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What broadhead does everyone shoot?


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Not sure if this question was posted yet. What broadhead do you all shoot? Also, do you try new bh's every year or 2 when new stuff hits the market or do you stay with one that has worked well for you?


I've shot spitfire expandables, razorcaps, and Muzzy 3 blades. Never really had a problem with any of them but i fell in love with the muzzys and i dont see myself switching anytime soon.


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Pat, like you I've always shot the Muzzy 100gr 3 blade without issue, then got on the RAGE wagon never problem when I was shooting 70#, but then with shoulder issues I dropped down to 60# on my new bow at the time and shot a deer and couldn't find him. So went back to Muzzys, I'm going to try to draw 70# sometime after the season if I can I will try either one of the newer style RAGE or that broadhead that Cousin Brown uses, you know the one with the C4 tip ( :rofl: ) I mean did you see the pictures of his deer with the hole in it, you can drive a damn truck thru it.

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i'ved used G5 Montecs 1.13" cut for yrs with good results n they fly like field points .this year I switched to the dead ringer rampage 3 blade 1.5' cut n they hit same as fp's . the spot i'm hunting is 12 acre with close property lines. so I want to make sure if I hit in the right spot he don't make it to any of them! :devious:

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