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  1. Just recently saw two in Sparta (Sussex Cty)
  2. I guess to each their own...I couldn't disagree more. The old 700 rifle had a FAR better trigger than the recent "x mark pro trigger ." Complete garbage . Jewel makes the best for benchrest competition, but for hunting....timney or triggertech are outstanding
  3. I will wait until those are not a necessity....
  4. I have three Remington 700....all have had their triggers replaced w Timney triggers. Huge improvement...literally shoot a 1/2 group improvement
  5. Nice. A good trigger makes a HUGE difference. What make trigger??
  6. I like light wind, 40-55 degrees, with lots of leaves on trees that have changed color.
  7. Dr. Sam Castimore in Augusta or Dr. Carol at The Highlands Vet in Sparta
  8. I know very little about crossbows and am not interested in hunting with one, but respect those who do. That being said, I hear of strings breaking on relatively new crossbows all the time. Is this very common? Poor quality, poor engineering, or user error?????!!! No way any weapon should break after taking 30 shots, no excuse for it. The company should be over night shipping a new string and paying for repair, if everything stated is factual.
  9. These regs constantly confuse me...................I have been fishing for them a long time and still get confused. Recreational, commercial, headboat, charter......then instead of length use terms like large school, etc
  10. Northern big game in oak ridge is very good
  11. He looks like he gained ALOT of weight in this picture......
  12. Thanks for posting. I find it very interesting and would love to observe the dogs work to find deer.
  13. black diamond icon headlamp & surefire fury flashlight
  14. Annual cape cod tuna trip....lots of fish. 9 of us fishing, 3 to a boat. Quiet first day. Fish to 350 Lb, as small as 50 lb. Other members of site will post their fish....
  15. I have not tried any of this new stuff. However, think nobody makes better
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