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  1. Anyone have one in the Ocean County area, we are setting up a 3d archery range at the Citta Scout Reservation and could use a hand.
  2. I guess I have to leave the 5mm home that day, I'll see what other toys might turn some heads.
  3. Yes, I am a retired Conservation Officer and I was there when the program was ended. So while I can't point to any website I can tell you I saw it firsthand!
  4. Does it really matter all the deputies are now gone, i.e. "a rose by any other name ...." Call it what you will they are all gone.
  5. I made that suggestion to the council members years ago but with out the double cost I asked to be able to buy a permit for any one regulation set that would be good in any zone in that reg set.
  6. The division may appoint Deputy Conservation Officers but they no longer have any appointed, I did not mean to say that the Chief struck down the law he just fired all the volunteers in the program.
  7. There are no more active Deputy Conservation Officers! end of discussion. They were volunteers and served along side of full time officers for over one hundred years until the Chief of Law Enforcement saw fit to end the program.
  8. I can't explain any further to you how wrong you are, as for the penalty it is $20 plus $20 court fees So go out this fall hunt turkeys over bait, let the CO know where you are and explain to him how the regulations don't apply to you, then please let me know you make out. One of us will be proven correct!
  9. It is illegal to feed bears thus it is illegal to hunt them over bait, but no one will enforce the law so do what you want.
  10. Nickmarch look up State v. Skipio and State v. Santomauro ,those two cases will explain to you why it is a mere preponderance of the evidence and not proof beyond a reasonable doubt for violations of Title 23.
  11. Why are you trying to make something so simple so complex? Do you want to hunt turkeys over bait? Or do you like wasting everyone involves time? I can tell you this if you hunt within 300'of a baited area for turkeys and you are caught the judge will find you guilty, no doubt in my mind he will explain to you the irrationalness of your argument.
  12. Believe me sir when I tell you that hunting within 300' of bait for turkeys is strict liability it is, just like speeding the officer does not have to show knowledgeable or purposeful intent to violate to secure a conviction for the violation.
  13. I must again point out that you are incorrect in your beliefs, see NJSA 23:4-12 below that refers to the game code as per legal methods of take for turkeys: 23:4-12. Hunting certain game, except in manner provided by Code or with gun or bow and arrow, unlawful; penalty No person, shall kill, destroy or injure, pursue with intent to kill or injure or in any manner attempt to take or injure, any anatidae commonly known as swans, geese, brant and river and sea ducks; rallidae, commonly known as rails, gallinules, coots and mud hens; limicolae, commonly known as shore birds, surf snipe or bay snipe, among them being yellowlegs plovers, willets, sandpipers, dowitchers or robin snipe, brown backs, curlews, turnstones or calico backs, godwits or marlin, tittlers and woodcocks; gallinae, commonly known as wild turkey, grouse, prairie chickens, pheasants, partridge and quails; or any hare commonly known as rabbit; gray, black or fox squirrels; or any other game bird or game animal, except in the manner prescribed by the provisions of the State Fish and Game Code, or, in the absence of such provision in said code, except in the manner usually known as hunting with a gun, the gun being not larger than ten gauge and held at arm's length and fired from the shoulder without rest, or by the use of long bow and arrow, provided, however, it shall be unlawful for any person while hunting any wild bird or animal to have both a firearm and a bow and arrow in his possession or under his control in the woods or fields or on the water, under a penalty of $20.00 for each offense. Now sir can that be any more clear to you. The fact that is a penalty makes it civil in nature and thus a mere preponderance of the evidence for burden of proof.
  14. Nickmarch, I don't know where you got your law degree, but go back and ask for a refund, because you don't know what you are talking about.
  15. " 19 hours ago, vdep217 said: As already said game code is law.. and must be adhered.. sounds like you are trying the right way to change it.. that has been game code since before baiting deer was legal exceptions were made for deer and bear not other game" The statute you are referring to only allows hunting over bait for deer NOT BEARS! Hunting bears from a tree over bait is still illegal as well as putting out bear bait, as that is feeding bears.
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