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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Where are you located and how much?
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone have an extra youth tree stand harness that you are willing to sell/trade/donate? Looking for a harness that will fit a 6 year old so my son can join me while I bow hunt. Located in Port Murray/Washingon/Hackettstown area Thanks and good luck to all 👍
  3. There is a guy (van currently parked in Washington) that does knife sharpening...
  4. just be careful not to upset the axe murder ghosts, Peter can be a jerk sometimes and Joe Jr’s is always really mean
  5. What were the results of the first test... positive for Jar Sauce?!
  6. Depends on the county. Morris county will make you install a dry well system for any new construction or remodel. They have a formula that determines how big of a dry well system you need based on “impervious coverage” square footage. So if a permit for any construction gets submitted to zoning, a copy of the plans also get submitted to Morris County Soil Conservation for storm water review and approval. A house that big with all that roof would need a $25k dry well system at least. Consider yourself very lucky that you’re building in a county that will permit you to drain the rainwa
  7. Is this a smoke phase ghost turkey or just a 1/2 wild + 1/2 domestic turkey? Snapped these photos as they crossed the edge of a field on the way to the cut corn 🌽
  8. Take it slow, start with general obedience commands (sit, whoa, heel). Don’t expect to hunt with your dog until fall 2019 at the earliest. Get the Gun Dog by Wolters book and the NAVHDA green book to start learning training techniques. The gun will come way later. You’ll have all spring and summer to train. Don’t rush.
  9. No! Do not try to gun condition your dog by making him sit in the car at Clinton... that’s a bad idea that can backfire way more than it can help. Where are you located?
  10. My boy turns 4 years old this July and he’s asking for a bow so that he can shoot with me in the backyard. Been looking at the Bear Archery 1st Shot and Scout youth bows. Does anyone have any experience with these bows? Would they be a good choice for a beginner? Or should I be starting him out with something else? Any advice you can provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Lion country supply for the dog training supplies - https://www.lcsupply.com/ Dog kennel (Ruff Tough), check cord, collars, stake out, heeling stick, large bird bags, small bird bags, bird launchers or foot tip-ups, bumpers, starter pistol, whistle, first aid kit. And you can make a training table yourself. I would also suggest joining your nearest NAVHDA chapter, whether Del Val or North Jersey depending on location. Get the NAVHDA green book even if you don’t join.
  12. Hayward TriVac 700 and a Hayward 6060 booster pump... will clean your pool’s walls and floor, as well as skim debris off the surface
  13. http://www.chevytrucklegends.com/us/en/index.html If you have a Chevrolet truck with 100,000+ miles, you can sign up for Chevy’s truck legends club promotion for some free Chevy swag. You get a free hat and welcome kit just for signing up.
  14. I have a Troy Bilt 3100 with a Honda engine and a Troy Bilt 2700 with a Briggs & Stratton engine. Both from Lowes. I’ve had to repair the 2700 and replace a cracked pump even after using pump saver antifreeze, but the 3100 is a tank and has been running strong since day one with no hiccups. I would recommend the Troy Bilt 3100 with the Honda engine for sure.
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