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  1. Total piece of trash who sadly indoctrinated his own son with his hateful beliefs. That son died after engaging in a gun battle with the Newburgh Police in an earlier incident.
  2. Never had but would try it. Tripe is good when cooked properly too. Head cheese rocks and so do pig’s cheeks. If you are going to kill it then why not use it?
  3. It is worse than you say - my daughter’s high school is one too.
  4. And it doesn’t even need to IMO Art is Art. Bosch is the way that we have always gone - paid more but hassle free which makes the premium worth it to us.
  5. You are ruining my intermittent fast right now LOL
  6. I had a piece of infected lung removed almost 2 years ago - it caused such inflammation for years that I have scarring and my lung function was 2 sigmas South of normal for years. My doctors sent me to National Jewish in Denver, Colorado - all I can say now is ‘Thank God for Jews!’. When I got there it was in a very bad place mentally because I knew that that hospital was the ‘last stop on the line’. Now I have lung function that is better than it should be at my age thanks to my luck in finding great doctors eventually. Modern medicine can indeed be miraculous!
  7. madeinuk

    Bus fire 78 East

    Express lane closed - local jammed up - avoid!
  8. Know that is an image that I didn’t ever need - not sure whether you meant it that way or not LOL urghhhh!
  9. Was it about the Kaibab National Forest, the ungulate population explosion and its after effects?
  10. Are you sure you read that right? I thought the first judge had his wife bake him a pie too!
  11. Stopped at KLG over 20 years ago for a license check - guys were polite, respectful and professional. Another time was visited at home by another couple of COs about ‘pheasantgate’ - again, they were very professional - just interviewed me. I have heard about bad COs but have yet to encounter one - probably jinxing myself LOL
  12. I have found that flying first class with a cased long gun from Newark means that you get a lot less hassle and depending on the route can be surprisingly cheap.
  13. Jussie Smollet will be prosecuted at last
  14. I am not seeing any problem here - forewarned is forearmed. All countries spy on one another to think otherwise is naive. We do not live in a Disney movie world. Well done CIA! .
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