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  1. I saw a buck in my yard tonight chasing a doe.. The crazy part is the buck lost his rack🤪 hows that for strange!
  2. Beauty right there ! I got my hands on one 4 years ago at the gun show in Matamoras PA.. It did not come with a scope.. I literally stole it.. 1773 were distributed, 2065 were made.. I would not part with it...
  3. For the money I love my Nikon Monarchs's. Take a betting and are edge to edge perfect.. They also fell from a tree twice.. My Swarovski SLC 10x42 are hands down the best glass I have ever looked through. I only use them for glassing fields in the fall or the range.. Very over priced unless you get a Cabelas gift card..
  4. Relax. I have 3 savage custom shop guns... I have had stock issues.. Call them they will replace no question asked and use a different sender..
  5. MPSR

    And this...

    That horrible.. You should be banned from the site..
  6. Good buck! She made a nice shot as well..
  7. Ive been on Keto for 6 weeks.. Skip breakfast, eat hi protein lo carb lunch.. Then lots of veggies, fish etc.. Snack at night fat bomb, or protein fat, no sugar.. Trying get off type 2 meds for good.. Just got over my 3rd round of Lyme, so I'm saving my health, heart, vision and overall.. Coffee in the morning or an ensure and good to go.. Down 12 pounds 6 weeks.
  8. Looking for sheds this afternoon!
  9. Nice dog and nice looking shed..! The longer they sit the whiter and chewed up they get.. Hoping to get on these within the next week and spend 2 solid days looking..! 'like I said earlier. one day he had them next day he didn't. They must be somewhere near his bedding area.. I hope..
  10. I have a smith air weight in 38 special and takes + P. Can’t get any lighter than that. They make a lady air weight that has slightly smaller configurations. Accurate to 20 yards.
  11. I’ll take it if payment not received.. great deal
  12. All deer left the watershed..
  13. Yep plenty of antler chews! Excited today he found a 1/2 rack 8 point about 200 yards from my house tonight.. I have 4 bucks coming in the yard each night 1 still full rack.. Hoping to find the big boy next week. Racks bring light in color now w/snow hard to find. This one was in a bed👍. Great advise Michael👍👍
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