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  1. Imagine what would've happened if police were defunded and no police to respond!
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-jersey-police-officer-catches-1-month-old-baby-dropped-off-balcony
  3. It's my bday woo hoo...43 yo. Decided not to hunt this AM with warm temps. I literally got 120 mosquito bites on Tuesday when I went out!
  4. We started homeschooling this year, enough is enough!
  5. Awesome! My daughter will be 10 next season. Son is 19 went a few times and lost interest.
  6. Out in Zone 14, guys been getting activity starting 330ish...
  7. I got tomorrow off, will try the afternoon based on intelligence from trailcam. Wind perfect too, will be blowing back towards my access...
  8. My cousin calls fawns "milk-fed veal" 🤣
  9. I have a daughter, she'll be 9 in a few weeks. So much different than "Momma's boy sons" 🤣
  10. 2 seasons ago I barely got the safety harness off and the 1-piece Scentlok unzipped before my arse exploded 🤣
  11. I heard a single shotgun blast early in Somerset.
  12. Did not see a single deer! Cam shows family group after dark and afternoon at least. No bucks yet.
  13. 30 rounds is standard capacity, not large capacity.
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