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  1. oh man ! Axiom is still here ?!?! lol
  2. Looks like Axiom look'n for a wounded deer? lol sorry been away for a while ?!?!?!
  3. nice bait pile ! got diesel
  4. Thanks Haskell ! I'll try later . I did get my pix, favs n music back from the disk there just in a user file some where the one thing that I didn't get back was my Nortons 360 wihich had all my log ins n passwords, I thought when I was making the backup disk. Though I saw it get saved. Any way all my stuff is going on paper as soon as I can remember all my passwords n logins
  5. Hey all been a while. Well here's my problem Friday nite my LT was work'n fine Saturday windows 7 wouldn't load . It took me to a screen that had two options "repair or start windows normally " I hit start normal took me back to the previous screen so I hit repair n looked at a black screen for 30 mins . Shut it off n back on same thing . So I hit F12 reboot HDD recovery to out of box factory well lost every thing! I do have a back up disk n a windows repair disk, my ???? Is which disk do I run n do I need to shut off Nortons 360 to get the disk to work ? The laptop is only bout 3yrs ol n don'
  6. Great work, congrats on a very nice bird !
  7. No bait was used I can verify that! Him n his sons hunt some nice ground which are on n around farms. They are not against it they just don't bait!
  8. That's sad ! Just 5 mins from me . Look like he was from Maple Shade 73 yrs ol. It dangerous to cross that highway as a teen in broad day light let alone 73 n dress in camo while it's dark. Not sure exactly where he was hunt'n there's a bunch of farms n the Bear Swamp preserve . I would definately park on the same side I'm hunt'n . He was hit twice a car hit him in the west bound lane threw him in the east then hit by a tractor trailer
  9. " Did your buddy cross through a fence that was marked "Butterball Farms"? " lol! I know he has a couple spots for good sized deer n now turkey ! This is his first turkey season, has 2 nice birds 24 & 26# His son also killed a good bird from one of his spots.
  10. Nice find ! You must be in a good spot.
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