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  1. I have to say that Clinton Town police have always been polite and professional in my dealings with them.
  2. Letter from the prez himself inviting you to be a man and join up - different times! Biden just revoked Trump’s ban on transgendered military personnel.
  3. I use the tire method and wedges to split larger pieces into chunks that will fit into the tire. It is a game changer.
  4. I carry a discharge bolt for this situation.
  5. Somebody just burned their username here and needs a new one fast from the look of things.
  6. You don’t sound too good Joe, maybe you need a sick day...
  7. Just goes to prove that shit comes in all shades.
  8. Prayers sent for everyone in that family!
  9. HB is so old that he already forgot posting that
  10. My daughter will hit college next year which is a very scary thought. My take on this is that provided the program quality is high (she wants to pursue Medicine) then she will go to wherever offers the lowest NET price. I see it as I am Harvey Keitel and she is Jodie Foster. If the money ain’t right then she ain’t getting in that car (college).
  11. Going to make it from pork. Just wanted to know if anyone knew who to get the right cut of meat from. As it happens, taking it from a Boston Butt (shoulder) looks pretty simple: Cutting out the Cappo from a whole pork shoulder So the next time that I am in Costco, I will be heading over to the pork section...
  12. I'll try when I have the time. Just finished stacking it with the sticks in my garage yesterday and the pictures probably will not do it justice. Got over 500 board feet of wood all cut at 9/4. Once I have the time time to undo the stuff I have restacked on top of everything I will post some pics but do not hold your breath LOL
  13. Looking for someone to cut down and mill some of your decent standing timber for your own projects? Look no further than Middle Valley Lumber - owner run and located in Union Two in Hunterdon County. I just had him quarter saw a 170 year old ash that I had to take down - the wood looks great. Travis Ruhland, the owner, knows woodworking and truly has a passion for good wood. I know that a lot of people end up burning some very good wood - just offering an alternative for those interested...
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