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  1. Some are Belgium some are not. Either way not a Beretta..
  2. I have lots of new stuff still with Tag's. My boys are growing so fast. my 12 year old is already 5'5. Last years Padagonia's don't fit him anymore.
  3. I’d have to change my underwear first then they can change my tire
  4. Ask my brother LPJR he can guide you on the chevelle
  5. I’m sure Barney gets a good rising sun with Wilma in the morning...
  6. Brownings are good O/U. In the O/U world nothing competes with Italy.
  7. Last year sucked.. people more interested in saving a hook or spinner than to nicely handle trout in a plastic net and release.. Catch and release before the season kills at least 30% if not more..
  8. Coopers suck! They’ll be bought by someone soon after this. Big loss for them. Problem with Coopers is they get there “raw” materials from so many places. It’s like walking into Newark to by wheels. One set good, one sets bad.....
  9. She pays that much to have her butthole waxed..
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