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  1. Price? I need a cheap reliable commuter
  2. cant get used to my lone wolf, always grab the summit, it's heavy but it feels safe and is so easy to climb with.
  3. They are migrating. https://www.farmprogress.com/massive-squirrel-migrations-recorded-north-america
  4. she will forget all about that miss once she gets her first deer!
  5. to take this discussion to the extreme one could argue unless you are hunting like a native american, using only natural resources for clothing and shoes, making your own bow and arrows or spears to kill a whitetail deer, then you are not hunting "fair chase" or on the deer's own terms. Just a thought.
  6. to each his own, I'd rather still hunt with a rifle with a few inches of fresh snow than sit in a tree with a bow in September when it's 70 degrees, doesn't matter if I kill a deer or not, it's the enjoyment of the hunt for me.
  7. part of hunting. who here has not missed?
  8. Gman

    Jersey Stud

    I used to live there...back yard bucks get big....
  9. Congrats, you're gonna need a bigger freezer!
  10. I shot a 70lb coyote upstate. They eat well.
  11. I deer hunt Vernon, I had to stop using fawn bleats and estrous spray because of the number of bear encounters I was having.
  12. I wont get in a tree before mid October..good luck to you guys going out.
  13. im going to try that, does it fill naturally or do you fill it?
  14. Gman

    Just for Fun

    i cant even see the target at 160 yards.
  15. A motorcyclist was airlifted to a local hospital after hitting a deer in Sussex County Thursday afternoon, state police said. The operator of a white Husky motorcycle was ejected after striking the animal while traveling near 185 Pond School Road in Wantage around 12:50 p.m., Sgt. Lawrence Peele told Daily Voice.
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