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  1. Awesome luck with it! The best part of cellular cams is you get to watch who steals it as you scramble to grab your bat and keys to go get him...
  2. Barnett Hyper Ghost 425 from blind.. Spear from the tree stand.. Always wanted to tried it.
  3. Justy Joe's is awesome!! Been out with them plenty of times.... Like you known them your whole life. Try for laker's and Landlocks. Always catch some nice smallies as well.. Good luck
  4. Which Dicks, they big one or little one...?
  5. MPSR

    Oil Change

    Fathers day hangover.. Probably just changed the filter and added a quart.
  6. My Hyper Ghost comes in at 421, same arrow weight as the X Point. Arrow weight means everything.. Anything over 300FPS is more than enough.. I love my Barnett as its quiet as well.. Speed is not everything.....
  7. Thanks for all the input..
  8. Carbon Air Mach 1. My Triax is my latest and I like my Drenalin better. So I’m gonna trade or sell. I’m a lefty so I’ll take the hit.
  9. Love the new PSE Bows.. Anyone know which dealer sells them in North Jersey...? I have shot a bunch in SJ while on business but looking to deal within Sussex/Morris County...
  10. All Cloths in a scent crush bag and 2 small spritz of Essence of Fall... Loved that stuff since I was a kid..
  11. Good to go will be on Monday..
  12. MPSR


    500 is that lake Mohawk? I think I saw the same bear yesterday...
  13. For the money Vortex, or Nikon Monarchs.
  14. MPSR

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy Birthday Brother! always been there for me!! i have some Viagra’s for you😂
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