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  1. Something fishy about this story https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/this_just_in/article_fb78dcc0-94a9-5dab-804d-23991c46f90c.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share
  2. DBuck

    Etiquette Question

    Definitely not, unless there is something wrong with it. I was taught better than to purposely shoot fawns. Plus, I'm not that hard up for meat or a buck tag.
  3. DBuck


    It was a terrible day that all of us that lived it will never forget. 9/12 is my bad day though, I went in and helped search and dig for survivors. Saw some things that I will never be able to get out of my mind. I tried to go in the following day but they wouldn't let me back in. It was an experience, even though I was only a volunteer, paid firemen treated me just like a brother.
  4. DBuck

    A challenge for Rusty

    I think you can do it, maybe even a deer or bear.
  5. DBuck

    Some New Jersey Big Bucks

    Third picture down is JR
  6. DBuck

    Football Sunday

    My thoughts exactly. a small percentage of players kneeled, so why punish those that didn't? I love football and I will continue to watch it... Every week!
  7. DBuck

    The myth of shooting does without fawns

    There is no way I will ever shoot a spotted fawn, and does with fawns get a pass as well. I do find it ironic how people will kill coyotes because they say that they are fawn killers, but in turn will shoot one and justify it for the sake of EAB. In reality, I just wish they would do away with hunting in early September.
  8. I'm not ready and won't start to at least the end of September, probably later since I have a 2 month class for work that starts at 4:30 Am. Hell, my bow is still at the Owls nest getting a new string and cable. It's actually done, just have to get over there to pick it up.
  9. DBuck

    Found In Iowa

    That's a good one for sure, would like to know how it died, was it wounded, hit by a car or die of natural causes? When I used to go hunting in Maine the topic always came up about how many big bucks have died from old age that have never been seen by humans.
  10. Didn't see the date, I don't know why it was on my Yahoo news feed then.
  11. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/house-passes-bill-allowing-concealed-carry-state-lines/story?id=51628124
  12. DBuck

    Your archery release

    Only one I use, tried many others but this is my favorite
  13. DBuck

    What is the stick in this picture used for?

    Ok thanks for the replies. Now that I went and picked it up and saw the actual size of it. it definitely has nothing to do with the horn. I won it in an auction and they were together so I wasn't sure, But I believe it's an old fashioned "beater"
  14. Is the stick something used with the powder horn, like a ram rod of some sort? Maybe they don't go together at all. Both items will be for sale as soon as I research their worth. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM with an offer