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  1. That's what I hate the most about Muck boots. I have 2 pair and both are torn up from briars and such. If it's not raining I like tucking my pants in my boots. The Dryshods look clumsy.
  2. Ok bro, I'm not going to get into a debate about a product I don't know about. I just wanted to know if anyone used them. I don't carry my sticks or ladder steps in and out of the woods, I set them up, leave them and hope no one steals them. The information is there if you click on the products and scroll down The 20 footers info Weight40 lbs Dimensions 20 × 16 × 2 in Weight Rating 350 lbs __________________________________________ The 16 footers info (to be discontinued shortly) Weight 30 lbs Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 in Weight Rating 350 lbs
  3. Just pulls the deer up himself? My buddy keeps plywood in his truck too for the same reason, he loads the deer on the wood, lifts and slides it in his truck. I'm pretty sure I would kill my back if I tried that.
  4. Really no more to carry in if you use hang ons and climbing sticks. I don't like using Screw ins anymore. I have a bunch that I don't use, or even know where they are.
  5. I actually thought about this idea using a come along.
  6. Anyone use this system? A little pricey but I like the concept. https://www.hurricaness.com/
  7. State or private? Looks like one I had on camera, or at least close. Haven’t seen it in a while
  8. I have at least 2 different ones I see almost every time I go out. They get passes from me.
  9. Good story and what a great dog! You should cook that bird up for him.
  10. It's the time of year when the gun hunters start to get "their spots" ready. You'll see more and more stuff disappearing over the next month.
  11. Don't forget to sit far away and extend your arms so the rack looks 3 times bigger than it actually is.
  12. A little while ago I took a ride around to see what was out (zone 5) and saw at least 20 does in different fields, not a buck to be seen though.
  13. Take him inside and see if he warms up
  14. Not to mention you have a pink bow..
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