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  1. madeinuk

    Natalie Portman PETA ad

    Coming from a Hilary supporter those are strong words indeed!
  2. I look at this every so often and it brings joy to my heart
  3. madeinuk

    Thomas F Breden preserve

    The main downside of this place is that it is a well known meeting place for footloose and fancy free members of the 'alternative lifestyle' adopting community. Apparently, wearing camo or orange is the 'code' that indicates both interest and availability.
  4. madeinuk

    Going through the paces....

    Best of luck!
  5. madeinuk

    Knee replacement

    I cannot say that I have had a knee replacement but I have had multiple arthroscopic cartilage trimmings (both knees) and an ACL replacement (one knee) so far and will probably have to get knees replaced eventually so I have been watching this procedure carefully. It does seems to have good results as long as you eat and sleep well post surgery and a) you do not pull any stunts on what you can or cannot do while recovering, b) do the PT exercises religiously giving maximum effort c) continue to keep your hamstrings and quads strong forever afterwards. Good luck!
  6. People like to say that Ronald Reagan won the Cold War and for a while it appeared to be the case. I now think that the Russians did and the West merely won a long protracted battle. The seeds of dissent that the KGB funded, sowed and nurtured in the West (especially in the USA) during the Fifties and Sixties how now grown into seed bearing trees in their own right sowing dissent of their own. They have managed to break 'E Pluribum Unum' down and if unchecked will lead to an almost Stone-Age tribalism IMO.
  7. madeinuk


    I picked 4lbs on Sunday and left several to grow. They are definitely out there in central Hunterdon now. Been a banner year so far for me.
  8. Right. I live in Bethlehem township too and unless you are unlucky enough to have uptight neighbors (which I strongly doubt) nobody will bat an eyelid over a shotgun being discharged.
  9. madeinuk

    A Huge Congrats Are In Order.

    Congratulations to him (I am certain that they don’t give those kinds of stripes away in cereal boxes) and to you for raising a young man with strong values and leadership skills.
  10. madeinuk


    IMO, the best fish to smoke have natural oils: rainbow trout are the best trout to smoke for this reason (conveniently the state stocks only these trout right now), salmon, eels, mackeral, bluefish are all great. The oil content helps to keep this fish from drying out during smoking, adds a flavor and unction to boot.
  11. madeinuk

    The Year of the Rabbit

    I think this is going to be the year of the air rifle given how many I am seeing just in my back yard. They are swift little buggers and I think that something relatively quiet but lethal may be the solution for me.
  12. madeinuk

    Zucchini noodles

    Absolutely true - whenever anyone asks me to act my age, I now at 55, say that I do act my age by not giving a flying fnck what others think about my behavior.
  13. madeinuk

    Zucchini noodles

    I have been using this for a while - it is good with a decent home made sauce - using beets, squash and zucchini in place of pasta. I still crave angel hair pasta with a home made tomato sauce made with just picked tomatoes straight from the garden every now and then so I cannot in all honesty say that I have kissed pasta goodbye forever. I have lost 30lbs of blubber by watching carbs however and this was an enormous help.
  14. madeinuk

    My smoker is not working?

    Ain't that the Truth!
  15. How? Why didn't they wait until she climbed down or fell before arresting her?