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  1. Lumber prices are already falling from their peak.
  2. I need to try this someday. I was thinking in 9 years when I can retire but if it is toil then maybe I should have a go now rather than when I am older. How deep is the water when you find them? Asking because I am far from tall…
  3. Did you just use screws or did you glue and screw?
  4. 10:days or so ago on Maple Ave, Franklin township, just walking the dog in the morning, I found an elderly resident with dementia who had taken a bad fall opposite his house between the road and the Musconetcong, he was sitting in the middle of some ugly stickers. I informed his wife that I had located him and advised her to call an ambulance because his temple and cheekbone were raw so I initially thought he was concussed until his wife informed me that the poor guy suffered from dementia. I stayed to offer assistance and company. The trooper showed up first - was on the ball and very
  5. Looking at the title I thought you had either a) got married, b) got divorced or c) got a kid admitted to medical school.
  6. Clover fixes nitrogen from the air into your soil. What does nitrogen do? It makes leafy plants like grass thrive and be green.
  7. Pretty loud over here by the Musky in Asbury
  8. Every parent’s worst nightmare going on for this poor family. prayers and positive thoughts sent!
  9. What happened to the shirt?
  10. The husband/wife? Or the bow?
  11. He cleaned a pig skull that I brought him a few years ago and he did a good job on it. He is a very nice guy. No idea about fish mounts though.
  12. Pretty well all corvids do the same. I am a fan of Blue Jays myself - I enjoy their brash exuberance but I think my favourite bird is a smoked or nicely roasted one.
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