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  1. Politicians don't have common sense

    Bears also shit in the woods.
  2. Students or lively oldsters... Link here
  3. The View

    I work from home with occasional travel to NYC and parts further afield (India, UK, Poland and Mexico). Most of the time my view from the office is of the Musconetcong river. Sounds great right? However, it can be torture when you have to crank out the work but you can see scads of sulphurs flying by the window LOL
  4. Columbia Lake dam Removal

    Nature Conservancy hired Beth Styler Barry away from the Musconetcong Watershed Association. Beth is a veteran at dam remover having removed at least 3 that I know of on the Musky. She is leading the charge on this so I have high hopes.
  5. He’s got the look...

    I know what you mean - he's probably vegan too:-
  6. Crappie?

    Spruce Run Reservoir has some slabs in it from what I have heard. YMMV
  7. I have seen the Mergansers, mallards and the shitting geese pairing up for a few weeks now - no nest building yet though...
  8. Happy Passover

    Mazel Tov!
  9. This article had me wanting more that ever to try it for myself:- https://thetakeout.com/why-have-americans-stopped-eating-turtle-1798346325/amp?utm_source=quora
  10. I Have To Say Goodbye

    Sorry to see this. You are a good man to have given that dog a good home in which he was cherished until the end. I have had to say goodbye to a great dog and it sucked balls. Not looking forward to the day when I have to say goodbye to my current one either. Getting another dog when you are ready does help...
  11. Snow,Sleet and Rain has started

    I measured 2 hours ago and we had had 8 already.
  12. First Day of Spring - Global Warming

    Errr first point is correct but the second is false. The climate in southern England was warm enough for credible wines to be produced there in medieval times so the climate in Northern Europe at least was far, far warmer than now, but the historical Vikings like Erik the Red never had potatoes which were not known to Europeans until after the Spanish encountered the Incan Empire (and vanquished it).
  13. WATER

    I live in the Musconetcong valley where we have sweet limestone filtered water pumped into the house from a well. I drink at between 4-6 16oz beer glasses of that every day on top of tea and coffee and use a hydroflask water bottle when out of the house. I used to drink a lot of flavored seltzer water but now hardly touch it. In summary, at least 2 liters a day and more in the summer.
  14. Scotch/Scotch Blend Recommendations?

    Highland Park is worth a go smooth - an Orkney Malt Macallan's is another Speyside one like Glenfiddich Stronger tasting and more peaty are your Islay malts like Ardbeg, Laguvulin or Laphroig.