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  1. I hunted public land on Tuesday for Muzzy, not one hunter seen, this is a fairly popular spot so I will go against the popular vote and say LESS hunters.
  2. I'll take the remington accutips, see my PM. Thanks!
  3. I'd take him, nice buck!
  4. do you have a muzzle loader? you can use that with a rifle permit that you can purchase for a few bucks and print on-line.
  5. my slug gun prefers accutips but they are no longer available. nwhere do you live, I have a bunch of boxes of different slugs from when I did the same with my new to me slug gun.
  6. I'm slowly replacing all my cheaper scopes with Vortex. Best bang for the buck pun intended.
  7. try to find as many sabot 12g brands of slugs you can get, dont worry too much about the zero as long as your on paper at about 50 yards, pick the one that gives you the best group, that is your load. Go get more of that brand. Now zero the scope and take a few shots at longer range, 75 or 100 yards to double check zero... you are now ready to hunt. Good luck!
  8. for venison I shoot a doe, I let almost all bucks walk to the point I eat tag soup a lot. But I am rewarded with the opportunity to see some big deer.
  9. sako in 308 lever action, you will love it. https://www.gunsamerica.com/984385689/SAKO-Finnwolf-Lever-Action-308-Unfired-in-Original-Box.htm
  10. I have about 18 rounds left, but I do like to check zero every year, so at this point I will be out of the slugs in just a couple of years assuming 3 slugs to check zero and 1 slug for the buck if I dont need to adjust I'm good for a few years. I shoot a rem 1100 with rifle barrel and custom stock, accutips shoot far better than any other slug that I fed her.
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