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  1. Great buck. Congrats[emoji106]
  2. Me and my better half.
  3. PV216

    Snake ID (pic)

    Thanks guys[emoji106]
  4. PV216

    Snake ID (pic)

  5. PV216

    Snake ID (pic)

    Colors don't match tho?
  6. PV216

    Snake ID (pic)

    Anyone know what kind of snake this is? My parents are retired in South Carolina (near myrtle beach) and they saw this snake today near the pond.
  7. I didn't get a form. Just a page that says "remarks as to why or why not this person should get a gun".
  8. I received a letter from the PD about being a reference for someone I know who's applying for a p2p a handgun. I've never actually filled one out. The guy is a great guy. Family man. I see no issues with him owning a gun. My question is, is that all I should write? Anybody ever fill one of these out? Thanks.
  9. I love clamming. Bowhunter444 (ken) taught me how to do it years back. One of the best workouts you'll ever get is raking clams for a few hours. Plus it's usually quiet and peaceful out where I go.
  10. Bought as a leftover in late 2012. 2013 Tidewater trailer. Garmin f/f. 45lb thrust minkota trolling motor. Two marine batteries. Anchor. Paddles. Life vests. Ect. $3000 obo. Located in Monmouth county. I'm posting this for a friend. Please text or call 732-239-8176 with any questions.
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