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  1. Hang on stand when I was younger and dumber, with the remi sp10 when it came out,, fired a shot which threw me back causing my finger to pull the trigger and sent out another shot,,,, safety strap came tight and saved me from going over backwards.
  2. Greg

    $6,000 door.

    I gotta chime and also warn of the heat composite will hold. Get some samples and lay them in the sun and see how hot they get, I would say go light. I helped a buddy install dark composite one mid summer sunny day and couldnt pick it up with out gloves or kneel on it to put the screws in. Oh, and not even funny slippery in winter.
  3. Greg


    This time of year I will do 1 second grunts every 10-15 minutes. Have even got smaller bucks to respond with grunts. I hold off on scent till rut is ready to get on.
  4. I picked up the milwaukee heated hoodie for the wife, step pop and myself,,, should have gotten one years ago. Uses m12 batteries. Wife got a knock off battery set off of amazon for half the cost of milwaukee and work just as good. Helps that I already had m12 tools so we got lots of batteries. You can get just the hoodie if you already have batteries for around 100 bucks. My mother found a red one on sale through depot last year for 60. On medium a charge will go 3-4 hours which is plenty of warmth during the day. I usually turn it up early in am and last hour of the day. If you have milwaukee m18 tools you can get an adaptor to step 18v down to 12 to run the jacket, not sure how long it runs as I haven't killed an 18v battery yet.
  5. I started late last year and will do again this year is get sweet feed and mix 1 to 1 with corn. 50lb bag from tractor is like 10 bucks.
  6. Picked some up last year. Deer in the pines loved them. We kept them in the freezer and pulled a few out at a time. They looked funky after freezing but the deer didnt seem to mind and devoured them every time.
  7. Hell of a price for an awesome gun. love my monte
  8. lol, must be fishing same place as me cause I'm in the same boat. Actually feel asleep for a couple hours to wake up and be like "don't think about tuna" What! don't think about tuna,,, like what, how good they are, hwo fun they are, wonder if weather will lay down like it supposed to, oh and tuna,,,,,, and so on. Yea, I know
  9. Greg

    Handgun Safes

    i was looking into one, must read up on them and sort through reviews. Some will have time delays if wrong code is punched, some sometimes read your print, as mattg said some wont work if sweaty, way to many variables for something you may just not get to in time anyways. Soem safes can just be pry barred off and walked away with. I went with a standard sentry fire safe bolted to the floor out of sight. Ball bat in corner of room is alot quicker to get to and in cqb not ideal but will work.
  10. Very nice, may you get many canyon trips in.
  11. sharkbite bucktails i believe is a jersey guy that makes them himself.
  12. bubba hates fireworks, mild thunder is ok, severe thunder we are working on getting him not scared. They know the difference from gun fire.
  13. I do two units through the summer and i one in the winter.
  14. Dehumidifier, remove the moisture and the cave crickets will leave. Been cricket free for 3 1/2 years now.
  15. How about if my grandparents where straight of the boat polish immigrants, with my father being canadian,,, so my ancestors weren't even in the country..! But I gotta pay more taxes when the wife and I are just getting by with no savings?
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