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H&R 20 ga. Slug


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I owned 2 H+R's and sold them. The only single shot I see the need to carry is my Muzzleloader. I've been hunting 40 years and even the best hunter can occasionally use a follow up shot. I killed 6 animals in Africa with one shot each but I never would consider carrying a single shot there or have not known anyone else that did. LOL

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OK Here's my story. I originally had  SAVAGE 220 but because the action was so sloppy I got rid of it for the H & R 20GA with thumb hole stock. Without a doubt the H & R shot better groups. I took deer with this H & R for 4 years with out a problem then it started misfiring, I sent the gun back 3 times for repairs and each time the gun came back with the same problem, and Remington told me (yes rem they own they and the warranties) the gun was fixed, new spring then new firing pin then some adjustment to the hammer, I finally gave up and F it traded the gun in got $350 for it and bought another Savage 220. The new savage had the same sloppy action as the 1st only this time I polished the bolt and rails and it improved it significantly. The 220 shoots ALMOST  as good as the H & R  but not as good but it does FIRE EVERY TIME. The down side of the 220 is the adjustable Trigger takes some getting used to, it reminds me of a trigger on 1903A3 and many other military weapons, the slide in front of the triggers is much like trigger creep in military rifles before break. Once you get use to to it does SHOOT WELL But not as good as the H & R which is not only more accurate, the trigger breaks crisply.  JUST MY 2 CENTS


P.S. I could break and reload the H & R just as fast as the Savage 220!!

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