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  1. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Royal-Building-Products-Actual-0-375-in-x-48-in-x-8-ft-Common-PVC-Board/50393486 that pvc board is only 3/8th thick.
  2. The vent fully open is probably not helping. I only run the vent wide open for jerky. you can go to smokingmeatforums.com lots of pros on there.
  3. glad you needed to post this.
  4. who the hell listens to 101.5?
  5. Howell gun works sells them all the time.
  6. PT is awesome, the last day of PT my therapist said she was going to give me a good stretch. She had me lay on my stomach and she bent my foot back to my butt, when it got to as far as it would go she pushed down really hard, I let out a scream and said you're really hurting me and she said "almost done". I got up and limped out of there which sucked because I felt great going in there the last day. I did my follow up with the doctor and told him what happened, got another MRI and a new tear. Yeah so screw PT. I'll do personal exercises but don't friggen touch me.
  7. EBAY, 12 for 16 bucks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12pcs-2-Blade-100-Grain-2-Cut-Archery-Broadheads-Arrowheads-Field-Points-TIps/232935928269?hash=item363c1031cd:g:At4AAOSwme1bpL3f:rk:18:pf:0
  8. Buy the knock-offs, $1.25 each and you cant tell the difference. I destroyed 4 this year and it didn't hurt one bit to throw them in the trash.
  9. how long before the knock offs come out?
  10. well, when you drop off a 112lb doe and you come back to pick up 2 small bags of odd cuts of meat totaling (and I'm being generous here) 18lbs you kind of wonder. When you ask if that's all the meat and you are told there was lots of muscle damage and he got out of it what he could. I gutted the deer, there was no muscle damage. So screw him.
  11. big dogs is 20 to 25 minutes from Howell.
  12. sportsman's guide does a sale on them once a year. I bought a second one last year for 29 bucks with free shipping. you cant lose.
  13. hunters who set up next to me and then get annoyed when my fancy CROSSBOW (that's been cocked all week) shoots the spike out from under their tree, just so I can fill someone else's freezer.
  14. get that tool that you roll the arrows on. see if the heads have a wobble.
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