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  1. I went with a bunch of buddies a couple times some years ago. We loaded up the quads and went for a week each time. Under carriage armor pretty much is a must have though. If you're into riding that is a must do trip at least once.
  2. Colliers mills would be closest to ya. I will admit I have never seen a turkey or tracks from one while bird hunting the fields, and thats doesn't mean they are not there. Colliers mills is a large tract with alot of ground to cover. Do some scouting on google maps and try and figure a route out and run n gun and don't be afraid to switch it up. Cruise the roads keeping an eye out for tracks. Check out fire breaks if you come across any, go in a wee bit and try calling to. Z14 is huge. May take some driving and alot of walking. I scouted around greenwood over the winter around the bird fields and seen plenty of yote tracks i believe but no turkey tracks in fresh snow. 3 years of scouting here and there in 14 has been a zero for me in trying to find more birds.
  3. Mighty Joes on 206 is the place i go. Open early as its a gas station/ convenience store.
  4. I'm a rookie by far, but 5 birds taken and only 1 was with a decoy. If i hear them gobbling in the distance from the tree early or deep into a piece of woods and can't get closer, i'll drop a decoy, other wise I'm 90% run n gun.
  5. Got to try and stretch its legs out today,, found out my shooting sled wont work as the grip hits the frame, so all shots are off bipods with my hand under the grip to try and hold steady and @ 100 yards. Will order bags for next session. Sights where off, but just high, adjusted for last set. All targets where 10 round groups. Loaded two mags with 5 rounds each and went nice and slow, no rushed shots although I know I did pull a couple. I am actually surprised how bad the 62 grain looked. I expected the 55's to be worse. 55's where american eagle, 62's where aguila, 69's where fiocchi and the 77's where nosler 55grain
  6. Thanks all. It was a tough day of silence, and 7 miles of walking as I was told. Couldn't have asked for a better bird for her 1st. Only shame is being so windy couldn't hear if he was drumming n spitting or not. I had to call back to him in between gust's and prey another hen wasn't close cause no way I'd hear her if there was.
  7. Finally got the wife on a bird, took 3 years but finally got one called in. Koble slate call did the trick. Started in spot A where I had fresh sign yesterday right before the storms came though. Not a peep there. Packed up headed for spot C, but decided spot B first as I scored a jake there monday. Giant loop around the area, seen a few fresh tracks that had to be earlier today but no answers to my yelps. Last fresh sign we saw, 10 minutes from truck decided to veer off into the bush a wee bit and got a gobble back. Had to be not much more than 80 yards out. Couple more yelps and some purring got him under 20yards and she filled her tag. Z14 Piney Bird 20.5 LB, 9" beard, 1"spurs
  8. With out the scope or bipods, I got around 750'ish into it.
  9. 62 grain aguila 5.56 10 yard unsupported low right was aiming dc, i just held high left for center hits. Did not do any scope adjusments.
  10. 10 yard test drive today, unsupported had about an inch. Couldn't really get steady at indoor range, will have to go to range 14 for a few hours and see what it can do. Got some 55, 62, 68 and 77 grain rounds coming.
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