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  1. I hunt those areas, but I do not share in your enthusiasm for religion, I will provide tips for those locations if you PM me.
  2. thanks, can you tell me how you found this or did you call?
  3. if you hunt long enough you will lose a deer, just saying, but you are off on a good start by thinking about your max range and taking an ethical shot.
  4. Lots of trails in Newark watershed, I searched but can not find if E-bikes are legal?
  5. less bear hunters, the novelty has wore off, PITA to harvest a bear.
  6. are these the broadheads you decided were subpar?
  7. Gman


    there is nothing better than black-cap jelly, damn wine-berries are driving out the black raspberries. Not only are they invasive they grow like weeds, I'm not a fan!
  8. they are all in bed together, hard to do any legal work without a lawyer.
  9. they will bill you for every minute and most have a minimum time, so if you spend 2 minutes on the phone you will be billed for 20 or 30 or 50% of an hour depending on their minimum, having gone through a divorce I'm too familiar with their billing practices.
  10. whatever the rate, it's too much!
  11. Gman


    My Dad had one side of his roof almost completely covered with moss, he bought one of these concentrated moss killers and I mixed and sprayed using a garden sprayer, in a week it was dead and after a few heavy thunderstorms it was gone. I would not scrape shingle too rigorously. Also the roof was shaded, we trimmed a few tree branches to prevent future growth.
  12. I was a member of a hunting club in Deposit for many years, 800 acres and access to west branch, I forgot how many fish we caught. Love it up there, if the winters weren't so brutal I'd relocate.
  14. yeah, to see my wife's parents in Barcelona end of July, we are trying to find out if family members can visit.
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