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  1. I created my handle 20 years ago, and I use it on many sites. It was supposed to be BAReich. BA is from my first name and REICH is from my last name. Apparently, REICH is/was considered an offensive/forbidden word so I changed it to RIKE. The extra R was a typo that I missed when I was swearing and pounding the keyboard in frustration.
  2. I just ordered 1 from Bass Pro. It will end up costing me around $99 after discounts and cash back. 15% Rakuten cash back from Bass Pro/Cabelas right now.
  3. barrike


    Smoking makes anything taste good! That's the only way I eat trout. I can't stand it any other way. I'd eat an old boot if it was smoked properly!
  4. barrike


    We used to fish for eels in Northern PA when I was a kid. I remember cutting the skin just behind the head, all the way around, and using newspaper to grip and peel off the skin. The cut chunks of meat would dance around on the grill when cooking.
  5. I'm a deer hunter. I never had the urge to hunt bears until after a few years of hunting public land in NJ. I started hunting in NJ in 2010. Some years I saw more bear than deer during Fall bow season. Bears are the main reason I stopped baiting for deer. My brother had a deer he shot drug off by a bear before he was able to get to it. He found it 100yds away all mangled up. I've had bears come in while I was field dressing deer. I've had bears follow me to my stand in the morning. I've passed bears just off the trail on the walk out in the evening. None of them ever acted aggressive
  6. Old Town Predator 13 kayak with BassYaks kit + many extras $3100 Asbury, NJ This kayak has served me well on Spruce Run, Merrill Creek and the Delaware. I had to buy a large boat for a growing family, and now I have no use for it. Very stable. Awesome fishing machine! Included in sale: Old Town Predator 13 kayak Bassyak kit with Minn Kota 45lb trolling motor and EH Electronic throttle control Relion Lithium-ion TM battery C-Tug cart Suspenz stands Bending Branches paddle tackle crate and cover transducer mounting arm uni
  7. I prefer the pants style over hip high wading boots. Less worry about your boots filling up when you take 1 step too many. I feel they are less cumbersome than boots also. Wading pants are great for launching your kayak in cold springtime waters. I wear chest waders if I'm going to be fishing in/around really deep water. I agree that chest wader get too warm sometimes.
  8. I only hunt public land. When I have my cameras out, I am in no way claiming the spot. I am simply doing a little recon. The same goes for the stands I have hanging. Yes, I hunt there. But if you are there before me, have at it. Just stay out of my stands. I do not guarantee their safety. Please take into account that I am not a very good hunter. I suck at scouting, I can't sit still, and I smell bad. So, if you find anything of mine in the woods, your best bet would be to sit about 100 yards away from me. THAT's where you will find the deer. Also, If I'm not in a hurry, I like
  9. We received a debit card for $63.35 the last time. I'm not holding my breath waiting for this one to show up.
  10. I have a Hatsan 125 .22cal. It shoots great. Avg. velocity i'm getting from a 14.66 gr. pellet is right around 905fps. Just like a rifle, you should shoot different pellets to see which ones your gun likes. I bought a Straight shooters sampler a few years back. Not surprisingly, my Hatsan shot best with Hatsan(Vortex) pellets.
  11. A few years back I shot a buck at 45 yards with a TC shockwave. The bullet blew through both shoulders rendering the front legs useless. The buck face plowed for 30 yards before dying.
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