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Well established hunting club interviewing potential members for upcoming season

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Established hunting club that just celebrated its 31st year is now accepting applications. Club properties are located in Southern Sussex and Warren Counties. 4 pieces of land totaling approximately 800 acres. Dues are currently $800 per year + 1 time $150 initiation fee. Membership currently stands at 20 Looking for 5 members to help supplement additional land we picked up this year . If you are interested email me your email to njbowhunter569@gmail.com  and I will send you an application to complete and email back to me along with my contact number should you have any questions. Meeting accepting new members will be held in early August, so you will have the full year to hunt. Club is large game only Deer, Turkey, Bear, Predators etc.

We are not Semi-wild and no birds are stocked. Deer zones are 2 (1 farm) and zone 5 the rest. Bear zones are 1, 2,  & 4


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out of the 800 acres, how much of it as actually "hunt-able" ? 25 guys on 800 acres doesn't sound "too bad" that's a little more than 30 acres per man, but if half of that are open agriculture, the available stand locations can get scarce pretty quick.


How does deer stand selection even work with that many members? This is very close to my current z2 and z5 hunting areas I am sure, so I would be interested but I also grew up in a large club and fully understand human nature and can see problems before they happen.


One final question - and this would rule me out. Does this club run "deer drives" during ANY of the deer seasons? I am only interested in an opportunity at mature bucks and occasional doe if the numbers are there, which in my experience - zone 5 in particular is very beaten down on the doe herd.


Not trying to be difficult - actually sounds like a great opportunity if it's a group of like-minded individuals that all get along. Again in my experience growing up with a 25 member club on 1,500 acres that ran deer drives ad-nauseum, I would not wish to participate in that all over again.




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