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  1. If you are hunting a swampy area the Thermacell is invaluable. I was switched onto them many years ago by Jakesbeard from the old site. He told me that he became a believer on an Alberta bear hunt. Wasn’t bothered by any flying insects at all so he switched it off just to see if it was sheer luck or whether it was the Thermacell. After a few minutes a black fly landed on his hand - a few seconds later there were 2 and then 4 etc. He switched it back on and says it was the longest 5 minutes of his life waiting for its effectiveness to return. It was like one of the biblical plagues of Egypt before getting dispersed by the Thermacell again. When he told me that story I made a mental note to buy one - best mistakes ever to learn from are other peoples’. They also make a 12’ radius table top one which we use at home for eating outside without the bother of biting insects.
  2. madeinuk

    Little story

    Wow - you do not sugarcoat things do you Dan?
  3. Have you been to the ER to get checked out yourself yet?
  4. madeinuk


    Nice! Where do you stay when you head out there?
  5. Thanks OP for the heads up.
  6. Doing that to an aircraft full of passengers IS a terrorist act irrespective of his motivations.
  7. I have not had a good year for black trumpets but maybe I should take a wander around some local woods this coming weekend...
  8. Like H4R says, these are heavy and @84lbs this isn't the kind of item that you will want to be carrying up and down the basement stairs too often! I am sorely tempted because I am a bit of a gadget geek and have considered buying one of these ever since helping Emil Maresca a few times at his butcher's shop in Sergeantsville - the machine that he had made foodsavers look like a kid's toy. Back then they were 1000s as opposed to 1000 so I am getting itchy. Need to find a place in the kitchen for it first...
  9. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/hunter-puts-down-charging-grizzly-records-moment-and-reaction-on-video/ Listen to the guy's breathing - you can tell that he was charged up with adrenaline - he was lucky!
  10. Maybe not for everything but certainly for the vast majority.
  11. And it still would not cause delays at the pumps!
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