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  1. Great deal great battery!
  2. There are some really amazing woman out there… People choose that partner. Some choose to stay, some choose to leave. Lot of miserable angry married people in this world. My Partner is respectful, loving, smart, caring and involved with my family..I couldn’t be happier, and we are best friends on top of it..Very important when choosing a partner… And Bi-Polar is a serious mental disorder that should not be joked about.. Some people can’t help what their Genetic origin can bring them.
  3. Purchasing 2 for Jersey and 2 for my property upstate this week. Looking for something easy to set up and great quality.. Talking to a bunch of guys I hunt with tonight said build your own.. way thinking that as well. However the keep up is tough for safety. Let me know what’s hot and what’s not.
  4. 3 went 4 never bought tickets 6 went up to the Inn.. It was great they have a stage outside and weekly bands…I only lost 2 tickets at 25 bucks each..
  5. Ate 2 tickets and went to the Walpack INN instead. Once tickets went up the cheap people bailed. Took the bikes with a few up to the inn. Great day for it.. Band as well.
  6. MPSR

    Can't make this UP...

    Why did you take a pic of your car parked?
  7. 13 of us going Saturday. Going to be a great bash!
  8. Yea buddy.. Nice. All I use are Carlsons chokes for ducks and deer. There is no way it’s throwing 18 OO pellets into a Pie plate at 80 yards.. It’s a great combo for sure
  9. Nickel Plated was great.. Copper is better than lead. Key to any shotgun round is to pattern. Different brands, different ranges. My dads old Berretta Silver Pigeon Pump shoots 2/3/4. 9 pellet Express 00 buck. At 60yards all 9 pellets in a Pie plate.. My Super Black Eagle nor my 935 can do that.
  10. https://blog.thegunsandgearstore.com/shotgun-slugs-20-gauge-vs-12-gauge-part-2/
  11. Congrats jay! He’s as perfect as your mounts👍
  12. When you have both guns with same load ballistics don’t lie
  13. Nope it flys it dies, then goes into the BOX.
  14. They should do this with real spent shells on the pheasant grounds. Fields are a mess by end of the season. I wish they’d make it a rule to pick up your spent shells.
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