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  1. Very nice pictures! what kind of camera are you using? I've had the itch to get into photography for a few years now, just have no idea about everything that's involved.
  2. What do you mostly find in the crops? Find many ticks?
  3. Apparently it's local cops handling it, Not State Troopers. Troopers would actually try. My neighbor had a problem with vandalism a couple years back, locals didn't do shit and it happened again. Called a trooper friend of mine and he had someone stop by, 3 days later the vandals were caught and the locals still had no clue who did it.
  4. Probably has a PBA or FOP card. You know, A get out of jail free card
  5. DBuck


    So they liked the name. There's idiots that named their kids Barack too, no that's just foolish.
  6. Great father and son day... Congrats!
  7. Though not a primary fish, there are Walleye in there. It was explained to me by the caretaker. He said that when they filled it with water from the Delaware, Walleye came in with it.
  8. DBuck

    Isnt it may?

    It's Spring, we're actually getting a Spring.
  9. DBuck


    Lol... I bet you're serious
  10. DBuck


    I don't think it was a filler per se. I think they wanted us to see her witness things that will piss her off, like the burned kid with the toy horse. It's going to be interesting because it's pretty much down to her, Jon, and Dany. I expect some kind of twist, like maybe Jon killing Arya. I read an article this week where the writers said that after the final episode is played, they are getting drunk and not going near the internet, because the world is not going to be happy.
  11. DBuck


    Arya has someone else with green eyes to take care of.
  12. DBuck


    I hated the way Cersei died. It was so disappointing that someone didn't kill her by slicing her throat. or something dramatic like that.
  13. I have a display like this from my biggest bird. However he didn't do the feet , I still have them in the freezer though. What would I have to do to them to be able to display them, someone told me that they have to be filled with something to preserve them. what do you charge for this display?
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