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  1. MPSR

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent..
  2. MPSR

    My Tahoe is done!

    I just bought a Calloway addition Sierra Denali.. king of trucks. However can’t go wrong any from the above mentioned.
  3. MPSR

    Poacher Caught !!!

    I heard the guy made a statement that if you saw how big the buck was you would be hunting here too.. what an idiot..
  4. MPSR

    Cool picture captured on trail cam

    Looks like a Cooper’s hawk. I saw a pheasant get knock out of mid air by one.. devastating little hawk.
  5. Savage 10ML 2. White Hots 200 grains of powder. shockwave 250 grain Zeiss 2-10|50 mm 30 ml tube. W/tally mounts
  6. I can attest this story is true and authentic. As his little brother he told me this every time we went out in the woods especially as it got dark.. Farm house still is In Place as well... lot of legends in the woods of Walpack. Bigfoot is also amoung one of them 2 this day still have sightings.
  7. MPSR

    Savage over and unders

    Anyone own one of the new Savage Over and Unders..? I own a 220 and a 270wsm from their custom shop. My 220 outshoots my buddies Tarhunt and my custom shop gun outshoots my Kimber.. Have to say Savage has come a long way. was looking at the New Over and Over the other day and was blown away at the quality.. Any feedback would be helpful as looking to purchase one..
  8. MPSR

    10/13/18 afternoon check in

    Any good bucks on cam in Walpack.. I’ve had some giants this year...
  9. MPSR

    Cow butcher

    Franks Venison Processing
  10. MPSR

    Walleye fishing LAKE HOPATCONG

    I’d follow ASFTX.. they usually get it done.. He can give you some deer hunting pointers as well without breaking a sweat.
  11. MPSR

    What's up with this doe?

    Early rut took a beating on her
  12. MPSR

    Favorite deer knife / steel type.

    Love my benchmades..