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  1. Try running seafoam with your fuel. Another suggestion is aircraft fuel it will last forever and has no ethanol.
  2. I would say based on current regs, not legal , but then neither were inline Muzzy when the first came out and copper slugs. the regs usually lag behind the technology advances by several years.
  3. I prefer the old three day course, but the new way is acceptable, I don't like the idea of a NRA class as you don't get the local state angle/explanation on many issues. I'm pushing to have classes held at the Citta Scout Reservation, we'll see how that goes.
  4. Make it an open season year round, that will be good deer management
  5. Keeping it simple. The lowly Bluegill on a cane pole , makes me feel like a kid again. Remember what I always told my boys , be a kid as long as you can and be a grownup when you have to!
  6. I have 2 spypoints, they have performed well, and they are relatively small and inexpensive. I believe they are currently on sale on the spypoint website.
  7. RIP my cousin Sgt. Raymond W Fritz KIA Vietnam 10/67, till we meet again.
  8. Love my eco , gets 26+ most of the time but on trips I've gotten over thirty MPG, and that is strictly stock.
  9. Contact Senator Chris Connors he is a hunter, I had his son in my H.E. class years ago.
  10. Nice to see military getting their own day, I'll be out there with my son.
  11. I'll see you tomorrow.
  12. PM sent, let's get this done
  13. tuny

    Duck decoys

    I sent you a PM no answer I would have taken them all.
  14. Maybe not but it beats looking at weeds.
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