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  1. I think it defines the space nicely, the elevated dining area which is enclosed from the hang out by the fire area. We are looking at doing some remodeling ourselves and I am getting a lot a good ideas from this site 👍
  2. I found a fresh clump of chicken of the woods today - super tender, the most tender that I have ever found them. Really, really good when super young - no longer will I wait until they are bigger and tougher.
  3. madeinuk


    I agree. When proceeding at a steady 65 in the rightmost lane (as I have done occasionally) everyone is passing me at much higher speeds making me feel as though I am ‘creating an obstruction’. They really should just put the limit up to 80 and be done with it.
  4. And do not expect to kill one of her babies without consequences:- https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52779727
  5. Thanks for helping with helping my diet. Trouble is after seeing that I need several stiff drinks!
  6. I thought being a liar was a prerequisite for the job of being a politician.
  7. Sadly, even though Trump gets my vote come November - the same comment could be validly applied to him as well.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200521-can-staying-inside-weaken-the-immune-system
  9. Had venison burgers here tonight actually - came out great. Put some Korean Gojujiang (sp?) in the middle of each patty and I can recommend it!
  10. I thought Kean was OK. My wife had a full ride at Rutgers for her undergrad thanks to a Kean scholarship from theKean that was a governor. Any details that you can share?
  11. This is an interesting discussion and certainly in IT my experience has been that anyone who tells you that they are an expert in something is probably lying. IT is full of pretenders and out right liars. Typically someone who really knows something can also comprehend how much larger the space of what they do not know is and will be humbled by that knowledge. Someone with proven competence telling me that another is an expert is something that I will pay more attention to. I will never describe myself as a expert - I am very good at what I do but I know people who are better that I would call experts. I like to think that I am at least clever enough to admit what I do not know and to engage people who do know more than I do.
  12. I answered >5 years but continue to learn after 34 years in IT development and management.
  13. And that is a total bunch of BS - no simpleton is ever going to become a nuclear physicist. There is a threshold level of natural ability (genetics) that needs to be present. I am never going to be able to slam dunk a basketball as an example.
  14. Exactly the tactics that the KGB would use during Eastern Bloc protests - film everything during the heat of the moment while passions are inflamed but avoid conflict. Arrest everyone separately afterwards...
  15. Sent a message to your ‘feed’.
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