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  1. Yup, those be the ones.
  2. Palmetto state armory has 22lr cci sv bricks for 54.99 in stock. Pricier than they should be, but over all not bad for todays environment. Ordered two for myself. Did have to submit fid pic under their contact us link.
  3. If you've had fuel sitting in it for the last 8 years, specially corn gas, I would bet on that bowl being a rust bucket. An engine that will run for a minute then stall out is either a fuel/carb issue or, run for 5-10 minutes can be the coil has a broke wire and when it heats up it separates and loses conductivity.
  4. I made the suggestion of unannounced random stocking days. Last couple times wife and I had went, we showed up late to greenwood. Quail are pretty hard to find and are slim pickings. I have had success in the past going for pheasants on off days.
  5. I'm with you, wife and I have gone 2 times in last two years. Way to many people acting like yahoos. I gave up pheasants for quail as that was what appeared to be a more civilized crowd, not anymore. Quail fields are just as bad as colliers mills.
  6. I throw my work boots on the dryer every night. I now have the dryer on a smart plug set to a schedule,, don't even have to bend over and plug it in anymore.
  7. If its sat for a bit, as others say look at the carb, but of course rule out simple by checking for spark. 90+% of my small engine repairs are bad fuel, and most customers who swear they put fresh fuel in straight from the gas can that sat since last year too. You can attempt to do a carb cleaning and maybe you'll get lucky and the bowl isn't all rusted up from moisture and it fires up afterwards.
  8. Thats gonna hurt really bad, I'm good for 4-5 myself.
  9. i'm not old, but not far from it either,,, 48 I'm in the crowd that believes that I'm not really getting smarter with age,,,,,,,I'm just running out of stupid shit to do.
  10. Some depot's have a 2axle dump trailer for rent, a 6x10. Some may require a 3/4 truck to tow it away.
  11. I called avid today and spoke with them about the bar sticking. Said it happens here and there and to keep cycling the unit. It just needs to wear in. Also said to go ahead and put some kind of lube on it, and I happen have the stuff to use on food equipment. Ran it after and no problems. chamber vac'd everything I could find to test it out. Now on a side note, I have had this for about 3 weeks. Have made and sealed pasta sauce, chili, buffalo sauce, boneless ribs, pulled pork, and prime rib steaks. I am really liking this thing. We do buy a lot of stuff in bulk and can now seal moist stuff such as chicken no problem. Oh,, and refrig jalapeneo dill pickles in a bag not mason jar.
  12. I'm sending it back for a refund. The seal bars sticks in the up/seal position and has to be pushed back down sometimes. Really like the machine and have sealed about 60 bags but not good if it only makes it 2.5 weeks before it screws up. Have to return then repurchase. I am looking at vacmaster, but 80lbs is a bit much down bring in and out of the basement for use as it wont be sitting on the counter.
  13. For instant read I went with thermoworks mk4. To monitor stuff on the pellet smoker I went with cheapie wireless set up form amazon and the temp reads same as my thermoworks instant. It also has temp alarms so when target temp is there, you know it. Plus a low and high temp alarm can be set which I do for overnight smokes then put it on my dresser so if something goes wrong I might get woken up. thermoworks mk4,,, Thermoworks Cheapie,,, Wireless thermometer
  14. Thats on my todo list for sure
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