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Fun morning in the woods with my uncle with a long beard taking the ride home


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This mornings hunt started out lastnight. I was out looking to put one to bed and had a hard time doing so. So I remembered a few weeks back where a few birds where roosting. I called my uncle 10 gauge last night told him what the game plain was he said sounds good to me. This morning get into the woods around 430 and went in with no flashlights and set up the ground blind. Just a light misty rain until 515 when the sky opened up and we couldnt hear much at all. Then about 5 minutes after that there was a gobble then another and another. We have 4 birds around us. I did some soft tree yulps and they hammered. I called soft every 5 minutes and they would hammer game on. Then I did a fly down and they went nuts about 20 minutes later my uncle see movement. So i started to just throw out some soft purrs and he hammers 3 times then we lost sight of him. The next thing we hear about 2 minutes later is him drumming at 3 yards from the blind. Told my uncle dont move hes going to show his face any second now and then he did at 3 feet from blind. Hes looking right in the blind window and he turns his head and my uncles gun goes up. He was getting ready to go to the decoys and he sees something he dont like. I put the back window down on the blind and he walks back the way he came in WRONG move. I see him hes 10 yards and I let the 3 1/2 BARK boom goes the gun he falls over dead. We high five and have a good laugh. I was upset that gauge didnt shoot him but hee will get another chance next week. We walk over to the bird and I see that it looks like he has 2 BEARDS one is laying left and one is laying to the right. Im not to sure some say could be some say no I NEVER shot one so IDK lets see what you guys think. One is 10 inches other is 8 inches and he has 1 inch spurs and is 21lbs. Great state land pine bird.

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That's a great bird . . . Congratulations !!!

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