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  1. Looks great. I do in crock pot 10 hrs on low. Venison roast, carrots, potatoes, chopped onion, 1 big box organic beef stock, 1 little can of tomato paste, spices. Last hour, I stir in 3 beef gravy packets to tighten it up. Everyone loves it!
  2. In the urban parts of the state, you also wind up feeding the rats, opposums, raccoons, and skunks too!!!
  3. My 220 a tackdriver with them!
  4. Would be nice if an actual conservative Republican ran...moderates almost bad as Dems...not quite but almost...
  5. You mean "miseducate" our children.
  6. I got it, so now I can sight in and hunt with my muzzy this year woo hoo!!! A note to anyone that took the test, before it was combined into the new "firearms" test that covers shotguns and rifles. I had to do the ENTIRE hunting course online...EVERYTHING including 4 virtual field days. It took about 6 hours total. You can't skip ahead, there is a quiz after EVERY section and I had to take the test on EVERYTHING again...100 questions. I got a 99. I emailed my quiz/test results page to the state and they updated my profile, so that I could purchase a rifle permit. The only thing
  7. Mazzgolf said: "You think they aren't going to come after your deer rifle at some point in time? You are sorely mistaken." Yep...in their ignorance they call it a "sniper rifle."
  8. Q: Where is all this disarming of the public leading to eventually? A:
  9. The thing with libtards is they do not believe in their hearts that John is really Jan...they just wanna hear you say that John is really Jan cuz then they know you caved...
  10. Defund the police, let crime skyrocket, blame and disarm legal law-abiding gun owners, collapse nation into CommieLand...
  11. Another reason: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/de-blasio-nypd-harassed-video
  12. I guess the cure for discrimination is discrimination (against whites).
  13. Do you guys find that the pellets are no good after a period of time, due to moisture build up? Are certain ones more resistant to moisture? Have you had the same old box of a certain brand for years and they still go bang? Any special storage considerations? Thanks!
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