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  1. It was a beautiful day we slept in today got there around 8! Weather was nice too it is a 20.
  2. Got after them again today, Rosie had two points in some thick stuff. The first one we had to give chase but the field was full of briars and brutal to walk through poor Rosie lost some blood and that old bird lives for another day. I had to pick her up and carry her out as she was determined to find him but I couldn’t let her get to banged up. #2 went much better,we worked another bitch of a field with a hedgerow in the middle of it. Rosie briefly went on point on the edge of the field then worked the hedgerow with determination. I went ahead a bit letting her work towards me. It worked
  3. Bones

    Thank you

    Awesome to hear he’s doing well. Speedy recovery young lad
  4. Bones


    Glad u mentioned that If I saw them I would have been in violation. I’m thinking of the pink again tomorrow
  5. Bones


    Looking good I had a good day yesterday myself. I plan on heading out tomorrow morning for a few hours.
  6. I got 3 boxes at bobs little sport shop 2 weeks ago $16 a box they had probably 10,I wanted 5 but he said 3 per customer to give others a chance.
  7. Went to the pink today with a friend and got 3 pheasant. Had to work a bit for them but sure was fun.
  8. Anyone going to go after leftover birds this week? im thinking about hitting assunpink tomorrow and down Cumberland county on Thursday. Curious if anyone else is headed out.
  9. Another great day, we had most of the kids with us on this adventure the youngest being my nephew age 3. I thought we got there early enough to get a field but nope the crowds were already lining the fields when we pulled In 30 min before shooting time. we waited until the pushed through then we came in behind hitting hedgerows getting our 4 man limit and missing a few more. Nothing beats great dogs.
  10. Couldn’t make it out yesterday since I had night work the night before but i did get out today. Today was an awesome day, my daughter and her friend came with me he has never been hunting before. we arrived around 8 and only two other trucks were in the parking lot. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hunt the woods or the fields but with a newbie with us and little legs I let them walk the field trails while I worked the dogs in the fields. About 6 fields to put up 3 nice pheasant one I missed. The birds were running a bit today and the dogs had to track them from one end of the field to the ot
  11. Bones


    O man that’s a lot of quills that poor pup
  12. Did very well again today. Started the day off with a sick skunk on the trail leading in. A gentleman dispatched it at shooting time so we could hunt without worrying about it. i only took Rosie again today sawyer had me worried with his flare up. We got our limit of pheasant and quail today. crowds were down today. IMG_7438.MOV
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