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  1. 8 weeks old English setter out of swift rock kennels Illinois. black and white with some brown on the face and ears. little ball of fire and at 8 weeks old he easily excites and humps everything lol.
  2. Should have had you make an appointment on the website
  3. My town pays a cat lady to put them up around town. they capture the adults get them fixed and release them at the colonies. any kittens are put up for adoption. it was supposed to end or have a significant impact on feral cats but it’s been 6 or so years and there’s just as many. they pay for the vet bills food materials to build these colonies not to mention the lady of m sure is getting paid as well.
  4. I like wawa never heard or seen any plastic bag ban. coffee isn’t great I do prefer royal farm coffee over there’s. if they don’t like plastic bags then they should do paper bags. I think the clerk was just an as* like posted call customer service
  5. The only made it out one morning. Had nothing off roost but talked to a Tom for a little while later in the morning. He was busy and didn’t want to come in to say hi. first season in a long time I only got 1 permit and 1st time ever I didn’t get my choice zone. good luck to everyone the rest of the season
  6. My brothers club squat circle had 8 youth hunters 3 birds harvested with other missed opportunities
  7. Once the hawks know there’s an easy meal they won’t give up until there’s no more. I watched for years hawks sitting in trees on field edges waiting for hens and chicks to come out. 18 or so chicks between a few hens gone in a couple days. every year that happened now there’s a few old hens and a few toms left no young birds and last year no chicks
  8. How many are hawks allowed to kill?
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