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  1. Roy Bridge has been loaded with Birds by the bridge. I got my 2 birds Monday morning, then went trout fishing.. A gentlemen came in with his friend and shot 4 more within the hour.. Off course all over dogs.. But the Roy is the hotspot for sure if you want to see plenty of birds.
  2. Good morning for sure managed 2 hens by the suicide flats if you know where that is.. Not many cars... I saw one guy shoot 2 squirrels out of a tree at first shooting.. He said they all taste good in the "pot" I would have to agree.
  3. Sport dog... Father still uses that same one from dogs that has passed.. All labs/water dogs
  4. Zone 2 4-1 Zone 67 1-10 Zone 1 3-1 Zone 4 3-1
  5. Redtail, Catbird, Gaus Hawk.. Winner winner chicken dinner
  6. Love that gun! Have one in 20 and its amazing gun.. No different than any other Savage/Stevens.. For the money I would run that gun with my silver pigeon.. Nice looking out..
  7. Thanks Bucksnbows! Makes sense. I ordered a bunch of midges from Orvis on Friday. Thanks!
  8. Well after about 200 rounds 10 birds and three woodcocks, here's my last update.. Good performer, however the trigger and safety are getting loose.. So good gun to knock around with but don't think it will go the extra miles. Trading in tomorrow for a CZ. As for the 28 gauge, over a dog great, some of the further birds were a challenge.
  9. So be having good success the last few weeks up until the colder weather hit.. After birds hunting today I threw everything but the kitchen sink at them.. Nothing, only a few chases on the trout magnets.. Any suggestions.. ? Same thing last year they hit then shut down.. And O their are a LOT of fish still in the pools..
  10. Went out today in the rain with the dog.. managed 2 hens and another woodcock... 3 flushes all together for an hour of hunting.. Birds everywhere this year at the Flatbrook Roy bridge.
  11. MPSR

    Giving up Cams

    All my biggest bucks were never seen on camera.. Either cruising looking for does or being pushed by another hunter.. Sometimes the camera presents the white elephant which is never seen again or taken a mile away. 2 of the biggest bucks I've seen were on camera on state land in Walpack.. Hunted them and became nocturnal once the army of bird hunters set in.. These bucks were in the 50 - 60 class. Camera's are great for hunting smaller lots but big woods bucks have a much larger range and completely different animal in my opinion
  12. I saw 3 tonight hunting in HighPoint. Can't believe they are out in numbers..
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