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  1. Havent needed one since I got it in 96....aim small miss small don't have to worry about any moving parts......
  2. with the accuracy of the H&R you only need one shot
  3. Cabelas is dead to me they have discontinued much of their great lines of clothing for one,and two much of what I have seen about this incident is true. Bass Pro is nothing more than the Kmart of the outdoor sporting world....garbage knock off products
  4. Told you that you would love it.....For our type of fishing its perfect, not bulky like other cold weather jackets and no restriction of movement. I still have one of the original prototypes (5Years now)and it still keeps me warm and dry.
  5. Agree with Dan...Mid 150s......Any 8 Point That Makes that score is exceptional....Congrats
  6. my Encore Pro Hunter was extremely accurate to 200yds...and I second the Blackhorn powder
  7. I guided out in the midwest for 5 years and the one thing I learned is they are all full of shit.......They all hunt the same land and they all have their favorite clients and yes they get the good or preferred spots....
  8. Was setting up yesterday and there are a lot more vendors this year
  9. Now you know why all the farmers in Illinois have bulldozers.......no signs needed....you trespass you pay the price
  10. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Call BS all you want,You'd be dead wrong....My dodge was a great truck but the anti lock breaks sucked and it took a ride with a District manager to get them fixed and it also got me a formal apology from the service manager who had been a dick about it until i got corporate involved.
  11. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    Exactly.....Nobody makes a perfect truck but Ford has handled any issue I had quickly with the least amount of down time and with no expense to me....Toyota even made me pay for their so called repairs
  12. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    I use my trucks for work....they just don't cut it.....as far as an every day driver Im sure they are fine...Like I said it rode nice....
  13. bowguide

    Dodge Ram Recall

    I went to corporate Toyota and received 0 help....I gave the truck away for what I owed on it...Maybe not the smartest financial move I ever made but I wanted nothing to do with that POS.....
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