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  1. Not sure if you'll consider this an answer Haskell but for Mule Deer hunting. Longest shot will be what I am proficient at come that time.
  2. Hi guys. So I put in an order for the Savage 110 Classic from my local gun shop. Now what high-powered scope should I get for hunting out West? Suggestions from all price points please. I usually opt for something mid-priced that's comparable to top-notch...
  3. Thanks for all your help guys! I ordered a Savage 110 Classic from my local gun shop in 7MM REM MAG. Now which high-powered scope to get...
  4. I don't mind spending $ but I'm a big fan of stuff that is a hair below top of the line but much more reasonably priced...
  5. should I get the Savage 110 High Country OR the Trophy Hunter XP and why? Will get in .308.
  6. Gun hunt. Budget...not sure since I have no idea what the price range is? Not even sure at this point what kind of rifle and high-end scope would be required for the possible distances involved? Any outfitters let you borrow one? If not, how does one travel with a long arm?
  7. Michael Britt

    need prayers

    I live in Bayonne. Email me ([email protected]) your son's name, my fam will pray for him and I'll put in a prayer request for our Tuesday night praise and worship service at Cityline Church in JC.
  8. Truth be told, I think I've seen more Red Fox this season, than the rest of my 41 years combined. I literally been seeing them every time I go out...not just hunting but traveling to and from.
  9. Gents, Shooting a big Muley buck is a bucket list item for me. Any suggestions for which states/provinces (including Canada), reasonably priced experienced guides to consider, ease of obtaining an out of state license/tag? TIA!
  10. Would love to know what they dressed at?
  11. Prophecies are future events, subject to interpretation, and one's views on a particular prophecy doesn't determine their salvation. What does matter is if you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
  12. In Zone 9 this morning with the bazooka, I mean 10 gauge lol
  13. I live in Hudson, where at? Deer have largely dried up in Bayonne with all the new developments.
  14. I'm a born-again Christian, so here's the biblical perspective, according to my current understanding (Joel Richardson a good resource to check out). Iran is going to get crushed but by Turkey in a Sunni/Shia conflict, that revolves around who is going to lead the revived (final) Caliphate. The Caliphate (Ottoman Empire - Turks) was last defeated in WWI. Keep your eyes on Turkey as Erdogan steadily turns the country into a dictatorship and they roll into Libya, eventually invade Egypt, possibly Saudi Arabia, Greece/Cyprus?, the Balkans?, they will conquer Iran (Daniel 8), etc. It's the Ottoman Empire that is going to be revived, not the Roman Empire. The pope is leading the push towards the one world religion though. The final goal is of course Israel. The Muslims did not prevail in 1948, 1967, 1973, etc. This time they're going to come with millions of fighters from North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia (the Stan countries), even the Far East (Malaysia says they're ready for the call of Jihad) and Israel's nukes will be useless because they're not gonna nuke their own country. Once the next Dem gets in office, Israel will be on its own. Have you ever wondered how the tiny country of Germany caused so much death and destruction during WWII? Because they had supernatural evil on their side. Imagine millions and millions of Muslims hellbent on Jihad, with the powers of darkness behind them. The world is only going to get worse and worse before Jesus's return. That said, I can't wait to hunt tomorrow morning!
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