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  1. and gravy master, just for color
  2. wish I was out, i actually enjoy this cold weather , the deer are up on their feet and if you dress appropriately its tolerable. Hope to get out for a few hours on Saturday, gun, bow, whatever.
  3. I did print them and I did select mail me my originals
  4. congrats on a nice buck, 150 yards? buckshot or slug? where did you hit him?
  5. I saw a 400lber out in the snow storm last Monday. Vernon Twp. This Monday 6 day opener I crossed several paths. If we dont reach 300 its only because there's hardly anyone hunting.
  6. I used the on-line system to get 2019 permits, they never came in the mail, I called twice, they said they were returned as "non-deliverable" I never had an issue with the old system. Ultimately I had to get duplicates from a gun shop, at $2 a pop, bow permit, buck permit, rifle permit, muzzy, 3 zones ended up costing me over $20 not to mention I paid the fee to have the permits mailed to me. Very frustrating
  7. wish I was out, good luck all, should be a great day!
  8. one of the best days Ive had this year, saw several bucks and dozens of does in the fog in Zone 2, I took a very tall 6pnt at around 10am, meat for the freezer and out before the heavy rain. Im tired! No shots heard in Vernon NJ this morning, no trucks parked on Newark water shed. Crazy, there will be a lot of bucks left for winter bow.
  9. not sure what I'm doing wrong but I cant get BH209 to consistently ignite in my rifle. Very annoyed.
  10. Deposit NY but not until after thanksgiving
  11. the harder and the faster the wind blows, the more deer sightings and deer kills  
  12. I read the same article, moderate to high winds increase deer movement.
  13. Just look at at the number of dead dear on the roads and you know they are chasing!
  14. I like 2x7 on my shotgun Vortex is hard to beat
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