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  1. Beautiful is not the word.. Just under 4 hours to get the farm.. Ponds, wetland, woods, and 2 soybean fields.. The drive is the kicker. Keeping people out is another. It’s mostly non buildable property. We have an extended offer out to the farmer for a lease unless he comes way down on the price or my buddy purchases to extend to his.. Use to be a dairy farm but that was finished in the 80s. My buddy hires a caretaker for his. He pays him 25k a year to post, trail cam it and patrol. He also gives him the right to farm and hunt it as he lives a few miles away. Kicked up several bucks, one in
  2. The price of dentistry went up in that area as well. It’s a sellers market right now. I would sell, problem is you would have to split with 50 people. nice pics👍
  3. It’s the 6.2 vette motor GM has used for years in the Denali’s. Naturally aspirated The motor cranks 506=420 as advertised to the rear wheels. The supercharger along with the exhaust and the performance air intake equal 700. Not sure if it’s at the wheels or the crank. I’m assuming being a truck it’s at the Crank. I haven’t got on it yet but with the new 10 speed trans it’s supposed to be faster than my Calloway.. Horse power numbers are way overrated these days. My last Denali had 560 HP and their wasent a truck on the road that could touch it.the 6.2 in its self is and animal..
  4. Retrax makes the covers for Hennessy and GM. 3,300 option. If it ever gets cut the vinyl still costs 1,200. Reviews rate poorly in snow and ice. Spent 400 on the Truxedo and looks great.
  5. I bought that one today! A store in stewartsville had one in stock.. Super easy installation and adjustable. The new ones have a really cool grain in them to match the leather in the truck.. Thanks for the recommendation..
  6. I Got the ultimate model with Hennessey package along with the the 22' Crome wheels, head up display, Heated and cooled from and rear seats, Ash wood /leather interior. Also opted for the intergrated GM floor mats that put weather teach to sham, 14 speaker bose system with entertainment system. The Supercharged model has 700 HP with cold air intake and electronically controlled suspension that adjusts to the millisecond. Also has an off road button that lifts the truck an additional 2 inches.. Oh I almost forgot. This one has the Carbon pro bed and frame is powered coated. It is 1 of 6 out in
  7. Better check your gas... You may not make it that far..
  8. Nikon or Leopold. Try a few at the store and out side of it if they allow... I have had a Nikon for 10 years, lost it last year and recently found it were I killed my last deer during permit gun last year. cleaned it up, new batteries and works like new.. Can't believe it. Either one you cant go wrong.. Their are many other brands that are better, (I don't know how) but for under 300 bucks either one will fit the bill for Archery or firearm.. Remember the days when Bob Folkrod use to turn the dial on his like a wind up camera, or Dan Fitzgerald putting out cotten balls w/doe in
  9. After a long wait and a long tractor trailer ride from Detroit. My 2020 Sierra Denali w/the Hennessey Package is home. Truck is crazy insane to say the least.. I have had bed covers on ever truck I have ever had and never liked any of them. I'm looking into a Truxedo. It must be a soft cover and not a fold up. This is very confusing.. Please let me know what you use on your ride. I'm hoping to have this truck for a while pending I don't wreck it like it did my 18. Also I want it to be easy to install myself..
  10. MPSR

    Controlling wifes

    Mikey Your wife rocks... She out with you scouting and busts your balls every step of the way.. Good woman right there!
  11. MPSR

    Controlling wifes

    Headed up state yesterday and today to look at a farm with a few buddies. Asked some others to come that have been laid off of work or who work flexible hours like me.. Wow, all the comments and messages were shocking. Here are just some that were heard. 1. Have to check with the wife. I went scouting 2 months ago, she may get mad... LOL! 2. She does not trust me. 3. You have to many things to fix around the house. 4. You have to clean the house, mow the grass, my family is coming. 5. I haven't spend time with my girl friends, why do you get to go.. A
  12. Awesome! Most important its with your father! Time stops for know one.
  13. At least you would have the most action you have ever had in the dark
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