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  1. Bones

    .40 cal ammo

    500 rds left $100
  2. Bones

    .40 cal ammo

    It was nice meeting you and yes there isn’t many of us down here in pork roll country so it’s nice to see and meet other members
  3. I won’t let terrorist keep me from joking around.
  4. I had a few visitors at the quail pen today. A nice Tom and several hens came running up while I was feeding the quail. Back yard birds not ever nervous about humans yet. Maybe I can lure him into the basement 😮
  5. Bones

    Favorite Irish Song !

  6. Bones

    Favorite Irish Song !

    I’m a fan of dropkick murphys
  7. Bones

    .40 cal ammo

    500 rds spoken for 500 rds left
  8. Bones what parts ?? 

  9. Bones

    .40 cal ammo

    Sounds good I pm d ya
  10. It’s not the whole gun just the box and parts
  11. Sounds awesome pay $30 on top of what your buying the gun for and then wait to be told you can’t have it that day.
  12. I’ve made several post on game creek I go there often. top notch place, I hunt a handful of places and I’m a member at game creek. They have so many farms if you hunt a lot you can request a different farm from what you hunted last time so the cover and scenery is never the same unless you have a favorite farm then you can request that one. The fields are maintained and the gun club is awesome. Everything is top notch. I was told they were out of pheasant now and only have Chukar and quail but call to confirm as they may have bought more.
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