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  1. madeinuk

    Giving up on the compound already

    I used an xbow for the first time this season after using a 56lb recurve for over 10 years. Lung surgery prevented me from practicing until recently so I did not have the confidence to shoot at a deer and kill it when the season began. The xbow is a much more efficient deer killing machine. The downsides are its weight, it is louder, you have cock it and seat the bolt then shot it into a rubber target/ground to uncock it The (IMO) upsides greatly outweigh the downsides which are: accuracy, velocity of the bolt sheer hitting power of it. Hammer4reel's point about aiming for the exit is spot on and I think it applies to all shooting sports honestly.just like in martial arts you are taught to hit through something not just hit its surface. It really helps to focus on where your projectile will exit the target and not the point of impact. I learned this the hard way too .
  2. madeinuk

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    I live in an old farmhouse with a fireplace large enough to roast a 100lb pig - have done this several times using a rotisserie - will post link to site when on a real computer. I did it for a family Christmas dinner one time and it was well received. The rotisserie would work fine over a pit as long as you could get power to it. some people just splay it and lay it flat - turning it over is a bit of a chore I’d imagine but I have never done it that way myself. I use a combination of seasoned oak and apple wood.
  3. madeinuk

    Happy Birthday X7!

    Happy birthday Mike!
  4. madeinuk

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    The worst thing with hornets is that in addition to the barbless stinger that can be Jammed in repeatedly they pack a mean bite too. I had a nest of them above my office roof in the ceiling at home a few years ago. Maybe I should switch the monitors off every night after what Tarhubt said.
  5. Have to spend next week on the road visiting Scotland, England and Poland. Yay - jet lag and a 100+ hour work week with some fractious clients! However, that puts me in Munich on the ride home right in the middle of Oktoberfest. Bring on the buxom dirndl clad waitresses and great beer by the liter. The closest place to Valhalla in this life and I will be there. How's that for a silver lining?
  6. madeinuk

    Got my First Elk 9/11/18

    Wow just wow!
  7. madeinuk

    Broken to my core

    Hang in there - prayers sent.
  8. madeinuk

    She is getting better than me...wtf!

    That’s great we need more women doing this. Kudos for getting your wife into the sport.
  9. Sounds like *she* needs a trainer. Whenever there's a bad dog there's usually a worse owner. She could have got that dog killed 👎🏻
  10. madeinuk

    was I an a-hole?

    Tragic - you were more than decent. The dick was very nervy to come back at you like that after you had made repeated attempts to discuss this with him ahead of time. Had he done that the whole conflict would have been avoided. As you said - it is amazing what a weasel a certain kind of grown man will be turn into around a big buck (or pussy for that matter). From from him 'not knowing you' you now know him to be a total douche - education is never cheap. Not worth more drama over though - I hope that being about to vent and get affirmation here about the situation helps you to find peace and that karma eventually gets him.
  11. From one of the liberal beast's own mouths: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/09/upshot/gun-deaths-are-mostly-suicides.html So statistics which use number of total gun deaths or 'violent crimes' ( suicide is illegal) are BS. Remember: numbers don't lie but liars use numbers.
  12. madeinuk


    I lost good friends on 9/11 including someone who was a mentor to me when I was a new immigrant. I will never forget them or forgive the animals who did it.
  13. madeinuk

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    No need for All Bran in the morning there LOL
  14. madeinuk

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    To be fair, I like Nicolosi's pizza but Phillipsburg is definitely a town that has seen better days. I get them to put loads of fresh cut garlic on the pie and it goes down my neck easily. It also has the advantage of being close < 20 mins away. Anyone who thinks that white people are the master race needs to take a visit to the Walmart there though. It also has some salt of the earth people there too - such a shame that the politicians have neglected it for so long. I will try Lodi pizza just to see what the fuss is about if ever I am up there. Does anyone know what happened to Ernie and Dom's on 31? Hands down the pie I have had in NJ is at Manville pizza. Too many pizza joints are holes in the wall with the emphasis on 'hole' - they are grubby. Manville pizza by contrast is clean - right there you can see that it is run by a family with pride in what they do. It goes uphill from there because the pie is fantastic as well. I have tried DeLucia's and it was not spectacular- didn't go back. I like thin crust Napoli style pizza and the crust needs to be cooked tapping the underside needs to make an audible sound - far too many places neglect that simple detail.