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  1. tuny

    Ruger super blackhawk 44 mag

    just trying to say they hold their value and appreciate with time.
  2. tuny

    Ruger super blackhawk 44 mag

    I didn't comment on your price so don't get offensive!
  3. tuny

    Ruger super blackhawk 44 mag

    sold mine a few years ago w/scope for $300
  4. tuny

    Towns without hunting laws

    If the adminisstrator is telling you no verbally ,politely ask him to show you something in writing, I bet they can't! Remember no township has the right to regulate hunting.
  5. tuny

    Feral Cats

    some years ago the F&G regs. allowed the shooting of cats in the act of stalking wildlife by licensed hunters.
  6. tuny

    Loin dinner

    Sorry I thought it read LION for dinner!
  7. I would support most of the organizations except NJOA.
  8. tuny

    Salmon Time

    Looks good I'm going up week after Columbus day, fishing the Orwell Creek. What section of the river did you fish?
  9. tuny

    Staten Island Deer Problem

    Don't show that to Murphy!
  10. tuny

    Does anyone know this guy

    Those gloves are pretty distinctive, that should narrow down the field. If you see his vehicle they'll probably be lying out where they can be easily seen.
  11. Almost looks like the round hit the antlers causing him to go down with a major headache
  12. come on someone must want a deer, this is a great place to take your first deer or to put meat in the freezer.