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  1. I hesitated a bit because pic from Sept but lean to 3.5 on the rack...
  2. Out in 14, three bucks (two 1.5yo sparring & cruising 2.5 yo) and around 10 flatheads...
  3. Heritage Guild, Branchburg...great service!
  4. Action EXPLODED around 8AM...17 deer barreled down into river bottom from field...bucks chasing...unfortunately a good number of them crossed river into state park 😬
  5. Bracket locks in nice with a hard pull down...sharp teeth. It's the Hawk straps that are crap...I put LW straps on.
  6. I have Hawks and LW...I now hate single step on the Wolfs...
  7. Out in Zone 14 will sit til 10ish...one deer in distance behind me in field...I'm along upland edge of swamp...
  8. Lotta action in 14 this morning, about 16 deer total so far including a big 8 around 10 minutes before legal and a 3.5yo 8pt at 100 yards around 7. Gonna take a break soon, set back up for 1:00...
  9. Only deer I saw from stand (Zone 14) was when I got busted pulling up my xbow at 110PM...doe with fawn and 2.5yo buck in tow. River is now 7 yards from my stand...should be 150 yards away. I'm in a mean pinch point as a result but gotta be on pins and needles the whole time now...
  10. What a bunch of cowards that choose not to!
  11. Are we no longer able to buy ammo online in this state?! I was just looking around and noticed a lot of vendors will not ship to NJ! What the heck is up with that???
  12. I saw umpfteen flatheads on Saturday, zero bucks. Sunday morning this 2.5yo buck was following a 1.5yo buck...I slugged him with my 220 at 60 yards...fell in his tracks and died! I thought he was bigger but don't regret taking the shot. I'm more concerned with getting a nice permit bow buck back here in NJ, so I don't have to eat tag soup again like fall bow! I don't go back to work til next Monday. I had a ton of fun hunting the hills, drove home today. Four out of six hunters had bucks by last night, when the biggest of the camp was taken...a 3.5yo 8pt that dressed out at 145 lbs. Mine turne
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