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RFI: Best .22 LR or Magnum

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48 minutes ago, MikeStaten said:

Depends on what you want to do with it. For relatively inexpensive and accurate I’d look at a Savage or Ruger American bolt gun.  I’d get a 22lr for the low cost of the ammo. 

Me personally, I will never buy another Savage anything, ever again. Too many lemons mixed in, poor QC.

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I would also say depends what your trying to do. 

To take the kids out plinking anything will do. For accuracy price goes up. 

Wife and I have 10/22's with green mountain barrels and kidd bolt and triggers.   cci will give 1/2" size groups at 50 yards. 


Way more info and tons of reading can be had @rimfirecentral.

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For a bolt gun, there are lots of choices.  I bought a Marlin many years ago to intro my boy to rifles and it will do that same job for the grandkids.  My son bought a heavy barrel  Ruger 10/22 that is pretty accurate and is fun to shoot. 

My favorite .22 is an oldie.  A Remington Nylon 66.  My daughter in law LOVES to shoot that old thing and I must admit ...it is fun to rip out a magazine full of rounds at a target.   I just checked the prices of used Nylon 66's and I was SHOCKED.    I guess I should take it out of the corner of the barn and give it a little love.



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