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  1. For the world of skeet you don’t want light. Lightweight will be fast and snappy. Heavier will swing smooth upto and then through the shot.
  2. If you make it down towards mt holly(08060) I got 6 rounds out of the box left. Pay it forward and you can have them.
  3. where you at? i have a partial box of 3" will have to check the shot size. I prefer 2 3/4
  4. Mine has the dead hold bdc. The adjustable objective is the way to go which ever scope you choose. I picked up the titan stock for mine with the cheek riser, but have yet to shoot it.
  5. I've been tweeking my 10/22 for a little bit and started with a 3-9 power for 50 yard work, that I upgraded to a vortex crossfireII 6-18x44 Ao. That lets me see pretty darn well where I want to hit. I have not got into 100yard range yet, but at 50 theres plenty of power to it. I think the vortex is not as clear compared to my cheapie leupold. If colliers mills ever gets opened backup, you're more than welcome to meet up and give the vortex a test drive. The 3-9 is a nikon bdc i can bring along for looks.
  6. updated 1st post with link, Booner got it to
  7. Champions choice has some in stock, over 4k at the moment. Found here ; Eley First time I ordered there I did have to send pic of fid. will see if its required second time, or if they keep it on file.
  8. We started out with a grizzly 1860 center console. Ran that all over great bay. Gunnels are low so you have to watch other's wakes. Basically stay outta the ICW and have fun. Be warned though, slightest chop and its a rough ride. Oh, and a cross wind will fight you to the death getting it back on the trailer. Have guide ons and helpful people will be a lot easier.
  9. I have a citori 625 20Ga 28" sporting and do decent as a noob with it for clays, and pretty good for upland. I will say even being a 20, it tends to get heavy in the field and because of that only goes upland couple times a year. The 101 having weird recoil kicking the cheek sounds like a bad fit. A stock fitter can do wonders with just about any gun to any shooter. I've had two guns fitted to the wife for a reasonable price.
  10. Look really good. Hope they shoot well for you, cost savings gotta be great too.
  11. Some homedepots will rent drain cameras, if they are not broke or stolen. Do get the damage protection
  12. I have my 2014 f150 with 20's. I would have preferred 18 for running the beach and off road as woodman has stated, but have yet to have any issues. The stock ford tires did ok on the beach. The yokohama's are way better and really feel no disadvantage being 20's on sand with them.I always air down to 15psi. Alternately you can go with taller 20" tires to get a little more sidewall. I do believe 18" tires run a wee bit cheaper too.
  13. Kit in truck, simple clot product, wrap and tape in vest pouch if bubba is hunting.
  14. Very good, but no, not Stevie Nicks
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