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  1. This is my pup Rosie I got from joe last year
  2. Saw this today in ocean city
  3. Thanks I’ve never had wild berries I might have to give them a try
  4. They don’t look like the wine berries that were in a previous post.
  5. What are these and are they eatable or no bueno?
  6. First is bonding then is basic obedience then bird hunting.
  7. I hate the going to the vets so much money for a dog, don’t get me wrong I love my dogs but I can’t take 5000 or 10000 from my kids to pay for a we will see and no guarantees. I had two great vets over the years one was a family friend who wouldn’t charge me office visit cost and write me med scripts for a pre existing condition without being seen every time. The other was a animal dermatologist from UPenn she was always cost effective might be high at first but will avoid 8 little test to find the same result and cost more. both of them moved to far. Now I go to the clinics for shots and preventative care. They even spayed my dog for under 120 including meds and collar, which the closest vet to me wanted somewhere in the $600 range. I try to avoid going unless it’s an emergency and even then I have to say before I go I’m not spending over x amount.
  8. Was it used in saltwater or freshwater how much was it used and how well was it maintained? in great condition probably around 6000 maybe 5500 imo
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