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Canoe for sale.............

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Located in East Brunswick....aluminum big enough for four people......Ill post up all the details this evening.....Price etc..........or text me and ill send some pics etc. before..........Thanks  Mike

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13 hours ago, hunterbob1 said:

I would think the business you are in you would show pics you never do.:nerd:

Go to www.estatesalesbyolga.com for all pictures.......my Mrs. ( the Olga in EstateSalesby Olga ) handles all that........I need to learn how to post pics.....I dont want to let go of my old computer and old phone and get chewed out all the time over not getting new ones.......I can text you a pic of the canoe if you wish.......and I apologize hunter Bob for any inconvenience.......

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12 hours ago, hammer4reel said:

I don’t see any canoe pics on your website for  that sale

The family only added it at the last minute.....the Mrs did take pics  but she said she didnt post it......since it was last minute......I can send a pic if you want text my cell 908 868 8236 mike

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