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  1. The Jet sled is my go to in most situations. It has many uses. Here is what I use it for. Easy access bed storage. I put all of my hunting gear into the sled while its in the bed of my truck. Then I just slide the sled onto my tailgate to access my gear. No more belly crawling into the bed to reach the stuff that slid to the front. Deer drag...duh Deer loading assistant. Just prop up the front of the sled (with deer inside) onto your lowered tailgate. Then hop up onto the bed of your truck, grab the front of the sled and pull it up. Surprisingly, the deer will not roll off the back of the sled. The bed stays clean too. (This worked on my Frontier. I haven't tried it with my F-150 yet. It may be too high.) If I'm heading deep into the woods or into thick cover I take a DEER SLEIGH'R. It's like an old roll up sled. It works just as well as the jet sled to make dragging easier. It just takes a little more work to setup. Carts are king on trails.
  2. barrike

    New Cell Cam

    Sorry. Musta missed that thread. Thanks for the update.
  3. barrike

    New Cell Cam

    Soooo.... How is the cam working?
  4. Yes. The battery is removable, replaceable and rechargeable. I didn't use it enough to fully drain the battery, so I can't really say how long it will last on a charge. UPDATE: They sell the batteries for $19.99 on the TACTACAM website. They last up to 2 hours.
  5. I'm selling my Tactacam 2.0. It has served me well. It comes with everything shown. Asking $80. I live in Asbury, Warren county and work in Secaucus. I can meet anywhere in between, or I'll ship it for another $10.
  6. Thanks for the advice on the sd cards. I label my cards so I don't get them mixed up between cameras. I'll try a reformat the next time I go out. Also, I noticed a little water inside the card slot. I imagine that would cause problems. Batteries were dry though. I don't expect to actually see either buck during the season. It is encouraging to know there are some decent ones on public land. I won't hesitate to shoot if either one walks up though! Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  7. Checked cams again this weekend. My camera batteries were dead after only 10 days. Card had plenty of space left on it. 2nd time that's happened. I'll have to pull it and send it back to Browning. Anyway, here are some bucks that I managed to get a some pics of.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. nb6624, Nice carp! The biggest I ever shot out of the Susquehanna was in the mid 30# range. That one looks like it's at least 40#! Are there a lot more like that in the Delaware? If so, I might have to start entering tournaments again.
  9. I grew up fishing the Susquehanna River with flat bottom jon boats. I love river smallmouth fishing and would love to get back into it. I've never been on the Delaware, but I hear it's just as shallow and rocky if not more so. I recently bought a 2001 BassTracker ProTeam 175 with a 50hp 2 stroke for reservoir fishing. It has a mod V hull. Would this boat would be adequate for the Delaware river (Phillipsburg Area and North) if I re-powered it with a 60/40hp jet, or would it not be worth the trouble? Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Just saw these on Ebay. I'm gonna pick up a couple of packs.
  11. I have been using the 125gr rage crossbow x heads for the past 5 seasons out of my Scorpyd crossbow chronyd at 370fps. They've never let me down. I've never lost an animal. The 2" cut helps on marginal shots. I've taken several deer and a large bear with them. Just sight in with the included practice head and you'll be fine. You can also find them cheap sometimes. I keep an eye out year round. I've never paid more than $28 for a pack of three. Beware of cheap Chinese made copies on Ebay.
  12. I'll take them if the first sale falls through.
  13. I've been looking for the same thing for the past few months. They're hard to come by.
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