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  1. Anyone in the area can let me know if they got any snow? I was heading up there in the morning but don’t want to waste a trip if there’s snow on the ground in the Howell area
  2. Thanks I walked 16 miles a few weeks ago at the battlefeild grounds, beautiful property but by seeing the amount of stands, those bucks are on surrounding properties this time of year. I’ll give Allaire and the reservoir a try, anymore spots in the area off with no hunting that you care to share?
  3. Heading up to shed hunt this weekend, is hunting allowed on Howell county park or the reservoir? I plan on walking Allaire but from what I heard it gets hammered all season so I’m looking for a peice in that area that is off limits to hunting that I have a better chance of finding sheds. Any other areas to check out?
  4. Monmouth county public land?

    While walking the park system I did find lots of stands close together, all covered with orange ribbon I guess to find their stands? I was hoping to find a honey hole away from other hunters. I’m not afraid to walk. But I agree, public land in the pines, I rarely see other hunters and if I do, they usually are a good ways off. I’m going to scout/shed hunt turkey swamp in a few weeks and see if I can get deep enough to get away from other hunters
  5. Monmouth county public land?

    I’m looking to head more north and try hunting public land up around Monmouth county, I did some shed hunting there this past weekend and the woods look incredible, found deer highways, lots of rubs, nice rolling hills with creek bottoms, totally different than the pines that I’m used to hunting and seems like a better deer herd and better bucks. I was just curious if anyone here hunts the area and can give me any tips, hows the pressure during the rut? I was looking at turkey swamp park. Looks like a decent piece with some farmland close by. Monmouth battlefield looks really good but from what I understand, there is no bow season till winter bow. Feel free to pm me, I’m not looking for your honey hole, just your experience with the public land in that area
  6. 1/30 PM check in

    I’ll be out for the last sit of the season, permit shotgun is open but I’m itching to get another one with the bow so I’ll have the Mathews in hand trying for 1 last doe
  7. Advice Needed...good hit, no body

    I only use buckshot and I have killed a lot of deer with it, so has my grandfather over the years before me. Down here where we hunt during fun season, you can’t see more than 50yds so even at 30yds you are shooting through some kind of branches, twigs, brush. I’d rather have 12 pellets flying at a deer with a few getting deflected than 1 single slug. I’m guessing I’ve killed over 20 deer with 00 buckshot between 15-50yds, 99%of them dropped like a ton of bricks, I had 1 or 2 run less than 50yds, usually without front legs and only lost 1 deer. Way better odds than bowhunting if you ask me...
  8. Well he made it...

    With only 3 days left in the season, I think it’s safe to say the biggest buck I ever hunted will make it. He’s a true freak pine buck that travels a lot, he showed up in October for a few days, disapeared for weeks at a time, only showing up on my camera 1-2 days then is gone again. I have pics of him on 2 different cameras 3/4 mile apart as well as 2 other hunters have him over a mile away. Time to go walk and walk the crazy thick swamp looking for his sheds. I highly doubt I’ll find them because the swamp is so thick and he travels so much they could be anywhere. Any shed hunters have any tips on where to look? Do both sides fall off close to the same time or can he be carrying that other side a mile away?
  9. Season Begins

    Nice, I too walked for an hour or so today. Even though I’m still getting bucks carrying both sides on camera, I figured it’s worth a shot. I found a 4” Yshed but nothing else. Going to wait till my target 9pt drops to hit it hard
  10. Wharton Bucks

    Some nice bucks for Wharton, that last one has some crazy mass for the area. Most bucks have pencil racks from living off corn, leaves and the occasional acorn. They both should be slammers next year
  11. Shed hunting??

    That’s only 1.5 hours from me and that’s not bad at all, I’ll be sure to check it out in a month or so, thanks. Where are you located? I may be interested in picking up any sheds your parting with. I pretty much plan on decoratng my entire living room with them, I made a coat hanger, have them on shelves, plan on making a lamp eventually, and my 2 German Shepherd pups love the spikes and beat up ones
  12. Shed hunting??

    That’s 2.5 hours from me, any parks or non hunting areas alittle south from that? I worked in Edison last year during October-November and the amount of bucks I saw up that way was incredible. A lot of big ones along the parkway up past Toms River too. I just am not familiar with that area at all so I don’t even know where to start. I’d like to have a chance at finding decent sheds for some home projects I have, all I find around me is Y bucks and the occasional dink 4pt side if I’m lucky to find any at all just because we don’t have the deer numbers down here and the bucks don’t get nearly as big. Not to mention the woods are so thick and the lowbush blueberry make it extremely hard to see them. I’m not asking for your guys honey holes, just if anyone doesn’t shed hunt but knows of areas that hold bucks and are willing to share locations. I’m just west of Atlantic City so I’m willing to drive 1.5 hours or so for a full day of shed hunting towards the end of February if anyone wants to meet up on a weekend I’m up for that also. Even though I find very few sheds, I still enjoy just getting out in the woods and walking between deer season and turkey/fishing
  13. Shed hunting??

    Does anyone here know of some areas I can shed hunt? I go every march in areas around me and am lucky to find 1-2 small ones a year due to the low number of bucks in the area. If anyone knows of any parks, lands, is off limits to hunting that would be good to shed hunt or even an area they have had success with in the past. I’m from south jersey but willing to take a drive up north for a day of shed hunting if it increases my odds
  14. Bass Pro Atlantic City

    I live 15 mins away from ac bass pro, I've been there a handful of times usually to look for something other stores don't have. Nothing special, if your in the area it's worth a stop but I wouldn't drive out of my way. Cabelas in pa is worth the 2 hour drive for me.
  15. Best heated socks?

    I got the wool socks from dicks that take the D batteries, was not impressed. They took the edge off but still not warm enough. I like foot warmers but if I put them on at the truck my feet turn into a swamp by the time I get to the stand so I have to take my boots off and put them on after I get settled in which is a pain. So far the only thing I've found that makes my feet completely warm are boot blankets and if it's really cold I put a few hand warmers in each. My feet are my biggest problem getting cold in the stand, the rest of my body is just chilly. I will not hunt under 30 degrees without my boot blankets