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  1. DBuck

    More metal detecting today

    I have the same pin pointer, it's great and makes searching the holes a hell of a lot easier. Before you buy a new machine check around for used ones. If you're on Facebook there's detecting groups you can join, let's you see the amazing stuff people find.
  2. DBuck

    More metal detecting today

    I do a little bit, would really like to get into it more. I bought a decent machine, the Garrett AT Pro, I like it, just need to learn how to use the settings better. 2 of my best finds are an old handgun in a farmers field, ( it's too rusted to try to restore) and a civil war button that I found in my sisters yard. I bought a machine for my girlfriend but she doesn't seem as interested in it as I am, so I might have one for sale.
  3. DBuck

    Need someone with a 2012 F-250 Supercab to take a photo

    Did you check youtube? Never mind, I just saw the link on your original post
  4. DBuck

    Site Ads Overview and Opinions from Members

    I use an ad blocker, rarely see an ad.
  5. DBuck

    for the Crabbers

    I never realized that you cleaned crabs while they were still alive, we always boiled and picked them. When their still alive? I'm not so sure I would feel comfortable ripping a live crab apart. Obviously I have no problem killing stuff, but I don't want to torture it in the mean time.
  6. DBuck

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    I seriously doubt that legalizing pot created the homeless problem out there. I would blame it more on the heroin epidemic that's sweeping the nation.
  7. DBuck

    Who's watching Clemson versus Alabama

    I won a $50 bet with my friend, straight up no points. Clemson has a lot of talent and heart, I just had a feeling they we're going to win.
  8. DBuck

    The next two years

    I never went to bed with an ugly chick, but I sure woke up with a few.
  9. Zero, zilch, nil, nothing. Never have and no desire to start now.
  10. DBuck

    Important if you get the flu!

    People at my work just started getting it. I'm just waiting to see if I will win the Flu lottery this year.
  11. DBuck

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    I never ever ever said that. In fact I said that I wouldn't boycott football unless every player from every team kneeled.
  12. DBuck

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    So only Eli(I'll never be a pimple on my brother's ass) has 2 rings, not the rest of the team? Eli wouldn't have shit if it wasn't for their defense, in both superbowls. Oh and the lucky helmet catch.
  13. DBuck

    Diamondback HD truck bed cover

    I have a 2008 f-150, looks like it's 1" too short for my truck
  14. DBuck

    Holy Cow! Anyone Like Eggnog?

    Buying some off a girl this week