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  1. Mr12gauge

    Rage goes collarless

    Buy the knock-offs, $1.25 each and you cant tell the difference. I destroyed 4 this year and it didn't hurt one bit to throw them in the trash.
  2. Mr12gauge

    Rage goes collarless

    how long before the knock offs come out?
  3. Mr12gauge

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    well, when you drop off a 112lb doe and you come back to pick up 2 small bags of odd cuts of meat totaling (and I'm being generous here) 18lbs you kind of wonder. When you ask if that's all the meat and you are told there was lots of muscle damage and he got out of it what he could. I gutted the deer, there was no muscle damage. So screw him.
  4. Mr12gauge

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    big dogs is 20 to 25 minutes from Howell.
  5. Mr12gauge

    Jet Sled?

    sportsman's guide does a sale on them once a year. I bought a second one last year for 29 bucks with free shipping. you cant lose.
  6. Mr12gauge

    What gets you a bit upset?

    hunters who set up next to me and then get annoyed when my fancy CROSSBOW (that's been cocked all week) shoots the spike out from under their tree, just so I can fill someone else's freezer.
  7. Mr12gauge

    Issue with crossbow pattern

    get that tool that you roll the arrows on. see if the heads have a wobble.
  8. Mr12gauge

    Target buck down

    nice buck!
  9. I bought one of these and sold it. Its good for a skinny man and child not for two men. For 1 person its ok but still rickety.
  10. Mr12gauge

    Talk about torture

    if I were you i'd keep catching lobster instead.
  11. Mr12gauge

    Security systems tech

    ok thanks
  12. Mr12gauge

    Security systems tech

    I know this is old but are you still looking?
  13. Mr12gauge

    PSA Zone 7 Public Land Hunters

    The more "hunters" I run into the more jerks I find. From the people telling me that they have been hunting this huge patch of public land for years so go somewhere else, to people setting up in front of me practically in the bedding area just to cut me off and also the a-hole who steals my carabiner on my rope every other year.
  14. Mr12gauge

    PSA Zone 7 Public Land Hunters

    tek screw the sections together next time, a lot harder to take apart. I actually put locks in my ladder sections, that way they have to take the whole thing out of the woods. I doubt the guy took the ladder section out of the woods, its probably thrown behind a log or in a creek.
  15. Mr12gauge

    Wish me luck...I’m gonna need it...

    my wife had real good luck with Chantix.