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  1. If you're talking about Polktown Mountain (south bound side of 31), that's zone 8 turkey
  2. That tree across the creek would be a good place for a camera
  3. DBuck

    Happy Mother's Day

    I was 16, 10 when my dad passed.
  4. Nice to see Browns being caught. Is this in NJ or PA? PA still stocks them.
  5. Great bear. Congrats on a successful hunt. Looks like a nice place to hunt.
  6. Anyone watch it yet? Pretty interesting insights and history about hunting.
  7. This about covers the pollen this year
  8. Did you buy the app?
  9. This is how far back in the woods I am, guy doesn’t even bother to lock it. Then again, not so sure anyone else would want it. There was an empty shell under it, so he must’ve killed something out of it.
  10. I don’t like this part about it
  11. Surprised it didn’t say some type of mushroom 😜
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