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  1. Officer while I was detaining the him there was a struggle and his face hit my fist. but seriously be carful never know what assholes will do for loose change.
  2. I live about 45 min from there, we have been taking our kids there for a few years. You got to go around Christmas they do an amazing job with lights and Santa comes out of a chimney at dark waves his hands and all the lights turn on at once. Check it out at Christmas it’s worth it.
  3. We use to use uncooked bacon to catch eels and catfish when I was a youngster.
  4. I have tactacam and my brother has go pro go pro probably better for upland hunting such as pheasant and quail and fishing. But for anything that’s more then 20 feet from you tactacam wins. We have the same video or turkey hunting and his looks like black blobs while mine you can make out the turkey sex if it’s a jake or Tom etc.
  5. Any pond or lake with bobbers and worms small hooks sunnies and bluegill will be non stop have fun. my daughter like doing it on my boat she likes to put a few in the live well and watch them, she also likes the boat ride we go to Salem canal or union where I can run my 9.9. salem is no restriction on hp
  6. Sportsman outpost is the only one I go to I’m not driving an hour out of my way. Bottle barn in Gloucester county when I use to hunt zone 20, I don’t think they do it anymore though.
  7. Bones

    More Kittens

    Most town like to spend taxpayer money to tnr, I got nothing against house cats but I do for feral cats that kill so many animals just for fun. Between them and the hawks I’m surprised any turkey chicks make it. And they poop in my wife’s flower garden, pee on my door mat and scare the bejessus out of me when I’m coming home off of night work.
  8. Bones

    More Kittens

    They make good coyote bait
  9. 5 hours and I’m still waiting, come on already 😜
  10. Gsp are a handful especially when young, I have two one wears a shock collar a good portion of the day. My older one has calmed down a bit with age. giving them plenty of exercise helps a good two hour run everyday helps
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