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    Cooling Process...

    POOR MANS PIG ,heard about it , never had it but would give a try . Looks Good Roon
  2. What I find interesting is was prompted this investigation did MEMBERS feet cheated, who complained ?? Its a voluntarily membership if you feel they waste money or are fraudulent .. quit. Funny how the very same government that bailed out GM for mismanagement and CEO squandering didn't seem to want to shut them down . All propaganda and the more they try the more people see through their BS. Remember this though, don't get comfortable even if Trump does wins cause... the pendulum swings both ways and right now its being pulled back pretty far Peace
  3. Congrats , its a small single contribution.
  4. LIfe member for 18 years , RSO and instructor . I jumped on board with a similar deal. Yes they do harass you for a awhile but like already said that’s with any organization. While some may feel they don’t do enough in NJ just imagine where we’d be without the “little” they do .... Our state sucks we all know it and we’ve been out breed at the voting pole but if you want the rest of the country to go the way of the dinosaur keep thinking selfishly and short term. I know 90% of you will leave this state as I when you have an opportunity , do you want your next state you live in to be a mirror image of this narrow minded liberal cesspool ??? I think not , you probably waste more on coffee in a year, pull the trigger (no pun)
  5. Nanuk


    if ever anyone needs a go to salmon or just fish in general seasoning Chef Paul Prudommes Salmon is a balance between sweet and savory, that's what is n the Lake Trout
  6. Nanuk


    Here’s my finished product 1 is just smoked lake trout , 2 are fresh salmon (pinker flesh) and 2 are store bought salmon.
  7. Nanuk


    Looks Great Luny !!
  8. Like stated already do some research on U-Tube for flavor combo and cook small patty to check your flavors add as needed. 1 to 1 ratio is a must or it’ll be dry and crumbly. It’ll take some trial and error so have Fun .
  9. They use the public to finish up their R & D , only so much you can do in a test facility
  10. Sad news, I fished a couple of overnighters with him . Great Guy
  11. Nanuk

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry for your loss
  12. Nanuk


    Nice looking fish, I've made it several times and found a 3 to 1 ratio works, 1 cup Kosher to 3 Cups Light Brown Sugar with fresh dill and dill seasoning. Sandwich two fillets together wrap with saran tightly, place on a rack in cookie sheet and place another cookie sheet on top with some weight . before you place fish on the rack poke some holes in saran to allow moisture to drain .. i do 2-1/2 days on a 1-1/4" fillet turning midway through the time. if you wanna make Gravlox rinse off your cure and allow to dry . place in smoker as low as possible just enough to add flavor with no heat , you may need to add a baffle 1 hour should be sufficient .. I have some in frig now that i caught up in Lake Ontario last weekend . i'll post it up when im done Good Luck
  13. I've done both ways and never Tasted the difference, that being said i believe it is more visual ascetics.
  14. This is from 1992 , very sad that this huts everyone but its tolerated because they're afraid it'll escalate .... too late
  15. Nanuk


    Certain areas are targeted more i'm sure but I was in East NY yesterday and was in the twenties and first ave today , didn't see any evidence and seemed quiet. MEDIA loves the "Loop", theyll play the same shit all day
  16. Tatas Or Tires Both are gonna be trouble . 96 1500 Ram 130k traded, 01 Silverado 80 k traded , 05 Ram 2500 gaser 110 traded for current 11 RAm 1500 110 currently. least expensive per mile 2500 , Silverado was a turd always In dealers 1500 number one tranny at 41 k but then no issues. Current has been maintenance mostly and tow a lot.
  17. Check utube great advice and ideas for simple designs that will keep you from making mistakes and you'll be able to steal ideas and build it custom for your needs. i have a 6 x 10 x 4' high coop with a 8 x 8 run , i also free range when dogs are not running around . I had up to 12 birds and never had issues with crowding. PM if you need any suggestions Also cheap run ideas are Hoop Coop made with cattle fencing arranged in a dome shape . Good Luck & Happy Husbandry
  18. Nanuk

    Mom Passed

    My Condolences, Prayers Sent
  19. Nanuk

    New toy...

    Nice rig , Good Luck What made you chose the 28 ??
  20. Nanuk

    Jr's New Ride

    Lots Of Luck !!! Beautiful Truck .
  21. I built an 06’ on an old ADL platform. Installed it on a Hogue Full Aluminum pillar bedded stock, Timney Trigger and Luepold VX-6 4x 12x40 . I shoot 165 SSTs and have consistently taken whitail at ranges 150 - 240 yards in NC. Never had one run . 😏
  22. Of course it's A LEFTY , GLWS
  23. Show wasn’t bad , better Edison . Mixed bag of outfitters, I’ll never understand how those African Safari outfitters make money booths are always empty. Lots of tackle , bought new reel and some glass minnow teasers squid tubes with some hooks. Pretty good deals with mom and pop businesses, oh also bought grout call from the Gooseman , really nice Hand turned calls. Take the kidos not that bad .
  24. Going today , bringing the boys and their friend (newhunter ) I’m meeting a friend from work to BS . It has always been better then Edison but I will say hard to beat Harrisburg as far as manufacture’s booths . Go with an open mind beats sittin on the couch .
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