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  1. Answers In Genesis has a host of fascinating videos on science and natural history from a biblical perspective. They also run the Creation Museum, which features a life-sized replica of Noah's Ark in Kentucky.
  2. If you really wanna zoom out, the biggest problem I see for our nation is T rump s Deal of the Century. If Israel is divided via that "deal" our country will be severely judged by God. Mock if you'd like but pay attention. Current events will seem like Child's Play.
  3. Voted for Trump last time but was a vote against HC. Not voting for him again and certainly not that goat Biden. Trump's relationship with Epstein was the nail in the coffin for me. Could care less what anybody on here thinks, my conscience will not allow it. The end.
  4. Been using my Barnett Penetrator for like 6 seasons now, serving shows signs of wear but that's it. Anyone ever have a crossbow string actually break, barring a dryfire? I think the recommendations are overkill, like cleaning a gun every time after firing. You restring the xbow yearly and you'll be paying for it many times over.
  5. broskis!!!
  6. I was walking in a grassland one time and heard all kinds of squeaking, only to find a Ribbon Snake chomping down a very young Meadow Vole.
  7. http://video.foxnews.com/v/6163886572001/
  8. It's a Black Racer. Do not try to handle it, they have a bite first, ask questions later type of disposition. Also known to do the rattle threat display with their whip-like tail.
  9. I guess they're taking a page out of the "Occupy Wall Street" book but on steroids...
  10. Instead, his fellow officer got suspended (black cop for excessive force) because the white cop didn't do his job and instead let himself become a punching bag. His inaction actually escalated the situation and he should get suspended too, for failure to fulfill duty.
  11. The white cop is an idiot for letting himself get punched twice and the black cop used excessive force. White cop should've used his training and dodged the punch, took her down, cuffed, the end. Amazing you guys cheer a big male cop knocking a woman out cold, when she could've been easily subdued. Now if this was a different scenario, like she was trying to kidnap someone's kid and the dad cracked her good, then I would say it was justified.
  12. Hit the outdoor Kearny Archery Range on Passaic Ave today, with some friends/fellow hunters from church. Sighted in my Wicked Ridge Ultralite crossbow and was able to practice with my Hoyt Powermax. I bought the Hoyt after the 2018-19 season but was unable to practice and use it during the 2019-2020 season because of an arm injury. I had to learn all over again how to use it, thanks to my friends for their help. Pretty cool 40 yard range right off of a main avenue, cars are literally driving behind you, as you shoot towards the Passaic River.
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