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  1. Seen a giant this year on that trail hiking. I’ll be their sometime this week..
  2. Lol! He’s nice and cozy where he is.. He went nocturnal on cam since 11/18.. hoping his daddy shows up Monday..👍
  3. Thanks my buddy said the same thing.. Thanks....
  4. Go to the same spot tomorrow, you may have better luck..
  5. I have had passed this buck a few different times this year.. I put a mineral site up on a private piece I hunt and he just starting showing up again. I'm thinking he is 2.5 with good genetics. What's your thoughts.. I have his sheds from last year and is half of what he is now.. This is the best pic I have of him. Most recent pics on my spypoint are mostly running,
  6. Ha! They are free to someone who needs them or gun shoots them and needs for Monday. I have 30 and willing to part with 15. Located in Sussex County. PM me if interested.. Hunters helping hunters.. Tis the season for giving... We are in this together...
  7. I have a saddle hanging but it’s use is for another activity.
  8. Browning Gold 20 with federal trophy bonded for open woods... Benelli SBE with 3inch 000 for the thick swamp. Savage 220. For open fields with the pod. My browning is my choice with slugs Problem with Buckshot is a week before the season people walk up and ask for a size and shoot it out of their bird gun without mastering the Pattern. Then on opening day you here the 3 shots go off and wounded deer everywhere.. Pattern those guns boys..! At least with a slug the chance of loosing a deer is slim with the power behind the new rounds.......
  9. Same spot 30 years. 22 good bucks taken and Dinkers passed. I love tradition. I’d rather see nothing than do otherwise.. this I do Mon/Tuesday and Saturday. Rest of week it’s zone 1 and 4 for me.
  10. All depends on where you hunt.. Deer I hunt in the state parks of zone 1 and 3 are different animals then the deer in zone 2. The two parks that connect along with state and federal land are 60k acres. A deer you see today may never be seen again. Once you find a bucks core area and even in the rut it becomes a game of chess, however a mature animal in my opinion wherever you hunt is a challenge.
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