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  1. I think I have some 168 spitzer boattails if you're interested
  2. Hope it flies there is some great gose hunting to be had in the Great Swamp Refuge, on second thought forget I said that I won't need any more competition.
  3. F&W has been getting general funds for years, as well as Federal Money for Marine enforcement, so you may see less biologist the CPO's will still be out there. maybe w/o the opportunity for any OT.
  4. The comprehensive bear management plan has expired, thus no bear hunt.
  5. pay the money and have it checked out by a reputable mechanic
  6. Twenty years ago guys used to pound the herring at Batsto and Mays Landing, and each year there after the numbers that returned diminished until it was hard to catch any fish. It was pure greed that ended those runs, guys sneaking around in the wee hours of the morning taking well over the limit so they could sell them to bait shops.
  7. Just double checked and yes it is illegal to take ,possess, land, sell, purchase or exchange blueback herring in NJ
  8. It'll get costly at $20 per fish for the illegal harvest, the season was closed after people made pigs out of themselves and depletetd the stocks.
  9. stupid people repeat themselves, so let the t you found so they can follow up.
  10. I always fished the famous Saxson Falls with my dad s a kid but that was half a century ago
  11. Happy Vietnam Veterans Day to all you who served, let us also keep in our hearts those who gave all, and those who were never the same . Guys and ladies thanx for all you've done, sorry about the delayed thank you!
  12. appears to me to be a boat tail grackle
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