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Venison Backstrap Cheese Steaks!!


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Yes, I used backstraps for cheese steaks. I know, I know, it's a cardinal sin..but the wife has been begging me to make cheese steaks lately, and back straps are her favorite cut.. happy wife, happy life. That being said.. here they are. Came out amazing. Sliced a large backstrap in thin slices. Marinated it 24 hours in bourbon, teriyaki, and soy sauce. Added a little onion & garlic powder, black pepper, and just a little Montreal steak seasoning. Let that sit in the fridge over night. Sauteed' up some onions, a red and green sweet pepper, a jalapeño, and some mushrooms. When the veggies were done, I cooked the meat at a high temp in EVOO and butter. Take a good piece of bread, and line it with a piece of white cheddar, and provolone. Dump the cooked meat on it, and top with more cheese. Put the hole thing in the oven at 250 for only about 5 minutes.  Let the bread get slightly toasted, make sure the cheese is melted, and take it out. Top with the veggies, mayo, ketchup, whatever you like.. enjoy.


I have had venison everyday for about 8 days straight now.. chicken tomorrow! 





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