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Spring hatches


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I spent the day yesterday on the Black River near Hacklebarney SP doing some survey work. All afternoon I watched wild browns and stocked rainbows slashing at either the gray caddis that were coming off steadily or the few Quill Gordon mayflies that were also popping. There were also little black stoneflies (LBS) as well. Hard to tell if the slashy rise forms were to the caddis or the emerging mayflies, and instead of a fly rod, I had a survey rod in hand and couldn’t put in the time to figure it out. But always good to see them eating on top. 

Quill Gordons are fewer and fewer each year. It’s just a water quality issue. But that hatch comes off when water temperatures are below 50 and trout metabolism is such that they don’t often rise to them like they will in another week when the Hendricksons are all over. In fact, I would not be surprised to see Hendricksons hatching on Friday or Saturday. The best days of our hatches are right in front of us, so get out there and enjoy some time on the water. 

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