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  1. Wow - just one more reason to drive mainly in the middle lane!
  2. I made some fermented chili sauce this year that will tear anyone a new one just by burning vertically down from their throat. Maybe I should bring a bottle of that as a 'door prize'. I like hot chilis but this one has me wondering if I overdid things this year!
  3. While it is true that sliced up and fried, Rocky Mountain oysters are excellent eating, I am not sure that I could ever be comfortable eating the ‘meat and 2 veg’ that whole like that.
  4. Awesome - in Orlando until Sunday - bring it on!
  5. I cannot answer the OP’s question but I am glad that they will take NJ deer still. Their honey mustard bologna rocks!
  6. madeinuk

    Funny Fonda Photo

    A true attention whore.
  7. I am usually on the road just before Christmas but not this year. I do my best to make this one.
  8. Saw a nice sized bodied 6 pt chasing 7 does around the field while I was brushing my teeth this AM. But overall buck activity is down from where it was 2 weeks ago. Best thing I ever did was setting up a feeder in that field - learning more and more about them from just watching.
  9. I got the 404 too. Reading about the disease it really sounds like something you do NOT want to get!
  10. Really cool story - thanks for sharing. Great buck!
  11. Poor family - they are in my prayers.
  12. I feel worse for the wounded dog - I hope he makes a full recovery.
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