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  1. Bones

    Girls In Camo, (Rated G)

    2018 5 years old
  2. Bones

    1/14 Check In

    Just got settled in in 47 lots of snow on the ground lots of tracks
  3. My dog killed a squirrel ate it and shit it out, I cleaned up 3 piles of poop that had squirrel hair in it and what looked like a squirrel ear.
  4. Bones

    Missing Pension Time

    millennials got to do 30 now switched around 2011
  5. Bones

    Permit shotgun 1-12 pic

    Congrats not a bad day
  6. Bones

    How's The Snow In Porkrollville?

    2-3 inches in Camden county
  7. Bones

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    Congrats a lot of meat there
  8. Bones

    Missing Pension Time

    My town is 4000 between ranks except chief he has his own contact and he only needs to make a dollar more then the highest paid officer. Maybe large city’s with 150 officers might have a big jump between sgt and deputy chief if you skip LT or captain. as for anyone on patrol and likes to wrestle with people, get into fights, have to deal with human fluids with rotting body’s or shit, dealing with true a**holes on a daily and worrying about when the crazy son of a b*tch is going to snap and try to kill you then do more then 25, I’m more then happy to go at 25 and find a part time job to make up the difference.
  9. Bones

    Coyote Down while goose hunting

    Nice looking yote
  10. Bones

    Still hunting

    I’ll be out a few times throughout January, I could use another deer or two for the freezer. And it gives me a chance to get a deer with my daughter. We got our first together this year and it was awesome.
  11. Bones

    Road kill up in central nj

    Down here in SJ where I work we had a mature doe get hit this week during the day and last night I saw 4 bucks running around the neighborhood a couple nice ones. im thinking a 3rd rut, a guy in town feeds the deer across from his house and usually a heard of deer are alaways at his feed site you can see from the road but I didn’t see any deer there this week which has me thinking the bucks are pushing doe again
  12. Bones

    Missing Pension Time

    Can you back pay it and be caught up? Or is there anything your union attorney can do
  13. Bones

    Late winter bow hunting question???

    I use one in the center on my lease all year long, it takes a while for mature deer to get comfortable with the noise and the shape. After a while they will show up but if you stop using it or the battery dies and you don’t get to it for a few weeks your back to square 1 and have to wait again. We don’t hunt over the feeder the bigger deer will hang in the back and let the youngsters eat at it. ive had better luck with gravity feeders no noise or the odd shape. Just my experience
  14. Bones

    New World Record Bow Kill

    I’d be shaking so bad I wouldn’t be able to shoot