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  1. I would love to find some land to hunt near there.
  2. see any deer up there?
  3. I chased a huge deer for 3 years, biggest deer I'd have ever seen in Sussex county. It was ultimately killed by a farmer at night with a rifle. Some people just cant stop themselves I guess.
  4. I had mine repaired in September, I think it was a Tuesday, I was hunting on the weekend and back in the gym the next week. Nothing to it, just give yourself 2-3 days of ice and rest.
  5. remember the days when we didn't have smart phones or any cell phones! when you were lost you were really lost!
  6. I prefer to eat does. I'd pass him if I knew there were bigger bucks in my hunting areas. I'll pass on dozens of bucks through November, I'm not really into trophy hunting but I do like to know that there is at least a chance of me or one of my family to shoot a mature buck, the only way to see mature bucks is not to shoot all the young ones.
  7. I'm switching all my scopes out to Vortex best quality / cost ratio.
  8. do you all bring your guns into a warm house after hunting in the cold? I was told this can cause condensation. I keep my muzzy in the garage until the season is over.
  9. "I believe the permits should be by reg set" great idea!!
  10. Gman

    Best STEAK?

    get a cast iron pan and a torch to sear, I get a great crust, put a little butter in the cast iron and it helps it caramelize the crust.
  11. NY state you buy a muzzy permit and it comes with a buck tag....how hard is that? They should raise the cost, $45 or $50 and you get two zones and the buck permit. I think most people would agree to that! Sucks when you have a zone boundary running right through the middle of your hunting land.
  12. NJ sucks. I'm a non resident after moving to NY, it cost me a fortune to hunt with my family in NJ. NY is simple, one hunting licence and no multiple zones for bow or muzzy. The only zone specific permit is for does in the regular season.
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