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  1. Two small does cruised by. Pretty quiet.
  2. Out in a tree with my son, zone 8.
  3. I went a month ago. I arrived at 4am and was done at 8:30am. This was Flemington DMV. Government efficiency at its best.
  4. Where are you located? I have a friend who may be interested.
  5. I don't mean to hijack the thread but I started my son with Barnett Lil Sioux bow. Get some better arrows with decent field tips so the arrows don't bounce off the target. I used to tape dollar bills or balloons to the target to make it fun. Not on the Rug, congrats on getting your daughter out.
  6. Jim Flynn in Glen Gardner usually has them.
  7. Great book. My son is 10 and read it last summer.
  8. Giving venison to people who do not hunt helps convert more people to our side even if they don't hunt. I am doing the same thing you are and I am giving venison to neighbors, friends and even my in-laws. My mother in-law just bought a chest freezer and she is expecting venison. I told her she could have a whole deer as long as I don't have to see her during the holidays.
  9. Thanks guys. I am real proud of him. He has been shooting a bow since he was four and practicing almost daily for the past year. The shot was far back but she was quartering away. In the end it was a quick kill and meat to fill the freezer. He could not be happier and I could not be prouder.
  10. Not a monster, but we are happy.
  11. My son just got his first archery harvest. Doe down pics to follow.
  12. One lone doe came in. Spooked before my son could get the shot.
  13. Anyone out? I am out in zone 8. In a tree with my son. Even the squirrels are still asleep.
  14. I just want my son to get his first archery harvest with his bow.
  15. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot. I will be out with my son.
  16. I soak it for a day in cold water then throw it in a pan with an onion and teriyaki sauce.
  17. I am an EEO hunter. I mostly use the crossbow but I have gone out with my recurve and longbow. Someone gave me a compound this year. Once I get it tune and the draw length adjusted I will use it as well.
  18. 5th time out with my son. Fat doe comes in with another doe and two fawns. Slowly the lead doe comes in to 2o yards. I told my son to wait until the deer is at 15. He gets ready to draw and my freaking neighbor starts blaring on an electric guitar spooking the deer. My son is crushed. I tell him it's early in the season you will get a deer.
  19. Jet sled with a healthy dose of cursing and complaining about being out of shape.
  20. I am out in zone 8. I did not dress warm enough. I saw one small deer. Squirrels are definitely hopped up on meth today.
  21. I have one, new in the box. I live in Washington. No cost, just shoot me a message with your name and phone.
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