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  1. Have power but Comcast and AT&T cell service decided to go out all day today
  2. This may finally push me to purchase a pellet smoker!
  3. Do not forget the potato chips and mayonnaise! Make that sandwich with the tomato slice, crushed up potato chips and mayo. The roll your sleeves up, step up to the kitchen sink with the sandwich and dig in. I still have another week before the Beefmasters fully ripen but I am drooling at the thought of that first sandwich of the season.
  4. Since holding my weight below 190lbs for the last 3 years I have myself loving the summers again. The state could do with some long and sustained rains though everything is getting quite parched.
  5. That sucks. Best of luck with the recovery - definitely do the PT afterwards even if only to learn the exercises so you will be able to do them yourself. Expect to recover best if you do the PT exercises religously for the duration.
  6. Sharing here because this appears to have been suppressed by Facebook, YouTube etc. Doctors sharing information which is being actively suppressed by the mainstream media Personally I believe in Freedom of Speech even though it means allowing dangerous idiots to share their opinions Because it should be up to the individual to make their own minds up from hearing the full spectrum of opinions on an issue freely and openly.
  7. I have one - I am married.
  8. I laid up a half gallon mason jar of it last Thursday. Yes, the ‘massage’ is important for both release of water and for creating micro fractures for the lacto-bacilli to colonize/do their work on. I also made some gherkins which only took 8 days to finish fermenting - I ate half of them last night they were so crisp and delicious. First time with those and will definitely be doing them again. Really on a roll here on the fermenting kick. Will be making mead later today with some of the honey we got from our hives...
  9. Sadly they are probably locking it up to protect it from the same scum who have wrecked Lake Solitude and parts of the North Branch...
  10. Sorry had to get my gallbladder out instead last week. Wasn’t sure that fighting a strong fish right afterwards would have been the best possible post op strategy. Congrats - looks as though you had a blast.
  11. I checked and we have one of the recalled ones in our kitchen - thank you very much for the heads up!
  12. Tyson’s raw explosiveness was shocking to watch in his prime.
  13. madeinuk

    Good Eats...

    @Roon, I shoot the little bastards too but have never eaten any due to the alleged presence of glands that when punctured ruin the meat. How did you learn to dress them? Pretty well everything that eats grass tastes good so I would love to try it at some point...
  14. Yep we got smacked hard in Asbury for about 5 mins then just brooding clouds and distant thunder after that.
  15. madeinuk

    Hardcore journey

    This guy sailed, yes sailed, back to Argentina from Portugal during the global lockdown to get back to his aging parents! https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-53473573/coronavirus-the-man-who-sailed-the-atlantic-ocean-to-see-his-elderly-parents?at_custom1=%5Bpost+type%5D&at_custom2=twitter&at_medium=custom7&at_custom4=171A0168-CB26-11EA-AFE2-89784D484DA4&at_custom3=BBC+World+Service&at_campaign=64
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