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  1. Mr12gauge

    PSA Zone 7 Public Land Hunters

    The more "hunters" I run into the more jerks I find. From the people telling me that they have been hunting this huge patch of public land for years so go somewhere else, to people setting up in front of me practically in the bedding area just to cut me off and also the a-hole who steals my carabiner on my rope every other year.
  2. Mr12gauge

    PSA Zone 7 Public Land Hunters

    tek screw the sections together next time, a lot harder to take apart. I actually put locks in my ladder sections, that way they have to take the whole thing out of the woods. I doubt the guy took the ladder section out of the woods, its probably thrown behind a log or in a creek.
  3. Mr12gauge

    Wish me luck...I’m gonna need it...

    my wife had real good luck with Chantix.
  4. I think he took advantage of you. what's your age?
  5. Mr12gauge

    Excalibur Micro crossbow in camoflage

    600 bucks is a steal, and you could always sell the sight and buy what you want.
  6. Mr12gauge

    Cold weather gear...

    For NJ, I have Cabelas berber fleece. With good layering I can sit all day. After the season they are usually half price.
  7. and my uncle just moved out of Montana, he said "F" Montana.
  8. Mr12gauge

    Help buying an Electric or Propane Smoker

    I have a Bradley smoker and its pretty much brainless. Ive made hundreds of pounds of jerky and meat sticks out of it and never had a problem. I also have a pit boss pellet smoker that works pretty good too.
  9. Mr12gauge

    Serena Williams

    YEAH! oh wait it's tennis? who cares.
  10. Mr12gauge

    Inlet Fail

    I guess those boats have to floatation?
  11. Mr12gauge

    Sierra club says bear hunt can end

    I love how they have to ask this guy, like he's the top bear biologist in the state.
  12. Mr12gauge

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Its new jersey, somebodies probably already hunting there.
  13. Mr12gauge

    Moving to MO - Advice?

    It's pronounced "misery".
  14. Mr12gauge

    Used Scropyd DeathStalker with Extras: $750

    Any trades?
  15. well that was a waste of time.