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  1. I noticed too, it seems unprecedented. Though a certain time of year I would notice lots of dead young coons, when I drove a truck. In that case, it's probably just juvenile dispersal...getting creamed while looking for a territory of their own...
  2. That was the entry. She also ran down and up a fairly steep cut.
  3. What a weird morning. I was expecting lots of action, with the brisk morning. Saw a distant doe early and then it got very quiet. So quiet I was gonna quit a half-hour early at 8:30. However, when that time came around a doe was in the weedy field behind me, so I figured I better stick it out til 9. Around 8:50, a big doe, two fawns, and 1yo doe were right in front of my stand, coming in for the bait. I drilled the big doe before she got there. Despite good shot placement, I had a heck of a time tracking. The small 4-blade Slick Tricks fly well but left a faint, drippy blood trail. She go
  4. Was out in Zone 14 this AM...three 1.5yo bucks, a button, and a doe that ran by unfortunately. 8-9AM is usually a good hour but may have been too warm already. Whatever, I "earned" ability to buck hunt with Saturday's doe.
  5. Hunted for the first time ever from a saddle Saturday PM. I got the Tethrd Phantom and am using the Artisan Fabrications platform for the Lone Wolf sticks. Question is do any of you keep lineman's belt attached as a safety backup to your bridge? I did because I'm still getting used to dangling from a rope 20+ feet up but it put extra stress (pinch) on the saddle, which diminished comfort some. Please advise.
  6. Congrats and looks big-bodied!
  7. Not curving in like that, may be much shorter than you think...
  8. Got those for my saddle setup.
  9. I didn't like my rope mods, didn't feel secure as the straps. To be honest though, it was my first year using climbing sticks and a lineman's belt...
  10. Read up some online too about troubleshooting, will report back...
  11. Anybody have problems with these? Yes, I know they're cheap. I followed the setup steps last Sunday; this Sunday all I had on the card were 7 pics of me setting it up! I couldn't get anything on the LCD screen, despite fresh batteries last week, when I set it up. When I held power button down, red light on (left of) cam face would stay on long as I held the button. What gives? This is a very basic cam but have no idea what went wrong...
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