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  1. jerseybowhunter

    Is my venison bad?

    So I opened my venison freezer to remove some back straps and noticed the freezer was off.... I immediately started panicking thinking I just lost all my venison. The back straps were thawed completely but still felt cool. There’s roughly 60lbd of ground venison in the bottom and only the outer packages were thawed, all the packages in the middle were still frozen. I’m guessing the freezer was only off for 2-3 days and all the frozen food helped keep it cold. My question is would you guys throw out close to 100lbs of meat or is it ok to eat? I just sliced a back strap up and it looked fine but had a gamey smell which If I remember is normal. It doesn’t smell sour or any thing. Any other tricks to tell if it’s spoiled?
  2. jerseybowhunter

    Stand Maintenance Time

    I’ve been hanging stands, cutting trails, shooting lanes this past few weeks... just replaced cables for chains and new stainless bolts on 3 of my stands last night. Going to build another stand this weekend on my private piece. Yeah it’s hot and the mosquitos and flys tore me up but I rather do the hard work now than in a month when chiggers are in full force and I’m messing up my area too close to the season. In a week from now the only reason I’ll be in the woods is to check cameras and maybe a few last minute adjustments. This time of year I really start getting fired up, I can only fish for so long and I love seeing what the bucks are turning into
  3. jerseybowhunter

    Please help share this...

    Last week our dog was attacked by another dog, he is in high spirits but the vet bills are racking up fast, I’m in a rough situation, breaking my wrist 2 months ago and being out of work. I normally don’t ever ask for help but if you guys could just share my fiancé’s gofundme it would be greatly appreciated. To most he is just a little mutt but to us he is family and I’m trying everything I can to keep the vet bills under control until I go back to work, thank you https://www.facebook.com/donate/1398491676918283/
  4. jerseybowhunter

    Allaire or Turkey swamp??

    I’m going up this week to check out that area you pointed me to, looks like a big piece I can get in deep, just was looking for more options
  5. jerseybowhunter

    Allaire or Turkey swamp??

    I’ve hunted the pines, mainly zones 26,23,24,42 for 11 years now and the biggest buck I’ve ever seen was maybe 110”, I know there are some big ones around but few and far in between, plus I’d love to hunt those open hardwoods and creek bottoms farther north... just a change of scenery a few times a year
  6. jerseybowhunter

    Allaire or Turkey swamp??

    So I made a few trips up shed hunting in the Manmouth battlefield parks and was blown away by the beautiful rolling hills and open creek bottoms, found some of the best deer sign I’ve ever seen... along with the sign I found a ton of stands. I stopped at Allaire on my way home one evening and was disappointed to say the least by the amount of mountain bike trails, seems like every time I thought I got skittle off one trail a biker buzzed by on another. Growing up hunting only the pines, I’m looking for a change of scenery and a chance at a buck bigger than these 100” monsters we grow down here. I want to try to hunt either Allaire or turkey swamp a few times this bow season, after looking st a map of Allaire, it’s a big piece of woods, my question is, is there any part of the tract the mountain bikers haven’t made trails through? Any areas I should look into to get away from the crowd? How about turkey swamp wma or state park? Any areas I should look into? Also I’ve noticed the area around Allaire I walked looked a lot like the pines (lowbrush blueberries and laurels) yet 15 min away at the battlefield it was like a whole different country, beautiful open hardwoods... hows the woods at turkey swamp? Any other areas I should check out in the area? Not looking for someone’s honey hole but if anyone has a spot they don’t hunt anymore and wants to pm me. In exchange I can put you in the right area in the pines to maybe get a glimpse at a 90” scrub buck.
  7. jerseybowhunter

    FS: 10’ Pelican bass boat

    Selling my 10’ pelican pontoon style bass boat with front and rear trolling motors. Used this boat a lot in local lakes and seats 2 people comfortably. I just use my kayak more now. Asking $700 obo located in Atlantic county
  8. jerseybowhunter

    Deer jerkey??

    Thanks guys I’m going to try it this weekend, I’ll let you know how it goes, if I end up ruining the meat the dogs will have a lot of treats
  9. jerseybowhunter

    Deer jerkey??

    So the sodium nitrate isn’t necessary as long as I use kosher or sea salt?
  10. jerseybowhunter

    Deer jerkey??

    Does anyone have a simple jerkey recipe? I just took a ham out of the freezer and planned on trying to make jerky, is the sodium nitrate cure manditory? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. What’s a good run or marinade that the whole family will enjoy? I was going to use the oven, I understand I need to leave the door cracked but what’s everyone run the temp st? Should I hang them from toothpicks on the rack or on a pan with holes? I guess the biggest question I have is how do I marinate it? Would like to do it over the weekend
  11. jerseybowhunter

    Hog hunts??

    Me and a buddy are thinking about going south for a hog hunt in a month or two... anyone ever go on a fairly cheap hog hunt that has any input? Ideally would be the Carolinas or closer.... good bass fishing close by would be a bonus. Hog hunts seem pretty cheap and fun and a good way to kill some time in the off season. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated
  12. Anyone in the area can let me know if they got any snow? I was heading up there in the morning but don’t want to waste a trip if there’s snow on the ground in the Howell area
  13. Thanks I walked 16 miles a few weeks ago at the battlefeild grounds, beautiful property but by seeing the amount of stands, those bucks are on surrounding properties this time of year. I’ll give Allaire and the reservoir a try, anymore spots in the area off with no hunting that you care to share?
  14. Heading up to shed hunt this weekend, is hunting allowed on Howell county park or the reservoir? I plan on walking Allaire but from what I heard it gets hammered all season so I’m looking for a peice in that area that is off limits to hunting that I have a better chance of finding sheds. Any other areas to check out?
  15. jerseybowhunter

    Monmouth county public land?

    While walking the park system I did find lots of stands close together, all covered with orange ribbon I guess to find their stands? I was hoping to find a honey hole away from other hunters. I’m not afraid to walk. But I agree, public land in the pines, I rarely see other hunters and if I do, they usually are a good ways off. I’m going to scout/shed hunt turkey swamp in a few weeks and see if I can get deep enough to get away from other hunters