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  1. At my age I just want nourishment not punishment. I grew up in the UK so I have nothing to prove concerning my ability to endure rain LOL
  2. I used to think that bow hunting in the rain was futile given the likelihood of the blood trail being washed away. But having recovered a number of deer shot from a ground blind with an almost horizontal flight path and no perceivable blood to follow I am no longer convinced that it is a waste of time.
  3. Asking for a friend on the ‘choking the ferret’ question I assume
  4. Is private sake of ammo legal in the People’s Republic of NJ?
  5. It usually shelves from ‘top to bottom’ with the younger shelves at the bottom in my experience. I just cut a few bits cutting up slightly away from the tree vertically. The older and drier it gets the more like eating dry cardboard it becomes. Some take it all then dry it and grind it to a fine powder to add to soups and stews but I have not done that personally.
  6. Good point on the jewelweed - the sap can also do wonders straight from a snapped off piece if you can find it growing nearby.
  7. It is a shit ton of work but so, so very worth it I agree. Picked 25lbs of it the other day at just one site. Season is over I had thought - these rains may make it worth my while to revisit a couple of places that I found them at...
  8. Just get BHC to do it for you Brian - we all know how much he likes 'jar sauce'.
  9. Zanfels is the magic stuff - my wife and daughter get it really badly. I am allergic to a ton of stuff but PI never bothers me. Zanfels is expensive but very, very worth it - it has succeeded in cases where Tecnu failed.
  10. I agree. Such a wound would disable most humans but there he is as though nothing happened.
  11. A couple of years ago I saw my first one - dead on a path outside of Allentown. Now we are littered with them. Tree of Heaven - a garbage tree that loves disturbed ground is their ‘host tree’. They litter it and spread disgusting sooty mold all over them. I am praying for a brutally cold and long winter...
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