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  1. I like a lot of them but my favorites are Dover Sole (real Atlantic), Black Cod, Eel, Searun Trout and extremely fresh Mackeral. I also like fish sticks 😍
  2. Admittedly slightly off topic but... Reading this thread got me to open the bottle of Pikesville Straight Rye that I picked up a couple of years ago when I visited the Heaven Hill distilery. Really smooth - I can recommend it.
  3. People have said the same thing to me whenever I have complained about something in this country - it's a fair comment. Plus the true context - mocking the current cat fight between NP, AOC and others is obvious. Anyone can be made to look 'anythingyouwantist' when their remarks are taken out of context.
  4. So the true context is that he was really making a mockery of the current bitch fight currently unfolding within the Democratic Party.
  5. Sorry but that looks like a drink that should have an umbrella and fruit in it or a fruit holding it LOL
  6. I agree that politicians are cheating and lying shitbags no matter what their party affiliation. Both sides of the house have allowed the current mess to grow and fester. But this is exactly why I voted for Trump and will again in 2020. He may well be a cheating and lying shitbag himself but he is not a politician so he is calling Foul on the whole rotten system. This is something that no Republican or Democrat had the guts or personal integrity to do for the last 30 years or so.
  7. You need to try more single malts IMO because they vary so widely that I am sure that you would find one that you would like. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a good blend.
  8. I once caught a 55lb King Mackeral in Puerto Rico that gave me my money’s worth - that fish was surprisingly strong!
  9. @Deadonshot2 What more ‘due process’ is needed for illegals other than asking them the following question? - (I’ll make a concession here and insist that this question IS asked in their native language so they cannot claim afterwards that they did not understand the question.) Are you a legal resident and can you prove it? Followed by a bus ride out of the country if the answer is not ‘yes’. That would Seem to be a very fair, appropriate and ‘due’ process to me.
  10. Our only hope of getting this fixed is for Trump to get a second term in the WH. If he fails then sadly so will the country because this crap increase without anyone putting the brakes on like Trump has the courage to do.
  11. Stoudt’s Maibock from Adamstown, Pennsylvania is my current fave.
  12. I was sorry to miss this - looked as though a fine time was had by all. Hats off to Lou for making the grand gesture of opening his doors wide for the group!
  13. madeinuk


    Really sorry to hear that - my condolences.
  14. madeinuk


    I have never encountered more ticks than I have this summer - must be the mild winters or something. They seem impervious to Off Deep Woods spray. I sprayed myself thoroughly last Sunday and as I got back to the truck - I saw swarms of the little effers climbing up both trouser legs - it was like something from a pirate film! Be careful out there.
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