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  1. Greg

    Live deer cam....

    nice buck there right now
  2. Greg

    Don’t get complacent

    Thanks for all the well wishes. Tells me he loaded his discharge arrow, went to shoot it off into the ground and some way somehow got his hand in the way. Luckily he still retains some first aid skills and put a pressure bandage on it to slow the bleeding and drove himself home since where we are phone signal is very low and a text can take 20 minutes to go through, and my hunting spot is 500 yards further down the path from his spot which is 200 yards from the truck. Made sense to get to the truck and home which is only a few miles away. He got lucky with just needing stitches. An artery through the hand was damaged and got patched up with it. Does not appear to be any permanent damage, just his pride. Some skin was missing so its not stitched completely closed and will have to heal up on its own over time. He's down for the season, but hopefully he'll be ready come spring for strippers. Next fall is some time away and he will be out there what ever it takes, which is awesome as I'm not ready to loose my hunting partner. He got me into hunting just shy of 30 years ago and I surely wont go as much once he's had enough. Although I do think its time to invest in some new two way radios like we had before cellphones. He's a tough stubborn old man, but seems to be softening up as the years go by and if it comes down one day to having to sit in a blind with him then so be it thats what we'll do. No one is telling him he had enough, he'll make that decision on his own and i'll back him up 110%.
  3. Greg

    Braid to Mono knots

    I do palamor for surf/ bottom fishing and nothing but pr knot on tuna set ups.
  4. Greg

    Don’t get complacent

    Washing it all out and doing some exploring, but right now its looking like he might get away with just stitches. It looked like he just peeled a hunk of skin back at base of thumb towards pointer finger.
  5. Greg

    Don’t get complacent

    Can still count to ten and all his digits are working.
  6. Somehow step pop went to discharge his cross bow tonight and got his left hand in the way of the limb and ripped his palm apart. He’s on his way to cooper for some surgery, waiting on ma to get here to drive her there and hope for the best. Not sure if he was trying to John Wayne it up or not but not paying attention for a second and you can get bit. He’s had this same xbow for gotta be 15 years. He kept saying it was stupid, no not stupid just got distracted for a second, and thats all it takes. keep your guard up.
  7. Greg

    Cheap deer bait?

    got it, thanks.
  8. Greg

    Cheap deer bait?

    More info please
  9. I am basically the same but use a .4o cal 180gr xtp's in my .45 knight with crushrib from harvester and blackhorn 209 As for bad grouping you have to work up your load and find what grain charge your gun likes. I'll start at 90 grains and go up in increments of 5 till I get tight grouping then fine tune from there plus or minus a couple grains, there is a sweet spot somewhere you just gotta find it, which is the reason I will never shoot pellets.
  10. I felt ashamed going in there a couple days ago to get my license for next year. They wont get any of my money, no matter how discounted.
  11. Greg

    Changing Scope Recticle - Leupold

    Thanks for the reminder, my vx2 is now packed up and ready to ship back for a tight power ring. Being leupold i would be confident that it will come back right otherwise they would have to repair it again on their dime.
  12. Greg

    Scary moment on opening day of six week

    Some of life lessons are hard learnt, could have been way worse. Take your time and heal up right then get ready for turkey in the spring.
  13. Greg

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

    nice buck to get it done
  14. Greg

    Parker Bows Going Under

    well that just sucks
  15. Caught big boy on cam the other night that I had missed/messed up a shot on. Not an 8 as I thought but a 7. Unless there is two of them running around. I think he's pretty ripe for the taking. Hopefully I get another chance, got a couple days of muzzy and winter bow to get through. Maybe not a monster trophy to some of you's hunting farms and north jersey, but for me in the pines he's a trophy for sure.