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  1. MPSR

    Mathews Triax

    Looking for some feedback on this bow, pro's and con's. I own 2 mathews, and love them.. Shot this bow and can say smooth and quite in an understatement. I've heard of some headaches when it comes to tuning, and Mathews never turned heads in the speed section so am interested in thoughts on folks that have them. It's a new Mathews or Elite. Both are hard to beat.
  2. POLARIS rules the ATV 4X4 segment. Thats machine it pure awesome! Great deal for anyone looking for a monster 4x4.. I've owned a 700 1,000 and 850. They machine rule . I had a 2007 700 HO with plow and winch got 6,500 for it last year. My new 850 XP H.O. was 12K so that machine is a steal. Good luck with sale
  3. MPSR

    Truck Question

    I purchased earlier this year a 2018 GMC Denali Ultimate Edition and love it!!. It has the sc560 Calloway package which includes the supercharger.. I have 2 years of free synthetic oil changes which to what the dealer is saying 10,000 mile intervals. I bring it in the dealership for its third oil change with now is at 15,000 miles and dealer states wasting oil changes and NOT recommended by GM. Ive always been a stickler to oil changes and since I can remember it always been 5K for oil if synthetic and 5 for tire rotations. I use my truck alot off road hunting and fishing and it seems at 5 k the oil starts to get dark. at a price point of 75+K it seems 50 bucks for a fresh 6 quarts of blood is a no brainer. Just seeing what you other truck owners do as all the manufactures have been so competitive and are going much longer service intervals...
  4. We can go to the Greeks afterwards...
  5. Me + 1 unless we get a deer.
  6. MPSR

    Chest Wader Advice

    Either way you look atSimmes are one of the best.. Customer service is great as well.. I have had my pair 10 years going strong.. You can also look at Cabela's if your trying to keep cost down..
  7. Any folks hunt this area during 6 day? Any luck...? Ive see 2 giants taken out of that WMA this week on boarding hunters. I have not seen much pressure and am hunting it doe day.
  8. Looking to by a model from 94 or older. High gloss vent rib 20 gauge with chokes.. Gun must be in mint condition. These models where known as the Wingmaster. They had the scroll on the stock with duck on stock plate... If anyone has one and is looking to part please let me know. I own the 12 and 11/87 premiere of that error current have recently sent them out have them refinished top to bottom. In my opinion these were the best error of the 870 and Remington has slowly gone down hill in quality ever since. Please let me know as I'm looking for my son.
  9. MPSR

    Target buck down

    Good buck! Shotgun or bow?
  10. MPSR

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    Good buck! After trying to kill him with the car you connected with the 220 Very much earned..
  11. I like Dick's the big one in Rockaway usually has some good deals if you look in the flyers
  12. It amazes me how mature bucks become nocturnal and go from bait pile to bait pile.. I had some slammers in my yard just before dark. Then a friend of mine has them on his bait pile. I spoke to someone else today who lives about 2 miles away and enjoys watching the deer and she shows me pics of the same dam bucks in her yard.. Was shocked in the distance they go... Remember the days of using the string trail timers or picking up a good deer run knowing sooner or later they will be through?
  13. What is everyone's favorite slug gun out there..? So many guns that shoot great including the old 870's and Deer Slayers. Since Savage has made a huge hit with the 220 it will be interesting what the feedback will be. I own an 870, Browning Deer hunter gold, and a Savage 22o.. All great guns but the winner for me goes to the Deer Hunter Gold 20Gauge.
  14. Sorry for your loss and prayers sent to your family....
  15. MPSR

    Zone 4 old mine road

    Awesome buck..! I had a shot at a slammer yesterday but is was crossing the road.. The buck was missed by another hunter on the mountain.. There are some 150 + class bucks in Walpack.