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  1. DBuck

    Daytona 500

    NASCAR used to be fun to watch when they were just good ole boys out there racing. Now it's all about the money and crying. Then of course they had to move up to the racism issue last year.
  2. I had a nurse that works for a hospital tell me the same thing. She also said it's like the flu shot, there's different strains around now and it's not going to work on all of them. She didn't want to get one, but since she works at a hospital she felt she was pretty much obligated to. I'm with you, I'm not getting it either.
  3. DBuck

    Lost heat

    Make sure you tip your service person!
  4. Does it have to be registered? I have one but can't register it due to no title. Needs some work though
  5. Should've called Matarazzo excavating, he's right up the road from you and would've saved you some money. Or his son, Cedar Ridge.
  6. Which one? They offer a bunch of different types?
  7. That's interesting about the name. I grew up in Hampton, when I was younger I had 2 different old timers that were avid fishermen, tell me that Muscconetcong meant "river of many fish". Are you familiar with the Plenge site in Asbury?
  8. My microsoft Edge never worked right, so I just used firefox for sites that didn't work well. I came in from snowblowing today, get on my comp and Edge updated itself. I had to re log into some things and reinstall adblocker, but it seems to be working good, for now.
  9. DBuck

    My Neighbor's Car

    If I didn't have a snowblower for this storm I would've been effed. Long day after doing my property and helping some neighbors.
  10. Ok so it seems I missed the throttle on the choke, I didn't notice the turtle and rabbit..lol. Thing runs like a champ now. Wish I realized this last night, Like I said, brand new and it was the first time I ran it, my stupidity.
  11. I actually have a brand new Ariens that does the same thing, seems like the idol isn't set high enough
  12. If you have Facebook, check Marketplace. I saw a few for sale when I was looking for ice fishing equipment.
  13. DBuck

    My Neighbor's Car

    What are neighbors for? Might as well go help them. earlier I snow blowed my neighbor's driveway, had about 3 more minutes left and her nephew pulled in with his plow. You'd think she would've told me he was coming.
  14. As long as we don't get a late frost like we did last year, that put a hurting on them
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