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  1. Doubled up....

    Now that’s a pretty picture congrats
  2. Good Opening day gobbler

    Congrats nice size tom for sure
  3. Boycott Yeti

    I don’t k ow if anyone else said it but rtic coolers are almost the exact same as yeti and cost half the price
  4. Turkey Hunt Practice

    A classic that always makes me laugh
  5. Just One Lure?

    Wacky rig or a speed crawl with a 1/8 weight
  6. RIP R Lee Ermey

    Past away at 74 another good soul gone to the lord
  7. Definitely a perfect job for a high school kid It be better if they supplied the vehicle
  8. Their Back in Force

    hybrids or just depending on people to feed them very cool looking birds
  9. Another republican

    I think we are done 3 girls is enough lol
  10. Another republican

    Lol had to try one more time was a surprise till the end it’s ok I love my girls I think the frank and beans are going to be using blanks soon
  11. Another republican

    Yeah when it was just the two the wife and them would gang up on me with 3 I stand no chance
  12. Another republican

    My wife gave birth to our 3rd daughter today everyone is doing good.
  13. Wild Quail !

    Maybe not wild but they’re not handled by people like pets and way more then 80
  14. Rifle Dipping

    If you don’t care about ruining value or perfect appearance try it yourself I did my turkey gun and a m4 myself came out decent not perfect but Good enough for me.