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  1. My Friend has a 17 SRT.. I had a detailed discussion about your questions 1. 34,518 miles 2. Replace left ball joint front rotors under warrenty.. No issues.. 3. Just put new tires as originals had 0 tread left.. 4. He likes everything except its not a all weather jeep! The ride is very stiff materials seem cheap.. Here are some states.. It will do the 1/4 in 11 flat.. top speed is 158 governed It is a tad slower that my Calloway Denali. from 0-60 other than that the Denali has it on the HWY.. It corners like its on rails however it gives up the ride.. Either way your best bet is to lease or purchase one new as folks beat the shit out of these.... Good luck with your purchase...
  2. Michael.. ABU beast... Common you know better
  3. better yet.. Stick it up his ass and give him a colonoscopy.. If it does to his Ass as your table he will be nice and clean.. worth a shot
  4. I bought this pressure washer today. Works great for all around chores. Quads and deck. I have at 10 hourse 9,500 psi honda washer. Well it will split bolders in half and clean the second story of the house welll, Thats all is good for. Very dangerous, when you can saw through an 8 inch tree like a lazer think of what it would do to your foot.. Great again for big homes and long reaches other than that I'll use it blow the squirrels out of the eves of the house. It also like it eat shitty B&S engines.. My friends father passed away and got it for 200 bucks. the tags were 899.00 from honda of route 10. Again made for the commercial guy not me This little bitch is perfect quit and if it lasts 2 years you throw out and by another. Harbor is the place for home owners tools... Pro's go to depot and such stores. I bought a V twin powered cub cadet.. Went to Bassani Power.. Cant beat Koeller Motors..
  5. Biggest bird I ever killed was 23lb 12oz 1/3/8 spurs 10 1/4 beard.. Killed the bird at 57 yards years ago with Remington Nitro Mag #6 2/3/4.. DEAD FLAT. Counted 9 pellets in the head/neck Its a turkey one pellet in the brain and its dead. The new loads are overkill.. choke tubes are the secret. Get a few loads and pattern.. Which ever is best at 40 will kill them at 50 or at 10.. I would go with density over payload... Remember its not the size its how its used...
  6. Reading these are great.. Dodge,Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevy. All these companies make great trucks. Some better lines then others, some more reliable then others. A guy with a Ram may have no issues for 20oK and someone else may have the same truck and everytime the trucks in for an oil change it needs brakes, rotors, tied rod ends, leaking rear..] Personally its all preference.. I've owned a Dodge Ram, nice looking truck, for everything else, 2 transmissions, a rear end and 2 tied rods before 50K. Big problem. Dodge made good and got me into another truck.. That time I went with a Dakota with the 5.2 318. Truck was awesome. Only issue was a new steering box at 165K.. I traded it in and bought a new Tundra with the TRD package... I had that truck for 5 years put 75,000 miles on it and only a set of pads and tires.. Nothing again but awesome! Once I had kids the access cab was 2 small and went back to a Full size. Alot of my friends owned Chevy's and GMC's. I ended purchasing a new Sierra Denali with the 6.2. This truck again was flawless with general maintance, the performance of this truck was awesome! Technology was intense as well.. After having to part with with that truck at 70K I leased a Toyota Hylander Hybrid platinum.. Well this vehicle was nice but dam I missed my truck.. Now I own a GMC Denali Calloway addition. The truck is the ultimate package which mirror's the F150 limited and Dodge Laramie in regards to comfort and technology. In regards to performance it another story. with 560 horse under the hood and GM's new magnetic ride control this truck is by far my favorite best performing truck. I hope to keep this truck for a long time.. Trucks are not cheap these days and go anywhere from Mid 40's up to 100K.. Any one of the trucks listed below are all top dogs.. its all what you want from it. I love trucks and admire them all so if you by one then its a truck that you love and will be good to you for years to come. 1. GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate addition 2. Ford F150 limited 3. Toyota Tundra Platinum 4, Chevy Silverado High Country addition.
  7. Never open those adds.. You will now forever get BS stuff sent to your phone... I had a friend by something in the add. Used he debit card.. I need to say more.....? You can sometimes block them.
  8. Bushnell products rock..! Their coming out with 2 new models in October.. This is a great start.. Very cool..
  9. They were hammering the trout in stokes this morning.. Anybody else fish stokes..? Between 2 and 4 they really heated up..
  10. Nice set up! Should be fine.. Any heavier and you'll need a 6.2 or a 5.7 LTR to help you through.... Good Luck post some pics
  11. Nice looking fish..! They give you a patch and an award for those..
  12. Mr Dog is going insane to hunt. I fiqure to take him on some crows but look in the compendium and the regs are unclear.. Looks like you can hunt them on some days of the week and not others..? Also are you restricted to steel..? Back when I was a kid we would always blast a few during small game.. I dont like to waisting anything so ways hoping someone wood actually say eating "Crow" was good. I cooked up some squirrels this year for the kids and would eat that over venison any day of the week....
  13. Been taking my English Springer for walks just before dark near Peters Valley each night.. I am amazed of the hundreds of timer doodles flying around doing their mating ritual. The last time Ive seen this was in the late 80's.. The sound of their flight and landing sounds almost like a mini spacecraft... Also this morning heard a male grouse drumming on top of the mountain near my house, I said no way until he drummed again a few minutes later. Anyone else notice the woodcock activity.. Looking to be a great year.. What ever grouse are around they get the pass for now..
  14. You can fish from the bridge..
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