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  1. Cut the cord 3 years ago. We currently spend about 80 bucks a month. Verizon fios for internet, fire tv, cbs, netflix and hbo or showtime when needed as shows air. Saving an easy 100 bucks a month. One word of caution, if you sway to the dark side with kodi and such read fully into it and get a vpn set up.
  2. I would find a new place to get my services done.
  3. Got to play with and check out the Alps long spur run n gun vest. Over all I'm liking it. Won't make a true determination until season when I can get some miles on it. Another plus to it is its totally adjustable. The front pockets are detachable as is the butt pack. The slate pockets are a little tight with my Koble call, but the primos fits with room to spare. I have 5 strikers in pocket behind slates with room to spare for a phone some granola bars and maybe a bottle of water, its pretty roomy as is other side for the box call. The box call pocket I wish had a divider in it to keep it quiet which is does not. I threw on a silencer and stuffed it in there and all is fine. The butt pack is very roomy and zipper detachable. The best option I think I like is there is a drop down game bag that folds up into the vest at your upper back.
  4. Army navy store, buy some 2nd hand bdu bottoms and a top. All ya need, way cheaper than you'll find anything else.
  5. I just ordered the alps run n gun set up. Looking for some more organization on longer days. I can give an update once it shows up.
  6. I got my email notification but wife did not. Logged in and checked hers and she won choice also.
  7. I got tag soup last year. This year I did get my two choices, 14 A & D. Wife got her choice for E.
  8. I thought I came across a fairly fresh scrape friday. There are a couple small bucks still holding at my parents house as of this am.
  9. I use OnX on the phone and mainly use it to find direction to clearings and how far I am from structure/housing/roads.
  10. Greg

    Lotta Walking

    Put wee bit over 4 hours in friday. Nothing to show for it. Couple almost but not cigar. Walked swamp/water edges and what looked like heavily used trails out of swamps and thickets. Interesting find was an old tower box blind couple hundred yards from nearest road. Musta took a lot of effort to haul materials in. Will have to revisit the area again come fall with the climber as it was in what appeared to be a nice little area.
  11. Thanks for the info. An AR is just one I want to have, and doesn't need to be tacticool. My only need is picatinny rail for a scope. After basic I pretty much never used one, always had a m249 or the 240b slung around my neck. Oh, and a Garand is on my list just because. Have checked out the CMP site a few times over the years.
  12. Wanting to get something for coyotes. Thinking would like an ar platform in 5.56. Will probably not be used for much more than coyotes or an occasional trip to the range. How much better off would I be building up a rifle over buying say an m&p 15 sport? I'm not looking to build up a top of the line rig, but would plan to buy stuff piece at a time over the summer. If building is the preferred route, where is a good place to go learn? I can strip an ar, not so sure on what gas system with what barrel with what hand guards kinda stuff.
  13. Greg

    Hand Guns

    As has been said, go to a range and see what fits your hand and squeezes nicely. I love my XD but only have a couple pistols, so not a lot to go by. Wife wants a new shooter, we will be going to the range, but she is liking the xd mod 2 and a couple sigs both in 9mm.
  14. Friends brother did fall to a story very similar to that. Has to have been at least 25 years ago off Mt Misery road. He was driving out after dark and seen it set up along clearing off the road (dirt if it matters). Got out of his truck loaded his shotgun and fired but only once. He told me he knew as soon as he shot and it didnt move. He only got fined for shooting after hours as it was buck week and he was out of the vehicle. But we had busted his stones for years.
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