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  1. I was referring to your "time to do such things" comment, it's very comparable to going to a concert and such. People make the time for things they want to do. There's a lot of things people do that I wouldn't take the time to do, but there's people that do because they like whatever it may be. Plus, they're fun, especially Trump rallies. You never know, maybe he'll have one at his Golf course. If they do have one we should all meet up and go.
  2. I don't really understand your statement of how people have time. It's no different than going to a concert, movies, or even out for dinner. If you want to do something you make the time.
  3. I went to one in Hershey when he was running for President. My girlfriend and her mother went to one out by Scranton last month. They are a lot of fun, would definitely go again.
  4. Funny, we have the same exact type of turds being left, been a fox hanging around figured that's what's been leaving them.
  5. Looks like a great trip. Do you get to bring the fish home with you?
  6. It has a band on it's leg, could be someone's homing pigeon stopping for a drink. Nice pics, always had an interest in photography, wish I had the money and know how to get started.
  7. You know, I actually though about taking it (not for EAB), but after bonding with him I didn't have the heart..lol Felt bad for him. How you making out with the chicken problem? The other night I saw a fox about to cross the road by your place, I blew my horn and it ran back down through the field. I was going to text you later but it slipped my mind.
  8. My dogs have rolled in everything from poo, dead animals and even dead vegetation. Over 20 years ago I had a dog that would go everywhere with me, especially scouting. One day I saw that someone shit in the woods (trespassing because it was private property). I walked around it, get about 20 feet away, turn around to look for my girl and there she was, four legs in the air rolling in it, I yelled "MANDI NO!!!" she jumped up as happy as could be. We didn't talk for a while, lol. The funny part is it was by railroad tracks, when I was walking back to my truck some people came by on 4 wheelers that I knew, one girl went to pet her and I told her " I wouldn't touch her, she just rolled in something" She said she didn't care and proceeded to pet her, then smelled her hand and made a face. I saw her at the bar the next week and told her what she rolled in. It still makes me laugh every time I think about that day.
  9. I was coming home from work this morning around 4:30 and I see a deer laying on the shoulder of the road right by the Warren County jail on 519, I look at it as I go by and see that it's a fawn and it looked like it was still alive. I turn around,go back to check on it and yup, it's still alive (damn it). I park and walk up to it to see how bad it's hurt, he tries to get up to run but I see the back legs are mangled, like they got run over by the tires. I kept him calm by petting him, he laid his head on my leg, the few people that drove by probably thought I was nuts. I called 911 to have the cops come and dispatch him. The troopers showed up about 10-15 minutes later. I felt bad because as I walked away the little guy was watching me leave, like I was letting him down..Ha. I used to carry a knife in my truck for this reason, but a local cop gave me a hard time about having one when it wasn't hunting season, so I stopped carrying it. I don't think I could've done it to this little thing anyway. It just amazes me that people hit deer and just drive away without making sure it's not suffering. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled over because a deer was still alive, either dispatched it myself or called the cops.
  10. My sister bought one of those for her 100+ lb lab, it doesn't do a damn thing. She was working so I went over and checked on him yesterday during the storm and he had the garage destroyed, he was hyper and panting like he just ran a hundred miles. Plus somehow he tore it off looking for a place to hide. if you don't want to give your dog drugs then try these calming chews. if I know we might get a storm I give my 15 year old a couple of them and she sleeps like a baby. She hates storms also, always runs right to the closet at the slightest sound of thunder. Well, she used to, I think she's getting a little hard of hearing these days. https://www.easyboypets.com/
  11. Just went online to check for dates and the reg sets are for 2018-19. How could these not be updated by now?
  12. Well, I for one am a huge football fan, I never said that I would boycott the NFL because of the actions from a small percentage. I did say that I would boycott it if all the players acted in that manner. with that said, I say GO VIKINGS!!! I would hope so, but then again they might've sat there laughing at me.
  13. I missed it, what Happened with the NHL? My girl and I went to Lambertville Flea market then went over to New Hope to get a bite to eat, was watching the game in one of the bars, of course they all loved her. I hated it when she was the one that scored. I was going to wear my border wall construction shirt, but I really didn't feel like getting jumped and the shit beat out of me by a group of homos, Lol,even though there were a lot of bikers there.
  14. What did you do in Maine?
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