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  1. sometimes they have weird hours, but they try to be accommodating when possible. Like I said before very easy to deal with.
  2. Chris and Jerry @ Countyline Firearms are great guys to deal with. They are tucked back into a small shop in East Hanover on Rt10, an unlikely place to find such a great store. They helped me with a pistol transfer but I could have spent a lot of money in that place if I could have justified buying all the guns I was interested in. There was a nice Ithaca Mag 10 an Ithaca mod 37, several nice .22s a Belgian browning and many more. The prices were good and I will definitely return in the future. Look them up if you are in the area or looking for a good gun deal. You can also call them up and ask them to keep an eye out for something in particular you may want.
  3. Here we go ! One the price of permits to hunt game is set by the legislature, not the governor, two a property with too many does is not good either because, there is a limited amount of food thus the land has a specific "carrying capacity" and it will only support that number of animals causing an increased doe to buck ratio. You would be better off culling more does and getting the buck to doe population in better shape by taking more does and a very limited number of bucks until the ratio is better balanced. Three the NJOA and the federation are basically run by the same group of individuals, so expect them to act in concert with each other. Three of the key player in both organizations work together for the N division of F&W, these just my opinion and not that of the station or it's affiliates.
  4. First of all the $2 is an application fee there is no mechanism to charge for the tag, that ahs to be done with legislation, It also can not be put into the game code, just like they can not assess penalties in the gam code.
  5. I've been advocating for an All Waters License for years, it would bring in much needed Federal revenue and the Division of F&W could hire enough employees to properly assess and protect our marine resources. License should cost the same or less but one license would cover all fishing in NJ and alleviate the "license line"
  6. I just switched from Verizon to xfinity , only pay for data used, great plan great service.
  7. The ATV rider needs permission , and a helmet
  8. Ex 69 Rt 532 south to Brookville Rd Boy Scout Camp on the left then Parlin on the right.
  9. I can leave my equipment out all year with no problems. Of course they are in the Scout Camp where I work.
  10. I'd goa well developed 2.5 based on the narrow antler spread width.
  11. RGW, PM me for a chance at a lot of coons on my camp
  12. Remember in NJ they are Air Guns not Air Rifles, because...…………. rifles require you to have a rifle permit. Sorry it's just another stupid "Jersey Thing"
  13. Shoot me a PM and I'll help get you set up. I'm an AF vet and my son is in NJAG, we'll take you hunting.
  14. tuny

    mold remediation

    where are you located?
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