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  1. OMG, that is such a big help! Thank you! I fried up the steaks today, I will bake with sauce and cheese tomorrow, I was thinking of adding enough sauce for the pasta to the casserole container, would you recommend a low temp like 275 to give them more time to tenderize? Also I assume you bake uncovered, I was going to cover with tin foil for maybe 30 minutes, then uncover and boost the heat, add a bit of cheese and finish them off at 350 for maybe 10 more minutes. Thanks all for your help!
  2. anyone have a recipe? I have all the ingredients ready, I was going to follow a veal recipe but thought you guys/gals could help.
  3. In all seriousness, would yo have any concerns letting your 18 year old daughter jump in the truck and drive from NJ to Montana? I need something reliable for that reason. Thanks!
  4. got your PM, I'm a bit afraid of the 200K miles. but thanks for reaching out.
  5. EGO Power+ 24 in. Two Stage 56 volt Battery Snow Blower , no gas, no worries, light enough to load without ramps.
  6. I found a "run" from bedding to food, it's 2 foot wide and looks like it was shoveled it's so beat down. Who ever said that they travel one path to and from food was 100% right.
  7. anyone buy battery powered? Saw it on Fox news this AM, it looks awesome.
  8. I couldn't hunt there with all the road noise. would make me nuts.
  9. Gman

    My Neighbor's Car

    I live in Manhattan and park in the street. My car looks like that even after 8 inches of snow. I don't mind shoveling out the car but there is no place to put the snow except back in the street, then the plows come through and it's rinse and repeat, groundhog day! Ugh.
  10. My mistake, the gun is 742 woodsmaster semi auto, two clips and scope. 30-06
  11. no idea what they are going for....no reasonable offer refused. Located in Sussex county.
  12. 30-06 lightly used, less than 100 rounds through the gun, last time I hunted with it, probably 15 years ago I killed a yote at 300 yards.
  13. I have one to sell, it's at my Dad's house, I'll send you a pic eventually.
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