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  1. MPSR

    Reel Advice

    I have been a reel collector for years, with over 70 to date their are 4 leaders in the fishing reel arena, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Pflueger, and Diawa. Shmiano and Abu Garcia on the high ends are the leaders.... Knowone can touch a Stella or a Sustain for Shimano and Garcia's New Pro Max is close competitor to the stradic. I own several Pflueger Presidents and dollar for dollar they getthe handshake .Smooth reliable and under 100 bucks.. Awesome reels.. If you are look for one step above go Stradic. All depends on what you like..
  2. My buddy has 2018 Denali 2500 HD.. He traded is 2016 F350 super duty for it and loves it! Trailers a 15,000 lb trailer without an issue..
  3. What Zone? Turkey are 1 per square mile in Zone 2. Yotes do a number on them..
  4. I hunt the same piece of state property under special permit each year.. This year I missed a shot a 150 class which looked to be a 10 or 11 as I forgot to put my barrel condom on during the rain... Year after year big bucks yard up with the does in this huge cedar thicket facing the sun and I find a few big sheds each year. I go out before the storm and i jumped 7 deer including the chocolate horned big one I missed along with another big 8.. I am amazed on how such a heavy rack these bucks are carrying so long.. If I'm lucky enough to find his sheds this year I'll post them but they still look solid as he jumped the creek. It will soon be march.. Well hopefully this last storm with make his horimone level drop and he will drop the dame things.. Ive seen bucks with antlers in March but usually skippers.. Whats your thoughts?
  5. MPSR

    22 LR Rifle

    funny you mention that.. I noticed a hairline crack bottom of stock. Called them today and sending a new bottom half free of charge.. I registered the gun with them for the warrenty. Super nice people.. No charge on anything.. Crazy good service. Thumbs up to a great American family owned company...
  6. I had both done from a treestand fall including a full and partial ACL tear.. 3 weeks depending on the size of the tear.. first week is very important.. You reopen the injury you'll be back in wishing you didn't rush it. All in all if you have a good DR 3 weeks and all good again...
  7. A turkey dies with 1 single pellet to the head... 410 you have to be close. real close. 20 gauge works awesome. from their, its a big bird with a big head. high velocity 20's 12's and 10's all shot around the same. its the payload behind it.. Again if you have 10 pellets hit the target in the head at 40 yards doesn't matter what you use.
  8. I'm a flashlight junky.. Technology has come a long was so hear are my thoughts.. I have 4 streamlights 3 surefires and this year I bought an Aidisun.. Well they are all great but the Aidisun will blow them both away. First their half the cost. 2nd they have 3 modes for brightness.. 3rd I lost mine this year as I left it on my ATV heading out of the woods.. A friend of mine and myself both ran it over with our Sportsmens 5 of 6 times and found it the next day. It was all banged up but works perfect. And if you want something to light up the woods like daytime on mode 3 this thing is sick. Buy one and send your feedback. Amazon has them for 25 bucks and up...
  9. Bird hunting this am... flushed 3 timber doodles.. no pheasant..
  10. Wow thats crazy.. I swtiched last year from my 220 from the accutips to the federals.. Killed the deer with accutips but most went through both sides of the boiler room. The federals seem to stay in the deer and expand rapidly. When you open the deer it seems like Jelly inside. Its whatever works for you..
  11. MPSR

    22 LR Rifle

    I got a Henry for Christmas this year.. First one.. Not a lever action fan but its accurate and built like a Rock.. I heard their service is hard to beat.. Shoot CCI Stingers out of it and its a bad ass weapon.
  12. One of the best of the best.. I met him while I was in Vermont.. Great Guy... RIP
  13. Thats awesome! Glad she didnt slip in the hole... Would have been great if she hooked one... Nice pick
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