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  1. Is this negotiable?
  2. SOLD pending funds.....Thanks Guys
  3. Thanks for the kind words I just couldn't sell it for that with the paint in that condition
  4. Used two times.... climbers aren’t for me... been stored in shed a few years for some reason the paint cracked... too much of a hassle to try and return.... $75 pick up in Hillsborough or Manasquan
  5. I have 185000 miles on my 2013 f-150 with nothing other than regular maintenance....routinely haul 3k pounds in the bed and about 1-3 times per month pull a 10K pound trailer along with my 28' Hydra sport twice a year.....still avgs 17 mpg and between 600- 630 miles per tank..... I plan on seeing what I can get out of this thing.....hoping for 300k
  6. You never miss a photo op......Ill say that about you.....Unfortunately you had to sell that because you blew out the rear after hooking that up for this funny photo
  7. TOYotas are just that ...TOYS......For all you man bun types its the perfect truck for you......They hold 1 case of ZIMAS aand a 12 Pack of White Claws nicely.....Weekend warriors love them...
  8. Purchased brand new from cabelas and cut off the tags before I realized it didn’t fit my bow. $75 Pick up in Hillsborough or Manasquan
  9. I agree thats why I always "mushroom " the end of the mono/floro before pulling it tight and crimping it.....For tuna I crimp everything
  10. Not to lose a sale but Howell Gunworks had a few 10mm on Monday
  11. I took my wife out to Heritage Guild in Easton....Tried out 4 different guns/calibers and this was the one she liked best....If you buy from them ( even at other locations ) they apply the $80 fee towards your purchase
  12. My wife and sister both have one.....great shooting gun....just a little small for my hand
  13. Thought you might be interested in this that sig sells for 1199 at bass pro and is in stock.


    1. bowguide


      understood......but with tax and transfer its over $1300....Im just going off what she said he paid at RTSP.....Thanks for the heads up

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