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  1. madeinuk

    Manly man stuff

    Would be no fun for the first few minutes of the drive on a really cold day LOL
  2. madeinuk

    Today is the day

    I got my first deer, a doe, shooting through the mesh of a ground blind that my good friend Jakesbeard set me up in. I have also made a ton of mistakes - maybe it is because I am part Irish but I seem to only learn by making mistakes LOL Had the string hit the button of the right breast pocket of a shirt that I was wearing and watched the arrow go sailing over the back of the deer that I could almost taste. Never wore a shirt with breast pockets bowhunting again. Hit little branches and had my arrow deflected - I realize now that the arrow porpoises through the air over the first few yards of its journey whereas humans intuitively think that arrows fly like lasers. Had the strung jumped a lot - I now try to take shorter shots with the recurve. The list goes on.
  3. madeinuk

    Secret Family Recipe

    I had never bought that stuff before but inspired by this post I gave it a whirl Thursday night. It rocked and it is fast - a true hungry man's dinner indeed!
  4. madeinuk

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    None of us he are perfect and certainly not myself. 1957 is a bit borderline senile so I don’t take offense - guy is in his 80s I think. Sone of his stuff is low brow BS but I for one enjoyed his reminiscing about the Delaware Water Gap area back in the day.
  5. madeinuk

    Stranded In Jersey City

    It was genuine 100% shit-on-a-stick on 78 westbound at 7:30 this AM - took me over 2 hours to get from my home to Allentown, PA this morning. At times like this all truckers in the left lane should be hauled out of their trucks and put in handcuffs. Took the missus over 6 hours to get home from Basking Ridge and she said last night the 18 wheelers were the worst at hogging the left lane and then making dangerous lane changes forcing everyone to brake. Honestly, WTF has happened, how has the average IQ of a trucker sunk to sub-chimp levels over the past 10 years or so?
  6. madeinuk

    Jury Duty

    I would serve were I called because if I were up in the dock I would not want the cast of a Jerry Springer show deciding my fate. It is our civic duty. I live in Hunterdon county and have never been called but Imwoikd serve were I asked to. I am also lucky in having an employer who would pay for my time. Interestingly, I have received several letters requesting a former Finnish an pair that we had once for Jury duty. WTF, I thought you had to be a citizen to serve on a jury.
  7. madeinuk

    A little action, but

    Good luck!
  8. https://amp.scmp.com/news/world/americas/article/2170821/brazils-new-leader-jair-bolsonaro-has-solution-worlds-most?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral
  9. madeinuk

    Back to decimating the breeding stock

    I There’s a ton of good meat in the head too that shouldn’t go to waste but I get your point.
  10. madeinuk

    8 pointer down with a lot of luck!

  11. madeinuk

    My Son Has Learned Well.

    That makes me hungry just looking at it let alone smelling it too!
  12. And been the star of another Treadwell Production?
  13. madeinuk

    East Brunswick township - crossbow ordnance

    Sadly it will take more collisions and injuries and a lawsuit from someone injured against the town for banning hunting to maybe turn this around one day.
  14. madeinuk

    Happy Birthday BHC

    Happy Birthday!
  15. madeinuk

    More theft

    Something like this