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Kid's Hunters Ed. Today (Bow) - Wish Us Luck


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Headed to Pequest late this afternoon for my youngest daughter Gabby's bow hunter education day.  I guess the equivelant of watching your kid go to the driver's test.  You try and teach em everything you know and go over the practice exams a nauseum.  Today she is home watching the videos on youtube again.  


Her only problem right now is she is fighting an eye infection.  Apparently my wife woke her up and her eyes were all red..  I told her that she didn't need to go but she got up telling us that she was bound and determined to get it done today.  Got to respect the determination of a 10 year old kid wanting to get into the woods.


We did a little indoor trigger pulling practice on the crossbow in the living room without mom being home yesterday.  Was impressed that while she was aiming getting ready to pull the trigger one last time that she popped up on her seat, PUT THE SAFETY BACK ON and then sneezed.  That may be a small safety action there but I think she has this down if she has the mental fortitude to throw the safety on before sneezing.


Sorry for the "facebook" type post but I'm sitting behind a desk in nervous anticipation.  


Wish us luck.



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