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Neat young buck with potential


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I am an expert on 3 legged bucks. That one is definitely injured. He will grow some real funk next year if he makes it. They don't range as far on 3 legs either. If he has a sanctuary he might make it.

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Yeah, he's injured alright.  The interesting thing is that the injury and the messed up antler are on the same side.  Usually an injury to the body causes the opposite antler to grow funky.  Maybe he also sustained an injury to his skull. 


It would be cool to see how he develops over the next couple of years.

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Most, but not all, rear leg injuries affect antler growth.  And it is almost always on the opposite side like you said.  But front leg injuries can also impact antler growth, and quite often it is on the opposite side.  This buck was shot in the right shoulder and for 2 years it grew a funky antler on the left side.  Once the shoulder healed it grew normal antlers on both sides again. 


busted leg.jpg

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