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    Mom and pop...

    That’s awesome! Appreciate every day they are here👍
  2. Upstate the rut is in seeking mode right now. Saw 5 bucks this weekend 3.5 plus pushing does out of every thicket. One which took a dirt nap.. a week ahead up north. October 25 through November 10th will be hot in northern zones of Jersey.
  3. I have 3 SPYPOINTs they have been flawless however I update the data every year. Customer service is second to none.
  4. Batteries make a big difference use Duracell
  5. Awesome hunt. You could have made the movie wrong turn with a few of those seems..
  6. I wouldn’t doubt that.. The less they get used the more they shrink. Then again who would touch his dirty deliverance ass..
  7. Saw a nice 10 this morning he was chasing himself in a circle with his mouth open. It went on for 10 min. No doe in sight.
  8. Hero’s Salute in Wayne made one for my friends dad.. We put it up by the Delaware where him and his dad always fished.. so sorry for your loss! I pray for your healing knowing that you spent all your time with him. Your a good son..
  9. Nope and Nope. shoot the doe and the others are considered dead up north with Yote populations.
  10. That would be the result of poor parenting..
  11. Seriously kids are on this site.
  12. Wheels tires look awesome! Moe is man. Must ride smooth like glass after that road force balance👍
  13. Great deal great battery!
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