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  1. Here is a photo of my son with a banded Brant and it has a geotracker on it's leg. the best part of tat is he banded and placed the geotracker on that Brant while working as a wildlife tech for the division.
  2. Poor old Troy meadows is being overrun with phrag. it used to be a sea of cattails and rat houses the size of small beaver lodges
  3. tuny


    I took place in that Oct ober rimfire shoot it was nice to meet him and share my 5MM with the kids
  4. Send that pic to Browning it may make it into their advertising
  5. You might want to consider a double it can go both ways.
  6. You have to watch where you are over there because you can't go on the ATT property.
  7. Yes you can with a horse back riding permit on allowable WMAs
  8. Saw a big raft of brandt and some surf scoter yesterday in Great Bay yesterday
  9. tuny

    Fawn in estrous?

    Does bred early in the season will deliver early as well the following winter those doe fawns are now sometimes able to breed, and then have the last fawns born into late summer.
  10. Looks like the one I saw walking the edge of the GSP near Mp 81 I hope it's not him though.
  11. love catching those NY state browns
  12. I am looking for a goose flute let me know what you are willing to part with. PM me with details
  13. look at the side of the barrel it will tell you the length shell to use as well as the guns choke.
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