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AiPOWER SU8250E Generator - SOLD


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This generator was my emergency house generator for the last 9 Years.  It runs my entire house, including 4 refrigerators, freezer, several TVs, computer and Central AC. I had the unit hooked up directly to my panel. The unit has 185 hrs on it and everything works - runs as it did day one. 
Its an electric starter but there is also a pull cord for the cold days or when battery dies.  The battery is currently dead but if someone buys it I will get a new battery before the pick up so the unit will be 100%.
Engine 15HP
Rated frequency 60Hz
Rated Voltage 120/240V
Rated power 7.25KW
Max power 8.25KW
Fuel tank 7 Gallons

I am in Northern Monmouth County, Keyport area 
Asking $400.00  


IMG_8124 (2).jpg






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Nothing better than having backup power.  7Kw is a lot of power.  I could run 3 fridges, heat, sump pump, a ton of computers, and still have power left to light a couple of lights and charge devices on a 5Kw generator.  7Kw should run half of your house.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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2 hours ago, MGHunter66 said:

Good deal! If RPK didn’t hook me up with a kick ass generator I’d be all over this one

His is a good deal ! Surprised its not gone.

I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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