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  1. Theory 1 That sounds like Fusarium Wilt which is a fungal disease that is present in your soil. Using a barrier between the soil and your plants should help because the rains will cause the spores in the soil to splash up onto the plants. Also planting varieties which are tolerant will help you to still get a yield. The letters after the variety name, e.g. ‘VTFN’, stand for resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Fusarium Wilt and Nematodes respectively. Theory 2 Do you have black walnut trees growing near your plot? They emit a herbicide called Juglone from t
  2. The H1 visa program, in practice not theory, is all about the employers setting the rate. I agree that theoretically a free market is efficient but I have worked in the capital markets for long enough to learn that markets are not at all efficient.
  3. Skittering an elk hair caddis - letting it bounce on the surface as it swings around at the end of its drift can sometimes result in a smashing take too.
  4. madeinuk

    Conivor In Us Both

    That boat has sailed for me too. I wish I were younger but this wise, though LOL
  5. Why the move? Is mental health care better here? I cannot really think why any sane person would do that to themselves.
  6. madeinuk

    Conivor In Us Both

    How does it compare with Paladar? Was Paladar that tiny churrascuria that was on the opposite end of town on Main Street or is it an entirely different place?
  7. I just bought a paperback volume one at a used book stall in Easton a couple of months ago. Pretty cool stuff in there.
  8. If that wasn’t a home run of a joke to you then you do not have the sick and twisted schoolboy humor that I got at 10 years old and then never grew out of LOL.
  9. Was once one of the highlights of many a day spend hiking, canoeing and birdwatching in the DWGNRA with the missus, we would often stop there on the way back to Metuchen when we lived there.
  10. I like Juanito’s in Washington too. I will have to try Brenda Lee’s in Hackettstown out.
  11. James on Main is very good and the chef is a nice guy too. Red Wolf Inn is patchy - I have had fantastic meals there and ones that were just OK. Pandan room is good and I enjoy it but I prefer more authentic Asian food. Have yet to try Sizzle or Buck Hill and I do like wings...
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