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  1. bubba hates fireworks, mild thunder is ok, severe thunder we are working on getting him not scared. They know the difference from gun fire.
  2. I do two units through the summer and i one in the winter.
  3. Dehumidifier, remove the moisture and the cave crickets will leave. Been cricket free for 3 1/2 years now.
  4. How about if my grandparents where straight of the boat polish immigrants, with my father being canadian,,, so my ancestors weren't even in the country..! But I gotta pay more taxes when the wife and I are just getting by with no savings?
  5. If ya'll around mt holly, I have my jennings barracuda he can have. May or may not need new strings, I haven't shot it but 3 times in the last 15 years since getting my crossbow. Wont be needing it either with a jacked up neck. It is old, but a damn good shooter that has taken lots and lots of deer. I can get a pic if ya want. heres the fs post I made last year with no interest,, disregard the price if he wants it. jennings
  6. Shooters has been decently priced and very friendly staff for us. Plus a very nice selection.
  7. Greg

    Fire stick

    You dont technically break them, or do anyhting the stick doesnt want to do. You just have to manually download. Check out and look over the web site "troy point" he has tutorials and info on all you may want to do. If you are wanting to view tv shows or movies that may be questionable, check out about a vpn service. You may or may not get a couple warnings from your cable company before they shut you off. For what its worth, kodi is not what it was a few years ago and lags out to the point its unwatchable, or so I've heard. Feel free to pm me for more in depth questions if you like. Been streaming for almost 4 years now.
  8. Once upon a time 30 years ago I was cleaning the carb on my kx80 at a picnic table and dropped the float needle. Couple hours later I Found it. I second don't eff with small parts over grass.
  9. Greg

    Any use for old gas?

    120 gallon tank on boat. I wanna empty it and start with fresh as I need to pull my injectors and send them out to be cleaned and replace all filters. I'd rather be safe than stalled out in the chicken canyon. 50 gallons fresh last year, remainder 3-4 years old. It was treated when it went in with stabil and star tron, but not so confident on its condition after this long. Is there any use for this, or anyone want it before I try to get drums and take it to the hazmat dump? Waste oil heater? Anything?
  10. Peruvian smelt with a plain hook and use a sinker slide like for on the surf.
  11. Greg


    If Kype or anyone for that matter has more involved questions please ask away, I will do my best to help ya either here or by pm.
  12. Greg


    No one knows how safe or bad vaping is yet, may not know for another ten years,,but the vast majority of doctors will say is is with out a doubt way safer than smoking cigarettes. My doctor within the va system gave me the green light and encouraged it over cigarettes.
  13. Greg


    Some people do have a reaction to ejuice. Vaping is supposed to be regulated the same as smoking analogs which would be not smoking indoors or near entrances. Ejuice is 4 ingredtients, water, food flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, plus a 5th ingredient which could be nicotine. Cigarettes as stated by manufacturers may have any combination of 200 different chemical additives in them in a report made to uncle sam.
  14. Greg


    I used vaping to quite smokes. I'll try and put it all together for ya with out making it an 5 page essay. A buddy got a crew of like 5 of us to try it, far as i know we are all still not smoking, couple still vaping. I've been smoke free 5 years I think now. I was a 1-1.5 pack a day newports, and over night fishing trips required me taking a carton along. 10 months later I was smoke/vape/nicotine free. What I did was I started to vape to try it, not to quit smoking. I alternated between the vape and a smoke. After two days I did not want a smoke as the taste was horrible after trying the vape. A cigarette was like licking an ashtry. Ejuice can be in just about any flavor. Go into a local vape shop and there will be hundreds of samples for you to try. I've been hours in a shop sampling. BUT keep in mind samples taste different from what you buy because the samples are nic free. So ejuice with nic will be slightly off, but not a whole lot. First thing is its not for everyone. Some people have a reaction to ejuice. My brother in law coughs horribly from it with a throat irritation. After not vaping for a couple months, I get a soar on my gums if I try to vape now, but did not when I started vaping while smoking. Just be aware of that and don't drop 200 bucks into it with out trying cheaply first. The kids you see hanging out on the corner blowing smoke like a freight train are "cloud chasing" and it does not have to be like that, but you'll probably get there as most do. There are vaping set ups and there are ecigarettes. Avoid the ecigarettes. Vaping is cheaper/easier and the directions to go with it are unlimited. OK, vaping,,, start out with something that is a cheap set up knowing you will upgrade very quickly if you take to it. You should be able to walk away as a starter for 20-30 bucks. Thats what my buddy told me,,, do you have 30 bucks to change your life? Stop into a local vape shop and just talk to the crews there. All shop I have been into everyone is extremely friendly and helpful AND they actually want you to quit analog cigarettes too. For vaping you have a tank that your ejuice goes into. In that tank you have coils that bo bad over time and have to be replaced. The tank goes onto a battery device to fire the coil which makes it glow red hot and vaporizes the ejuice that you inhale. I really like the aspire brand of tanks and coils. But it all comes down to preference of one over the other. They are priced nice and the coils are cheap. Get set up locally and then shop online for best deals. Local shop will help determine your proper nicotine level to start at vs how much you smoke. Nicotine levels are totally adjustable. 10 mg nic level ejuice mixed 1/1 with 0 mg ejice will give you 5 mg and so forth. The math can get heavy but yo can pretty much make any mg strength you want buy mixing with lower strengths. I started vaping at like 18mg nic. I did that for a month then dropped to 15mg, then after some time 12 mg then 9, 6, 3, 1.5, .75, .50 then 0. Took me 10 months to drop to zero. When I dropped a nic level I vaped like crazy at first for the nicotine, but your body will adjust after a couple days and smooth back out, then another week or two later I would drop again. Two weeks after I hit zero mg nic, I lost interest in vaping all together. Not once have I fiend for a smoke, not once have I had an urge to smoke, NOT ONCE have I ever wanted to smoke again. Try it out,,,,, Do you have 30 bucks to change your life?
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