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  1. Nice congrats and good shooting
  2. I’m tired of buying kids boots every year and growing out of them only wearing a couple of times. I looked at some the other day they were $109 that’s more then the boots I wear. With two girls hunting It’s crazy to spend that for a handful of hunts. im looking for cheap insulated youth boots size 1, 2 or 3 if anyone is selling or knows of a warm boot that won’t break the bank
  3. Yet again the dogs were on fire 6 pheasant plus a couple extra points to help out a guy on the other side of us. managed two quail at peaslee. now the dogs rest for a couple weeks while I try to get a couple deer for the winter.
  4. If I’m hunting alone then only 6 to 8 if I’m with a few other gunners then a box
  5. Got er done on a wet morning.
  6. 2 man limit of pheasant and quail. even had a handful of points walking back to the truck. IMG_0393.MOV
  7. Bones

    Got wood

    I’d like to see you guys split this one by hand. size comparison next to my truck
  8. Glock 43 if your interested
  9. I have a Glock 43 I’d sell and some ammo to go with it.
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