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  1. tuny

    Bobwhite quail

    just a word of caution you need a permit to possess or sell game birds and the person receiving them needs a receipt from you. The penalty is $20 / bird possessed or sold w/o permits, just saying.
  2. It all started years ago when some south Jersey "sportsman " would put out a bait pile during small game season and sit in their deer stands loaded with 4 3" 4 shot and claim they were hunting squirrels, so to combat this behavior the bait law was passed. The ban on hunting anything else but deer was passed due to pressure from farmers who claimed it would allow hunters to shoot more deer and reduce crop damage. F&W didn't want the law to change in reference to baiting bears so as not to look bad to the general public, so instead of changing the law they just ignore it. Has anyone here ever been charged with hunting over bait in the last 12-15 years, while bear hunting? And that my friends is the rest of the story......good day!
  3. I built one for my son and he shot a nice ten pointer out of it on his last youth day.
  4. It's funny when Fish and Wildlife opened up the Three Foot Road, they caught hell from Pinelands, then they discovered the Crow berry was growing all over the sides of the road. Now they are going to intentionally due what F&W got in trouble for before.
  5. That's a shame cause it was going to grow up to look like Bambi's father. I'll shoot any coyote I see.
  6. What do you want for just the .22?
  7. how much for the Merc 9.8?
  8. tuny

    The Greatest Sacrifice

    RIP SGT Raymond Fritz, Vietnam October 7 1967
  9. RIP Sgt Raymond Fritz, your are my cousin and my hero, he's the one in the helmet.
  10. Wore mine everyday for 26 years, whether it was 0 or 100 , what a relief to finally take it off for good!
  11. What ever they pass it won't be enforceable on State property open to hunting.
  12. The ordinance would not apply to state property and would not be legal if it was written to affect hunting, because the Municipality does not have the authority to regulate hunting only the State.
  13. Amen brother don't go w/o protecting your under belly if you want to ride anything other than the easiest trails.
  14. The rollercoaster the Phoenix was rescued and rebuilt there and is now ranked as one of the best wooden coasters. They're big merry go round is really coo too it still has the brass rings.
  15. Love to help you out but I'm up to my chin in work. If you want you can call me and I could help you trouble shoot the outlet over the phone if you are willing. Shoot me a PM
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