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  1. I don't like it, sacrificing accuracy for ease. How are you supposed to work up a load? If that barrel/load gives you a 5 inch group at 100 I guess that's what you're stuck with?
  2. There are some pretty knowledgable persons on rimfirecentral forums. Here is a link to a sub forums,, Model 52 section Also how can you talk of such a nice shooter and not post a pic,,,
  3. Greg

    Man Cave Decor

    Freebie, spring cleaning early,,,just come get it. Mt Holly, 08060 Got this from a guy at work with plans to just have on shelf, cleaned it all up and been sitting for a few years. Kodiak loader,,
  4. Wifes,,, 20ga 870, carlons long beard, win longbeard xr 3", adjustable ventrib add on sights.
  5. My 12ga 870 from 30 years ago with updated stock and 23"turkey barrel with carlsons long beard xr. Was using longbeard xr ammo but hard to find in 2 3/4. Shot winchester double x, nice pattern will stick with those in 2 3/4. Neck can't handle that hard a hit. I don't use any 3" ammo.
  6. 3 rounds @25yards per my range finder from wifes 20Ga 870 21" barrel with carlson's longbeard xr choke with 3" winchester loingbeard's Disregard the big sabot hit, step pop was sighting in his 220 and wanted to check bore sight.
  7. Interesting, specially Firearms line A. There goes the neighborhood,,, added a zoomed in best i can pic, thought it enlarged for all when clicked on.
  8. Was able to get her settled on an 870 compact in 20ga. Came with a 21" barrel. Installed a carlsons turkey choke, stainless mag follower, oversized safety and the remington light sear spring. Bought a rifled cantilever barrel and slapped her leupold shotgun scope onto it. Finished it off today with remingtons compact camo stock. Turned into a nice little shooter and has me second guessing my 12ga 870.
  9. Greg


    LIke a fart
  10. Same, but I shoot 10mm XTP's in my knight .45cal
  11. Greg


    One and only price drop,,,, 250.00 Updated original post, Nics/transfer is on buyer.
  12. If you have or can get usaa, they have a discount adt plan for like 30'ish a month which also included a smoke detector that hooks into the system. There was a basic package that we upgraded with extra sensors and cellular callout instead of using a hard line.
  13. Milwaukee m12 hoodie and or vest. Best purchase ever for hunting gear. On medium like 4 hours run time with standard 1.5mah battery, 3 hours on high. 90% of the time I use medium and stay comfortable with cabelas berber pull over down to low 30's. Totally wash/dry safe. Actually has a comfy hood on the hoodie jacket. Being just a sweat jacket its totally silent. I picked up an extension for the battery plug and keep the battery in the front pocket for ease of changing out quietly. Only dislike is the switch lights up on left chest side and it is very bright, especially if your sitting in a blind, but 98% of the time I have something overtop of it. Got the wife a set of knock off m12 batterys on amazon work just as good, same insides, samsungs. If they happen to already own milwaukee tools with 18v batterys, you can use an adapter for the 12 volt and with a 5ah battery I got 4 hours on high using 25% of battery. If they can hold off till next year, my parents found them online at home depot last year with end of season clearance and my mother got one of the m12 hoodies for 50 bucks.
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