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  1. Check with Jim Flynn, A buddy of mine bought one from him recently.
  2. What's the etiquette as far as tipping a tracker if they find your deer? What if they don't find your deer? If you were to tip, how much would you give for either situation?
  3. When did prices go up on these things. I bought them last year for 8 bucks a piece. Haven't checked lately
  4. DBuck

    ATV on WMA

    Yup I read all that just fine. My panties aren't in a bunch over the comment, just found it amusing. Don't really see where the comment warranted to coming off as an "internet Badass". Don't be such a sensitive Sally.
  5. DBuck

    ATV on WMA

    Ok so if you owned 10 acres that connected to that public land, and the riders were tearing up your property, you would be ok with it? After all. they're kids just "having fun" and I'm sure if someone got hurt there no one would sue you. I lost property because of kids trespassing on ATVs, one wrecked, sued the property owner and won. Now the guy won't let anyone on the property for any reason. So tearing up habitat and trespassing is better than sitting on the computer or playing video games? Lmao
  6. You talking about the condos by Hawk Pointe? It aggravates me every time I pass that sign across from Rymon's advertising them "coming soon". What's worse are the warehouses they want to put here in White Township.
  7. I don't know, I just posted what's worked for me in the past.
  8. I use fox or coon urine on my boot/shoes. Also, I will grind my feet into deer droppings if I come across any on my way in. I know a guy that hunts his farm, he makes sure he steps in cow pies to cover his sent.
  9. Why not? People seem to have no problem shooting a spotted fawn. That's something I'll never be able to wrap my head around.
  10. DBuck

    6 pointer

    Isn't it a 7 pointer, or is that not a little brow tine on him? either way, good luck with him.
  11. I got this guy on camera 1 time, that’s it. My buddy has the same deer on cam almost a mile away.
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