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  1. bowguide

    Golden Triangle Whitetails

    I guided out in the midwest for 5 years and the one thing I learned is they are all full of shit.......They all hunt the same land and they all have their favorite clients and yes they get the good or preferred spots....
  2. bowguide


    he was actually on site
  3. bowguide

    Saltwater Show

    Was setting up yesterday and there are a lot more vendors this year
  4. Now you know why all the farmers in Illinois have bulldozers.......no signs needed....you trespass you pay the price
  5. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Call BS all you want,You'd be dead wrong....My dodge was a great truck but the anti lock breaks sucked and it took a ride with a District manager to get them fixed and it also got me a formal apology from the service manager who had been a dick about it until i got corporate involved.
  6. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Exactly.....Nobody makes a perfect truck but Ford has handled any issue I had quickly with the least amount of down time and with no expense to me....Toyota even made me pay for their so called repairs
  7. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    I use my trucks for work....they just don't cut it.....as far as an every day driver Im sure they are fine...Like I said it rode nice....
  8. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    I went to corporate Toyota and received 0 help....I gave the truck away for what I owed on it...Maybe not the smartest financial move I ever made but I wanted nothing to do with that POS.....
  9. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Tremendous electrical problems that they never could fix or identify for that matter and the trailering capabilities were nowhere near what they said they were...The braking system was a joke if you trailered or hauled anything that had some weight to it.....The truck did ride nice though but thats not why I buy a truck
  10. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Have always been a Ford man but kept an open mind and tried others.....my 89 f250 gas motor(351 Windsor) had over 600k when we finally laid her to rest. I tried Gmc in 97 with a 3500 dually diesel,truck literally fell apart at 125k.Went back to Ford after that and had 0 problems until diesel went to $5 gallon and I decided to go the Toyota route. My Tundra didn't last a year worst truck I ever owned back to dealer multiple times and their customer service was horrible.I literally got banned from the dealership because i asked to meet with the district manager.....needless to say never again. Ive been back to Ford ever since and my current 2013 F150 heavy duty has 86K flawless miles trailering up to 11K pounds or hauling 3K in the bed at least 2X a week for the past 2 years and still averages 15mpg.I did have a Dodge Sno Commander in 89 when they first fuel injected the 318 and that truck was a beast but you couldn't drink a cup of coffee in it unless it had 1k in the bed
  11. bowguide

    New NJ State wildlife action plan

    we will have to pass it to see whats in it............
  12. bowguide

    Remington 700 Muzzleloader

    the 200 grains was probably the reason the gun shot "ok".Ive never heard of anyone using more than 150gr,plus I bet that load beat the hell out of your shoulder
  13. They should just use their crossbows
  14. bowguide

    Another hunting celeb screws up

    He always has been and will be a wanna be POS