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  1. My friend posted the payment to you I believe Jack - please let me know if you have it.
  2. If HB cannot make it I may have someone who will take number 30.
  3. I had one for my F250 that I bought from a guy who lived in a rough Philly neighborhood. Have admit that I never used it but it was reassuring to know that I had the ultimate road rage deterrent in the truck with me.
  4. Actually, I like eating skate. If someone wants to show me how, I'll gladly take one for the team and be the skate catcher
  5. OK - I have some questions being a total newbie: What rod to use - I already have an old Penn Power Graph 6'6" medium action rod rated for 1/2oz-1oz lures - will this rod work from a boat? I am thinking that I will not really be casting What reel - I have an old Abu 6500CL - will this work? Also what range of bucktail - weights should I bring?
  6. Any interest? I will be scrapping the truck - started it yesterday and after a weird noise started belching smoke and the engine was shaking like an epileptic. It has obviously blown some kind of seal at the very least - idling in a bronchial coughing sort of way too - I am not a mechanic but I believe that it is probably not salvageable. Sucks because only had 160K miles on it - I am the second owner with the first guy being a Vietnan era veteran Navy Seal who babied it and I always did the same changing the oil religiously every 2-3k miles with synthetic. Nothing lasts forever - even I am no longer young and beautiful LOL The only thing worth saving (and not junking immediately) is the truck's cap on the back. It is 8 feet and locks. Located just across the river from Asbury on the Hunterdon County side. It ruined my day yesterday but I have moved on and am now looking at Ford Bronco's for sale - having always regretted ditching a 1987 one.
  7. When I was a kid in England there was a stretch of river where all I ever caught was eels. Tasty grilled, fried, smoked (the Dutch really dig them smoked) or in a stew. The meat is indeed white and almost meatily firm. Late spring/early summer is apparently the time to catch them in the Musky. The trick is to put then onto newspaper quick when you catch them because it helps to absorb the slime. Also they used to have a nasty habit of wrapping themselves back up the line. You also do not want to get bitten by one. I used to creep out my girl cousins with the way that they keep wriggling after their heads are cut off LOL The skin when cured properly is really tough - used to be used in flails and used for door hinges on sheds even by some of the old country folk around where I grew up.
  8. Wow - talk about paranoid. They must have watched that old Sci-fi series The Invaders.
  9. I watched The Life and Time of Judge Roy Bean and suffered through an episode of Judge Judy. That makes me a legal expert too right?
  10. Sounds like a really weird piercing!
  11. I was going to ask about that - what depth water and how turbid typically in the bay? I wasn't convinced that colors would make a difference in deep and/or turbid water. Having said that, I will admit that all I know about fluke is that the are a kind of flatfish and people hardly ever catch them of a keeper size. I have never caught one. On 6/6 I plan on going for the craic- and if I catch anything it will be a miracle let alone a fluke LOL
  12. I was expecting an animation describing a cat’s (I know of no fouler smelling execrement) digestive processes LOL
  13. Reminds me of an old joke in England: What do you call an Indian with a crossbow? William Patel
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