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  1. What kind of MPG does it get?
  2. If they're going to charge 10 cents a bag, then you should be able to return them and get your dime back, just like it used to be with bottles. I don't really see what sense this makes.
  3. Shouldn't even have been that close, Vikes are banged up and the Saints were heavy favorites coming into the game. The "magnificent" Breeze should've blown the Vikes secondary out of the water, but didn't.
  4. You mean the play where PJ Williams grabbed Rudolph's arm and he pushed him away? Yup, if Williams didn't grab his arm then it probably would've been overturned, but since the were both playing "hand games", it didn't get overturned. Look up the official's report on that play.
  5. Where in Northern NJ and how much noise does it make?
  6. Was there a lot of fat in her? My buddy shot a big doe today and he said she had the most fat he's ever seen in a deer.
  7. I know the big 7 pointer that was running the properties got killed
  8. How do the wear bars fasten to the sled? I have a few different ideas. I have some of those plastic chain link slats and was thinking of trying to fasten a few of those to the bottom.
  9. If I see him this week I’ll ask him
  10. I saw a squirrel dodge a red tail 4 times the other day and the hawk never got it.
  11. I actually don't find the guy to be that funny, I just don't like over dramatic comedy, maybe because I'm not Italian. I Got offered free tickets with a meet and greet by the guy that runs the event center and turned them down.
  12. If you have a smart phone then just DL the NFL app
  13. Sheets and Gardners in Bloomsbury, Dan's in Clinton.
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