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  1. So there’s a medical reason why he is so full of shit huh?
  2. Which cuts of the deer are best for this treatment - I would imagine that the brisket on a deer unless a monster would be too small. Am I wrong here?
  3. I am browsing the mail order seed catalogues while ‘athrone’ these days. Grew Sugar Baby watermelons last year which were fantastic - will be trying them again for sure.
  4. madeinuk

    need prayers

    Prayers sent. All the best!
  5. Me too. @OP - what weapons/seasons do you hunt for WTD?
  6. Some of those are nice bucks. Have you thought about getting a bow to be able to meet up with them before they go nocturnal during the 2020/2021 seasons? Or of course, now if you have a bow license?
  7. I will take a cap in realtree edge please. Where do I pay?
  8. Exactly why the Neutron Bomb program should never have been cancelled.
  9. Saturday or Sunday good this week?

  10. It’s just weather - hopefully the warmer temps will wake the trout up on Saturday afternoon.
  11. Let us not forget what the Iranians did to Buckley who was kidnappped by the Iranians using one of their locally backed rabbles as a proxy back in 1984 as I recall.
  12. Mark is a very funny guy not afraid to poke fun at anything or anyone AND he knows his stuff.
  13. If you are serious - just want to put meat in the freezer then PM me. I am the Musconetcong valley in Asbury on the Hunterdon side of the river... This valley has some of the best soils in the country... I have a spot that I can set you up on...
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