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  1. In 4th grade we had a teacher that put easter eggs on a tree in the front of the class room, my buddies and I would shoot staples at the eggs, I had a flier and hit the teacher in the lip... a kid would be expelled if that were to happen today!
  2. we would attach sparklers to the end of our arrows, light them and fire them up into the sky, we set more than one field on fire... and finding tires on the side of a mountain was always a great bonus...roll them down the mountain until one day we hit a pick-up truck and the guy chased us and beat our asses.... filling and old pocketbook full of cow shit and leaving it on the road was also great fun!
  3. now all your time in the woods will be concentrated on getting him a shot, it no longer matters what you shoot, you will have more joy when he has a harvest...it the best feeling ever.
  4. read the possible side effects on any medication you take, headache or allergies or for cough, blood pressure, antidepressants, diabetes... or just cold meds. It's always a risk/benefit proposition. I guess some of you folks take zero Rx drugs and zero OTC meds.
  5. I've had two of my employees test positive shortly after their 2nd dose, like within a week. No major symptoms, they complained of chills and lethargy.
  6. My Son wants to head to Round Valley for some shoreline fishing, any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  7. Found a couple this weekend. North of route 80.
  8. just to add perspective, aspirin causes 3000 deaths per year. Get the vaccine, don't be stupid.
  9. Strange but no bears in my Vernon NJ property yet.
  10. they make a ton of noise, hate having them next to me when I'm on stand.
  11. I would never have thought a bob cat would attack and kill a mule deer!
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