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Turkey Hunting contest sign up and rules


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Ok I guess I will TRY and run this years turkey hunting contest. I dont know if we are going to have teams yet or not. We will see how many sign up first.




1) Must be an Eastern turkey


2) you can upgrade your bird if you shoot a larger one. If you have more then one permit


3)Scoring will be based on the NWTF scoring system. To be entered users must show pictures detailing spurs and beard length with a tape messure. Please include a story of your harvest. For states that use check in sheets (like New Jersey) please include a picture of that as well. Here is the link to NWTF scoring page. I will Score your Turkey if you do not know how to do so




Start dates are April 23--May27


If we get some youth signed up there will be a youth division as well



1) Turkeyboy44

2) TImbouy


4) Vdep217

5) johnnyo8148

6) BB

7) Ms Grit

8) MarkMartnFan

9) Cousin Brown

10) MyReezening

11) BEAR

12) NJlungbuster

13) George79

14) OMC

15) Drop Tine

16) allmann

17) Bowhuntertothecore29

18) SxSshooter

19) Devil Horns 

20) Big John




1) LPJR (sponsor) son

2) Mikaella

3) Haley

4) Chris 

5) Nate

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Tim dangled the bait and TB took it!  :fishing:    If you need any help running it feel free to call.... Tim!       Sign me up!  


Is it unlimited upgrades or just one?

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