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  1. if you're talking about inside the bay then disregard,, but outside the research buoy is not to far off from the inlet buoy, roughly 15 miles due east'ish, or at least it was the last time i saw it 2 years ago i think
  2. stern straps and bow safety chain would have prevented. Pic I took at costco fuel line the other month in mt laurel.
  3. seen similar set up with an older guy at graveling point sometime ago. casted out and let the current take it right around the point and was hooking up pretty good.
  4. mounted new set on my trailer guide poles, keeps them outta the water.
  5. Yes, I think it was 4 days. Followed recipe off amazingribs.
  6. looks good, and is on my to do list. I have done bacon and canadian bacon so far with great results. And smoker is almost on, gonna smoke some steaks then sear on the grill at the end
  7. At 7 now, calmed down pretty good long as you don't leave the house for more than 5 minutes with out him, say bird, peter rabbit, squirrels, chipmunks , or poop. Boy does he like to poop and often.
  8. I'm in mt holly, not looking to offload the case, but can do half for ya
  9. we had cave crickets when we moved in, bought a dehumidifier and havent seen them since. They need the moisture.
  10. lever drag conv or live line spinner is ideal, but can be done with all others. free spool the jigmaster with clicker on(assuming there is one) when it starts clicking let it take it for 3 seconds or so and then lock it up and reel in. as nmc said dont set the hook,, at all! you'll just pop it out of its mouth.
  11. Greg

    Differential Fluid ?

    80'ish thousand on my f150 will be getting it done at 100k along with the tranny which is sealed, and for the front diff I think you gotta drop axle out of the way or some crap. Not gonna do that laying in my driveway. ,,,unless I get a new ride before the 100k mark
  12. Where you located? I've got 7/8oz 8's and 9's if it comes down to it. I could use the 40 and or 9 but lower on 40. If someone needs the hand rounds as in out of stock, then go for it i'm not hurting yet.
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