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I Think I Know Of "SOCKS"


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So I thought the picture dated January 23, 2021 was "SOCKS" but now that I see his antlers develop I honestly think it's the picture in the snow, it was taken just before Christmas 2020....about 300 yards from where my camera is now...compare the snow picture to the latest picture (color) and they look very similar 




Screenshot_20210623-034743_RidgeTec Mobile.jpg

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2 minutes ago, BHC said:

Brow tines in top picture look smaller

Compared to this year or the snow pic?  His left side looks a little taller than the right in all the pics.  Different angle too.  Left brow starts lower on the main beam than the right in pic 1 & 3.  Still has velvet to shed but he will still be bigger this year.  Might be a good year to take him.  Had a big one like that I was after that turned out smaller the following year.

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Just found this picture, it was taken in January a week after the first picture above.....I believe this buck and the first picture are of the same buck, and the one in the snow and color picture are of the same buck....no way near the width of the buck in the two pictures, brow tines aren't as long



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