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Your Opinion On G5 Striker Broadheads


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Anyone here have any opinions on these broadheads, from what I have been told by some and have read these broadheads fly excellent and very good on game. For 25 plus years I've used Muzzy 3 Blades, but noticed in the last few years the quality isn't what it once more. With a new bow and set up, why not try new broadheads





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I use these and they work very well.  With my set up, they fly the same as field points and I have shot them to 70+ yards when preparing for an elk trip.  I have killed several deer with them and had great penetration with excellent blood.  I attribute the success that I have had with them because of their accuracy, sharpness and all of the practice that I put in with my bow.  All shots so far have been in the vitals with lots of blood (due to pass through) and short blood trails (often I watched the deer drop).  Shot placement is key no matter what broadhead you shoot.


I like the fact that they are solidly put together and have replacement blades available.  These heads are also easily sharpened.

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I dumped my Rages after losing a second deer and tried the Strikers. I have not hunted with them yet but I have been shooting for a few months now and for me they fly about 1/2" lower than my field points. I made my adjustment and they are flying fine. I usually shoot 40-30-20yd groups because of my yard size but I will take them out to 50 before the season just to see.They are sharp as hell right out of the pack and I did manage to get a small slice in my finger while unscrewing one out of an arrow that was in my block. My only concern is I can hear them in flight. Im not real worried , but I never heard my expandables. Overall I am happy with them and I dont have to worry about an expandable not opening anymore! 

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