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  1. Awesome! I bought the same one for my son 2 years ago. Good luck with it.
  2. I saw 8 deer this morning. Unfortunately it was at the bus stop and they were coming from the direction of my tree stand 😡
  3. My son takes lessons over Skype from a guy who used to work at Mr. Music. His name is Kevin Frey. Lessons are $20 per half hour. We have been using him since 2 weeks before "flatten the curve." If you want his info shoot me a PM. Kevin is a great guy and my son loves the lessons.
  4. I agree with this, but who the heck is voting for him? Even my libtard mother in-law hates him.
  5. We were out for an hour before it started to rain. I will not hunt in rain especially when the kid is using a 42 pound bow. We will try again around dinner time.
  6. Property and a wife that doesn't want you around.
  7. Good luck to everyone today. I think I lost a pint if blood to the mosquitoes waiting at the bus stop with my son.
  8. Nothing move by me except for mosquitoes.
  9. Good luck everyone. I will be out tomorrow afternoon to feed the mosquitoes.
  10. We hit both ranges today. I won't be able to move tomorrow. It was a great time and it was not very crowded. If you can make tomorrow I would go.
  11. I don't spend any money on hunting and fishing. I consider it an investment in my sanity. As for rising costs, everything is going up. It is the worst inflation in multiple decades and there are rolling shortages, especially of people who want to work.
  12. I will be there with my son and his friend. What time does it open up? Post above says noon but I wanted to confirm.
  13. We did that last spring! I am already booking a goose hunting trip which he knows about and we hit the The Hunt Preserve at least once a year for pheasant and chukar. I like the idea of booking a hunt instead of just buying him something. I am going to look into booking a spring turkey hunt since we have so much going on this fall and winter.
  14. Lots of great suggestions, unfortunately he has most of the gear mentioned since someone buys stuff for him all year round. I like the custom knife idea. He actually made a knife a couple of years ago at Uncle Hanks Knives outside of SMKW. I may actually get him a knife kit that we can make together.
  15. I live in Lebanon township on the muskie. Here's a couple of pics down steam from the change water bridge.
  16. We are going to the Rhinehart 100 this weekend. I see what target he likes. It will probably be the 3K Bigfoot target. This was last year at the Rhinehart 100.
  17. I like this idea. I have a couple of springers but a nice pcp airgun would be nice. Thanks.
  18. Both good ideas. I was thinking of getting him a saddle set up. The problem with the gift card is that I usually fudge the amount of money spent when I tell my wife 😁
  19. I am looking for gift ideas for my 11 year old son. His birthday is coming up in November and of course Christmas is shortly after. Here's a little background, he absolutely loves hunting, any kind although his preference is deer hunting with his bow, followed by waterfowl and upland bird hunting. He does not get much in terms of gifts from extended family so I rend to spoil the crap out him. As for price range, I am keeping in the range of reality, no gold plated AKs, but $500 for his birthday and same for Christmas.
  20. That is terrible. You are right, these attacks will only increase.
  21. I have a Hoyt Dorado if you are interested.
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