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  1. Fly guys Porn

    What does "spinners" mean? Also does Dan still work at Shannons?
  2. Swan attacked my Lab

    Where did the Swan come from? Usually they stay on the pond or lake they are raised on unless moved. I saw a swan kill a goose too one time when it got too close to her nest. They are mean. Glad your dog got away.
  3. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Good luck to all that goes out this season
  4. Opening Day Tomorrow

    And another one of Little Joey's mods heard from that likes to stir up shit. Oh so I don't hunt and harvest game? Ok so I don't like bear meat so I don't hunt bear, and if I did I wouldn't shoot tiny 115# bears, especially if I had big bears on my camera. Deer hunting, honestly I don't deer hunt too much anymore, ever since I lost my private lands I don't have as much interest because I can't deal with the idiots, but I have killed my share of deer. But turkey hunting, oh I hunt and kill turkeys, last year I didn't kill one because I concentrated more on calling for and getting a couple buddies their birds, but I'm ok with not killing one, (or Harveth one as you say) because I love calling for other people and not making it about me. I never post pics on hunting sites because I just prefer not to, once in a great while I'll post them on Facebook. I just send the pics to my friends. When was the last time you "harvethed" a turkey? Better yet when was the last time you actually called your own bird in? Do you fish? I have over 100 trout under my belt this year, sure they're stocked trout but i still catch fish, guess what, I didn't post those pics either. I ran into Bear from this site the other day while fishing, ask him if I catch fish. Since you want to keep acting like you're better than me. When was the last time you helped someone that needed help on this site or the other site? I've helped people quite a few times, everything from trailing and finding deer. taking them turkey hunting, to as much as going to pull someone out that was stuck in the mud. Who have you ever helped? I don't recall you ever helping, but I've seen you ask for help. Yea, you're a real stand up guy. When was the last time you ever went to a get together or met up with anyone? I've been to many of them, hunting, fishing and shoots. Maybe you don't because of your Napoleon complex. Try getting off your phone or the computer once in a while and do something. Birds don't stop moving because of the rain. You have more excuses to not hunt then you do posts about new hunting gimmicks, for Christ's sake, give up on buying every new gimmick out there and just hunt. Btw, the excuse you used this year about you being in your deer stand and you "wife" called you and said that your daughter was sick, so you had to leave, well you used that same excuse/lie a few years ago on the other site, but I didn't call you out, I let you have that one.
  5. These ticks were found last year in Hunterdon County and they weren't sure if they would survive the winter, apparently they did. Another fine present from the Chinese http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/04/a_swarming_exotic_tick_species.html
  6. Hendricksons are hatching on local streams

    I was fishing a small stream tonight with Trout magnets, catching fish but the were definitely chasing the hatch. Trout were jumping out of the water, there was one that jumped at least 2 feet into the air., really cool to see.
  7. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    Oh don't worry Live To Hunt, I wasn't picking on the mods' little Joey, I was just making an overall statement that happen to be on his post.
  8. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    Amazing isn't it? People don't care if they give locations if they don't hunt there. I' know exactly where this is and seen the birds before, I fish not too far from there.
  9. Turkeys on roost

    Calling to birds on the roost can get tricky,it all depends how close you are to them. If I'm really close to them like in LPJRs picture, I won't even call to them when they are on the roost because they can look over and see that's there no hen there. plus being that close it's going to sound like the hen is on the ground already and that will focus their attention on you. If I'm far enough away then I'll give some tree yelps and then eventually a fly down cackle. after that I'll do some calling then shut up until I can figure out what they're up to. I never do a fly down when set up close. Remember too, if they boys are roosted with the girls then chances are they're going to go with them, so now you have to work the Toms and the hens, but you have to be careful with the hens because they can and will take the Toms away from you. It's a big chess match. If you're set up close and want to get them gobbling then use an owl call. This is just my strategy, I'm sure others on here. like Gobblegetter could answer the question much better.
  10. Dry age steak bags

    Have you used that Koji Archer? If so how do you like it? To be honest I never even thought of aging my steaks or any other cut of meat. But I saw this product and wondered if anyone used it and if they liked it.
  11. Dry age steak bags

    Anyone ever use these for dry aging beef? I would like to try them but would like to get some feedback from anyone that might've used them. Or some opinions on what you guys might think about them. https://www.dryagesteaksathome.com/
  12. Turkey Check in Stations

    The one on 46 by the camp ground?
  13. Turkey Check in Stations

    I kind of hope they keep it the way it is as long as they get paid per bird they check in, I'd rather see the local business get money rather then an out of state business. Plus if you have to take your bird to a local business you might spend some money while you're there, and that would help them too. I just called them and they said they were. However, even though I hunt close to them I still take my birds to Hi-way.
  14. These Animals Are Slobs !!!

    Not at all Sally.
  15. These Animals Are Slobs !!!

    It's easier for them to dump it then it is for them to pay to dump it in a landfill. Bugs the shit out of me.