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  1. gulp, 60 percent of the time it works every time.
  2. cover it with 1/4 inch screen. Make it shaped out of 2 pieces of screen, 1 flat round and the other like a hoop and just slide it over the top. the bucket handle will keep it from coming off.
  3. how about a title for the boat and registration for the trailer??? or its worth nothing.
  4. email the manufacturer and tell them you just bought it and the squirrels chewed it to pieces. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll send you the bottom piece. Then armor it. It's worth a shot.
  5. ive owned a Sig 220 since the 80's and it still shoots like the day it was born. I love when I go to the range and my groups are the same or better than my buddies 2k 1911 and im stock. So just buy 1 and never look back.
  6. I'd pour the corn on the ground and put a bucket with 20 pounds of tannerite right in the middle. 1 shot and pork chops everywhere.
  7. brand new floor and marine carpeting. Johnson 9.9 that starts right up. $2600 have title for boat and paperwork for the trailer. Text or call 732 580 5641. no trades. howell
  8. 18 BUCKS FOR 5, what a ripoff.
  9. harbor freight sells them, 7 dollars.
  10. the magic of the internet, can anyone say "roadtrip?" Paul Pataki 3550 Dow LN Spring Hill, FL 34609 (973) 927-0847
  11. tell them you are swingers, its win win either way.
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