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  1. madeinuk

    RIP Dick Dale

    Listening to Miserlou played by him is a transcendental experience. A true guitar legend - even alleged to have taught Jimi some of his moves.
  2. Agreed - just one more reason to love my dog because that forces me to walk 5 miles a day.
  3. He was a criminal - a very corrupt senator. The guy who revealed how corrupt he was (pay to play) did time. Torricelli had to resign but by a quirk of NJ law, he got to personally keep his campaign funds and now lives the life of a country squire on a small estate in Lambertville. Who else except prison guards can say that crime pays like he can?
  4. We have criminals helping criminals: Link to story here
  5. Not following your argument or seeing anything other than vacuous circumlocution here. So Trump lies and plays fast and loose with the truth? Name me one national level elected official who doesn't. So the real issue is that he isn't your preferred kind of liar?
  6. This is the wrong website for that kind of talk (subject line)
  7. True although I would substitute 'many' in place of 'most' above. But let's get down to brass tacks here: Do you believe that every country should be able to control who crosses its borders or not?
  8. Cannot make stuff like this up: https://www.foxnews.com/us/woman-who-attacked-man-wearing-maga-hat-was-illegal-immigrant-taken-into-ice-custody.amp?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral
  9. That took a lot of guts - admitting that you watched the Oscars AKA the gay super bowl on this site
  10. Funny that because they are still selling guns and ammo a plenty in PA!
  11. If the girls were there unwillingly, under any sort of threat or duress then honestly I do have a huge problem with what happened. But assuming that they were there willingly then I am not seeing any issue here personally.
  12. Ditto. However, I am not going to hold myself up as a paragon of virtue. I accept that everyone has their weaknesses and I pity the addicts and I pity their families even more. Life isn't fair (hey, I wanted to be taller LOL) but some cope with life's challenges better than others. Some are born with more addictive physiologies or personalities than others. I thank God every day for not giving me an addictive personality. In my experience, those of limited intellect or those who have never overcome serious challenges themselves are always quick to look down on others who happened on less fortunate circumstances. But for the grace of God there go I - is what I always think myself.
  13. Is the list still open? I would like to come just to witness all the manliness and learn a thing or two about cutting wood and safely using a chainsaw... Weather beforehand permitting I could smoke it some brisket and bring beer too.
  14. The more the dem bitches and rinos cry the happier I am with the present POTUS.
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