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  1. Yep take's one to know one.. Hey porn hub has 2 months free. Take your lonely ass over there and make some use of your time...
  2. Yep Smart.. My company has an office in every state of the union... Its been quite across the country. So many folks out there think this is overrated. This will end up killing more Americans than anything in this nations history... Just remember we are 2-3 days behind the "actual" numbers of Covid-19 deaths, and cases..
  3. Titles are like ASSHOLES... Everyone has one...! I think this is a dumb ass topic.....
  4. It was another shit show today.. Guys kicking fish off the shore with there boots, more fish floating and death rolling on bottom. This state alway's keep's getting better and better! I saw a crowed circling one hole today and they were more like 6 inches apart.. This weekend is putting a huge death toll on the trout. Couldn't believe the amount of PA and NY plates again.. The majority of fisherman do not know how to release a fish, never mind a trout.. They just should have started the season and did a split creel limit until 4/11. That's about the mortality rate so far.
  5. Nice Vito! Fished up North early am today.. Hammered them on 1/24 oz holographic panther martin. 1 big fish close 2-3 pounds, and a native brookie.. Fished solo so no picks.. Spoke to a real nice young fisherman today that just got his drivers license.. We were talking about how he was bending the barbs back not to injure the fish as he saw me with a rubber net.. Smart young gentleman to say the least.. To keep or social distancing i yelled to him as he crossed the bridge to his truck. I told him nice meeting him and I left him 2 new Panther Martins on the hood of his truck for being such a responsible fisherman.. . I did see a few bows swimming the death role after a few scumbags left one spot. Some people just don't give a shit.. Even left their salmon egg container sunken in the water and 2 beer bottles. Wish I got a plate number but instead slipped and fell while grabbing there trash with my net.. When my brother and I were growing up my father always made us check several times to make sure we didn't leave anything behind.. When you grow up being taught shit most become shit..
  6. No Ozone anything can kill a virus like COVID-19. I had some idiot the other day leave a flyer in my mail box. They want to come by and spray the outside of your car and house with a sanitizing solution $399 Special. What a CROCK-O-SHIT. It's going to go public once they realize this virus is very airborne.. What this means is wear your masks,gloves, and sanitize everything when you are out. After the urinal sanitize your family jewels as well..The feeling is refreshing to say the least!
  7. He has the dates wrong its catch and release only..
  8. Yep, Can't wait to see the assholes filling there coolers in the cars and going back to 2nd's and third limits before the actual opener.. To me this is a great time to catch a ton and fish and for the kids to have fun.. I'm sure most of them will be lip less by the keeper opener... For those that are catching fish since their will be close to 500,000 in the streams/ponds this week please name location, geo markers, name of stream with picture please ...
  9. Catch and release starts April 1st to all waters.. April 10 will start the 8 am. At this point you may keep the fish. 530,000 trout will be released prior to April 10. 400,000 released already, 130,000 trout still left to release. 40,000 will remain in the hatchery and will be released at a later date. That's the latest..
  10. Child support and alimony never stop.. Mortgage should never go unpaid.. You stop paying the first 2 and loose the rest anyway.. For those who have 401k's vested don't pull until you need to practice safe. For those of those who use credit cards for work expenses and such, creditors are dropping rates fast.. Call today. I had 3 cards go from 9.9 to 6.0 fixed. I pay them off each month but when we are out of this time those offers wont be here... We are in tough situations during these times. Also watch hackers during this time.. Stay clear of using multiple cards or bank accounts. Use one and follow it..
  11. Crazy still holding... I have seen some in April but rare to see any decent racks now.. I found most of my sheds a month following gun week in Sussex County.. One set was huge.. What zone they still holding in Pathman..?
  12. He sucks, NO question about that! Problem we face is that is if 5,000 people want him out, only 1,000 will vote.. It takes every gun owner and sportsmen out in the state of NJ to make this possible.. Its unfortunate but the Anti's out number us, not in numbers but in votes... Let this be heard CLEARLY.. You cannot win a war without a plan, and a plan consists of team work.
  13. Mike - If Merit doesn't come up quick go with Imperial Whitetail Clover from Whitetail Institute.. I'm laying down a 1/2 Acre on a field edge tomorrow then rolling over will a till attached to the quad.. This seems to be the most drought resistant and grows the quickest.. I had a sample soil test done and was surprised how none nutrient the soil was when test came back.. I added what they recommended and soil should be good now. I'll call you on Monday to discuss.
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