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  1. I'm originally from PA. I still go back for rifle season every year to hunt with friends/family. I read an article yesterday in the local paper(link below) that CWD has spread East to the backdoor of my old stomping grounds. I haven't hunted that area in a few years, but most of my family still lives/hunts there. I mostly hunt farther North East now...but it's coming. Be careful when bringing your deer back to NJ. CWD will reach us before we know it. https://www.dailyitem.com/news/confirmed-case-of-chronic-wasting-in-juniata-county-causes-ripple/article_3cdb7c40-9145-11e9-9be5-2f6c9991ec35.html
  2. barrike

    New Cell Cam

    Lunatic, That Covert low def pic looks pretty good. If the Spypoint pics are as good, I'll definitely pick up a couple.
  3. There's a guy that goes by Uncle N on the PA site that did the same thing! Maybe you saw him? You guys should get together.
  4. barrike

    New Cell Cam

    Ringtail, After reading your post I got inspired. So, I did a little online research to see if this camera would work for me. Here are my findings. Spypoint has a Premium plan with unlimited pics for $120/year. That would be the plan to get if using the camera on a mineral/bait site. On the other hand, you can get 100 pics a month on their FREE plan! The Buck Tracker feature sounds really cool. It goes through your pics and only shows you the bucks. It would save lots of time if you have to sort through thousands of pics. Hopefully, it works as advertised. You have to manage the camera settings, monitor battery life, pic count etc. using your smartphone. That is great for those of us that have smartphones. No more missing a month of pics because your card is full and your batteries are dead. The only downside that I have read about is that they only send you thumbnails to your phone, instead of the full sized pics. Others have said that the thumbnails are compressed so much that if the deer is more than 15' away from the camera, you can't tell if it's a buck or a doe. That is a huge turn off to me. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about your experience with this camera. Please post pics! Also, If anyone is interested Amazon has the Spypoint Force-Dark (non cellular) trailcam w/steel security box for $109!
  5. I started 3 mineral sites the first week of April. I've never tried minerals before. I checked/refreshed them for the first time this past Saturday. I was surprised to say the least. One site is near a couple of water sources so I thought the deer would hit it pretty hard. To my surprise I only had a couple hundred deer pics, and I still had half of the trophy rock left. Another site was far from water so I thought it would barely be touched. The trophy rock was gone and I had over 9000 deer pics. The third site was near water and heavy cover. The rock was gone. The SD card was full and batteries had been dead for over a month! Nearly all of the 4500 pics were of deer. I reduced image quality and pic count so I don't run out of space for this next run.
  6. I bought a Hatsan 125 .22 a few years ago. I believe it was just over $200. It came with cheap scope which I replaced. It shoots great. Very accurate. Nice trigger. Pretty powerful for a piston rifle. I bought a pellet sampler from Pyramid Air to find out which pellets it liked best. The most accurate pellets were the 14.66 grain Vortex supremes. I chronied them at 900fps. Plenty powerful for small game in NJ.
  7. Back in the late '80s every year a couple of my crazy uncles would arrange a trout/eel fishing trip to Northeast PA for a handful of us teens. We'd trout fish all day and eel fish most of the night. We'd sleep for a couple hours in the car, then we'd be back at it. "You'll sleep when your dead!" was the motto for these trips. We'd sneak a few beers from their cooler when we thought they weren't looking. They knew what we were doing. They were "cool" uncles. Different times, I guess. We typically used night crawlers for the eels, but on one trip, a local old-timer clued us in on his bait of choice....trout guts! We caught way more eels after switching to the trout guts. Fun times.
  8. I use a 50ah Relion lithium ion battery to power the 45lb trolling motor on my 13' fishing kayak. It was expensive but lithium batteries are supposed to last a lot longer than lead acid batteries. It only weighs about 15lbs and is small enough to fit in the front storage compartment of my kayak. I've never run out of power during a typical 6 hour fishing trip. Another thing to consider is that you will need a charger that is capable of charging lithium ion batteries.
  9. Whichever one you buy, make sure it has a SCAN mode. It'll save you some headaches and time. I have an 18 year old Bushnell something something and a 2 year old Leupold 1200TBR, both with scan mode. The newer models are smaller and more convenient in that respect, but it's harder to get a range on far away objects when holding it in one hand. SCAN mode helps that a bit.
  10. barrike

    Reel Advice

    About 5 years ago I bought a Shimano Saros. I liked it so much a bought the cheaper Sahara to compare. I couldn't tell the difference so I bought a couple more of each. They all run just as smooth as the day I bought them. I'm still waiting to see which one fails first. I should probably clean and lube them up sometime. I've never cleaned them once. They are cheaper than the Stradics if cost is a factor for you.
  11. I go every year. I go to see the new things that the little guys come up with...the stuff you can't find in stores. There's always something new and innovative there. Other than that, it's the same old stuff. Most times you can find the stuff that guys are selling as "Show Specials" cheaper online, but you can still find deals there sometimes if you know what you're looking for. If you're looking to book a hunting/fishing trip, it's a good place to check out the different outfitters. I sat in on a fishing seminar from Roland Martin last year. That was interesting. Since the NRA took over the show a few years ago you no longer get the free subscription to Field & Stream or Outdoor life which is kind of a letdown, but there are a few more firearms related booths now.
  12. Took the slug gun for a walk in zone 7 this morning. Nice weather for a walk. Saw 3 nice buck and a doe run across the road in front of me on the way to the parking lot. I was surprised they still had antlers. Then I saw 3 doe 5 minutes into my walk. I didn't get a shot off though. I didn't see anything else after that.
  13. I'll be taking the slug gun for a walk tomorrow morning. It's gonna be too cold to sit.
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