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  1. did you get the green or is it still avail?
  2. Mathews Vertix for the air with Rage 100's 2 blade backed by bloodsports. Barnett Ghost 420 for the ground with Muzzy Hybrids back by Gold tip 500 pro-hunters.
  3. The topic is about buying a beater gun.. I had a Zoli, it was never shot so I sold it... I currently own a Diamond pigeon,Silver Pigeon, 686U and a SBE. These are all Elite sporting arms in the field.. I replaced the stock on my silver pigeon last year and it was half the cost of the gun. Nice to enjoy the hunt more than worrying about scratching the gun sometimes.. Thanks for all for the information.. For under 400 bucks I ordered the Tri-Star 28. 5 year unconditional warranty.. Never owned a 28 so fiqure try it.. I used to own a Stoeger and it was awesome! they just don't offer a 28.. I'll follow up during the season and give my review..
  4. Great bow. 470FPS is with Ultra light arrows and alloy inserts. Trigger does suck.. Try the following bows.. Great triggers and can be De-cocked as well. Ravin R20 Barnett Ghost 420 or Super Ghost 405. Mission archery by Mathews.. All have what your looking for and are all at different price points.. My buddy has the R20 and I have the Ghost.. Ghost is faster and Quieter, The Ravin has is more compact and much easier at repeating shots. As for the Mission's, they are just flat out simple and perfect,they are basically a Mathew's...
  5. Looking for opinions on anyone owning one.. Looking for a play-around 28 gauge, and if it scratches or drops so be it.. I looked at one the other day and could not believe how inexpensive they are..
  6. Pops exterior restoration still looking mint brother. Id park in LOT B with Lightning McQueen, Francesco Berrnoulli, and Fin McMissile... Lot A You'll be with Mater, Luigi, and Guido.. Your in the WRONG section!
  7. Ask a body shop owner who to use - Theirs your answer.. /seriously.. Their answer is not GEICO.. GEICO uses all aftermarket parts in replacement when damage done to your vehicle its in their disclosure. Ive used NJM since I was 18 2 new vehicles an 08 vehicle and a new quad under the policy and if something happens they replace 100% with OEM parts including the shop of your choice..
  8. Moose - I have hunted before but not yet successful Hunting VT but ate it several times.. Simply amazing.. Beef/lamb then venison....
  9. MPSR

    Proud of my baby

    Beauty! Great Car and sporty looking! Best of Luck! Love having kids.. You came in with your horse, she drove out the Porsche.. Thats whats it all about brother! What a great dad and proud one...
  10. 2 of my wheels on my Calloway Denail met up with the Dunkin donuts drive through in Newton today. Really? FN wide enough to barely fit a smart car through. Anyway they are rashed up good and as they are 22inch GM They are crazy for what a replacement cost. Never mind 2. Their excuse is they are designed by chip Fus or Fuz... To me just get a duplicate from Amercian racing and call it a day.. Any suggestions appreciated.. Called insurance and sure they will replace, however the count it against you as a collision... What a crock o shit.
  11. My personal recs would be a field and stream model or the Hobie mirage.. The Hobie is a rocket with the paddle padels and super sturdy.. Field and stream models get my all around vote hands down.. I have both and love them.. both the Hobie and the field and stream models are stable enough I tried to tip them in a local pond and could not.. I had 2 pelican's. First set had tiny cracks on the seams.. Water came in drops.. couldn't find until I filled up with a hose. Brought them back again got my money back as their was bulletin out due to a manufactures defect.. The both above are expensive, but for personel watercraft you pay for what you get.. FYI Dicks carries the field and stream's and at around 500 you can get kayak and paddles.. The Hobie is up their, however you have foot paddles which move you across the water.. You also sit higher in the Hobie which is better for fly fishing.. Good Luck
  12. Better get that smoker going. put an extra roast on for me
  13. My Friend has a 17 SRT.. I had a detailed discussion about your questions 1. 34,518 miles 2. Replace left ball joint front rotors under warrenty.. No issues.. 3. Just put new tires as originals had 0 tread left.. 4. He likes everything except its not a all weather jeep! The ride is very stiff materials seem cheap.. Here are some states.. It will do the 1/4 in 11 flat.. top speed is 158 governed It is a tad slower that my Calloway Denali. from 0-60 other than that the Denali has it on the HWY.. It corners like its on rails however it gives up the ride.. Either way your best bet is to lease or purchase one new as folks beat the shit out of these.... Good luck with your purchase...
  14. Michael.. ABU beast... Common you know better
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