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  1. https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/2019/ownj_turkeyhunt_info.pdf
  2. Don't worry about it, it's a freaking cat for crying out loud. It's not like it's a dog!
  3. So now it's ok to edit people's post to suit the mod's needs. Yup, that's a site that I would want to donate to.
  4. It has everything to do with the question. It was a one time donation with no set price to help him out at a time when he needed it to keep the site up and running. And he also didn't make a special forum for those that did donate. Matt isn't in trouble of losing the site, if he was then I would donate. Not at all, the site stayed running for quite a few years after. Scammed would be a sportsman and gun owner in NJ, then being a smart intelligent guy and voting for Murphy.
  5. It has nothing to do with not helping out Matt, I've known and fished with him back in the NJH days and will be fishing with him this summer during an NJH reunion fluke fishing trip. I'm not "donating" to any hunting or fishing forum, that's why I go on free sites. My donations go to St Judes , local Volunteer fire and Emergency squads, and a certain wildlife rehabilitation center. I'm especially not going to pay just to go into a "special" section.
  6. Nah.. Kris never bribed people with a secret spot for donators, we just donated to help him out.
  7. This is interesting, never knew anything about these. Can you do 2 steaks at the same time, or is it made to just do one?
  8. Not exactly sure what this is supposed to even mean. Bull.Shit. Maybe the people you know, but the ones I know I have talked to many times, I know exactly how they feel. Believe me, due to past experiences I don't trust too many that I don't know, but I do trust them.
  9. So we forgot because of her? I may not like her or her beliefs but I don't think it's a sign that we forgot. I know and work with some Muslims, they are not terrorists. The people that did this on that day were terrorists. If we're going to think like this I guess all Catholics are pedophiles, and all white people are KKK members.
  10. Why does someone in every introduction thread have to mention freaking cats? I'm not really sure where Lawrence is, but if you're willing to travel to Warren county during the week you can tag a long with me. I'm already committed to Saturdays with other people and some plans where I won't be able to get out. welcome to the site.
  11. March 25th is the deadline for awarded permits to be purchased. Leftover and unclaimed don't go on sale until April 1st
  12. Every time I smell a skunk I have different memories
  13. I think you mean sister since she's a girl. But then again you never know these days..
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