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  1. Hmm...was in his core area. A really good hunter I know thought that shed was from a 5+ yo buck on his way downhill...
  2. He beds in a no hunting area. Those pics are after the first big snowstorm, right by my stand. Of course I wasn't there.😐
  3. Definitely 6 point genetics on the property. Found this shed hunting one year, looks like an old buck...equal mass throughout the shed. Friend's son found it by my oblivious foot 🤣
  4. Pre-season, August specifically, I was seeing some good bucks in a summer bachelor group. Those bucks seemed to have disappeared after late Sept. The only nice buck I saw during the season was this 3.5yo 6-point. In the pic here, he's missing a brow tine. I almost got him chasing a doe during the rut. The first time I tried to stop him he didn't hear me...the second time he did and stopped but with obstructions in the way, so I didn't shoot. He was so rutted up, I could smell him from 20 yards away and his stink lingered in the area. He had a small U-shaped range from what I could tell an
  5. The Butt Out Tool tears the anus too easily. Once a butcher suggested I stop cutting the pelvis, I stopped. He said you unnecessarily expose the hams to dirt, debris, etc. I do cut the sternum however, makes it easier to reach up, though I always wind up with little cuts or abrasions from the cut bone. Can't win 🤣
  6. We get mid-winter influxes, when waterways to the N freeze up.
  7. Check IMTT Bayonne online, someone in the Chem South lab just retired. They also serve as truck dispatchers within the terminal, besides testing samples.
  8. Bump up the exposure compensation next time to help mitigate low light.
  9. Jesus is the only effective vaccine to death.
  10. The new Savage 110 Classic got a crap wooden stock!
  11. I would shoot a big one, though have nothing against anyone shooting'em young to diminish those genes.
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