of the fast lane. Slow drivers in the fast lane is just as bad as tailgaters.
  6. Hard to tell he looks old to me could be on a decline for horns
  7. Pointy and hard were it hurts if they chomp down on it hard plastic i don’t want to say metal wire scrub brush but I heard that works
  8. Like said above hard bristled brush wrapped in pheasant feathers
  9. No they didn’t find it they called asking for help if someone did find it to call the radio station. hopefully tomorrow someone will find it if it hasn’t been found yet.
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