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  1. Was this your back yard or another part of Bedrock...?
  2. If it’s cleaned and prepped well, Beaver is always my favorite meal...
  3. I live in a camper so I prefer the campfire grill...
  4. And you shot him with the best shotgun made! Sweet!
  5. What about the Red Breasted Sap Sucker
  6. Time to get the Motorcycles on the road....
  7. I'm in and staying in... Pulling in and out can be risky.........
  8. Very Proud of my amazing organization today in sending 1.5 Million in supplies, and another 350k to the 500 employees we have in India to help with there families, and extended families they have that are over there.. As we are a Global organization this effects everyone.... So many selfish people in this world that only care about themselves.. Karma's a bitch....
  9. Rock Star hunt for sure!! That 300 Ultra Mag is tough to beat on big game! How many times did you change your diaper.. Most remember when Fred Bear Killed a Kodiak a 5 yards with the long bow... I don't think they had diapers then...LOL..
  10. Anyone remember every which way with Wilma?
  11. Put those tires and wheels on Facebook marketplace, they’ll sell in a week👍
  12. Been 3 weeks without sugar.. Went Keto. Down 7 pounds and glucose levels improving quickly. Keeping the walks up with the dog at night @ 2 miles. Exercise in the bedroom has been very active as well so heading down the right path...
  13. Sharp looking wheels there
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