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  1. Last day of rutcation, Zone 2 for the morning, then Zone 14 for afternoon, if needed. Forgot my haul line had to climb up with crossbow hanging from harness!
  2. in the urban jungles of Zone 36? A friend photographed this old buck (at least 5.5yo) off Rt. 1&9 in Newark by the airport. These "Untouchables" can grow and die of old age.
  3. Dressed out to 165, estimated live weight 208 lbs.
  4. Job title is Miscellaneous Liquids Operator. I load/unload ships, barges, tanker railcars, and tanker trucks for a bulk-liquid storage facility in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ.
  5. Friend shot this 3.5yo around 345PM.
  6. I'm in Montgomery Twp., Zone 14. Been on my "rutcation" since 10/31. On 11/1, I saw 8 bucks cruising in the morning. This morning was the first chasing I've seen, since yearling bucks started chasing here pre-rut on 10/14...a full week earlier than my first pre-rut chases in Mendham last year on 10/21. Not coincidentally, there was a spike in roadkill around 10/14. 11/2-11/7 were quiet for me here. I'm on the "Drop Tine's" scrape line, something gotta give...
  7. In the 8-9 oclock hour (often my best activity), a nice 8 with a drop tine was chasing 10-12 does...he must've cleared out an entire bedding area!!!
  8. I should've been more specific...fallow fields, not food plots/crops.
  9. on field edges in NJ? By big I mean 3.5yo+.
  10. All my best days last year were windy days, immediately following the passage of a cold front...11/1, 11/3, 11/10, & 11/17.
  11. I don't understand how and why you don't have a dog lined up? We lost my liver shot buck riverside in the dark last Nov. Casey Florek's dog ran the exact bloodtrail...where we walked the night before to riverside. There was the dead buck in the other side of river with his antlers tangled in a downed tree. That probably spared him/me from the yotes! Get a tracker dude because with that blood that deer is dead and the dog will find it. Throw the tracker some cash to cover gas, tolls, and time too.
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