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  1. What are you people going to do when you have to get the vaccine again next year? This isn't 1 and done you know?
  2. Hey , Booner is just around the block.
  3. I hope it gets treated like alcohol and not have stoners next to me blowing smoke all over the place.
  4. And remember to hand in your guns since under federal law pot users can't own guns.
  5. I an willing to give out 6 quarter pound bags to the first 6 people that respond that they want one. The only kicker is that you have to come to Howell (07731) to get one. Reply that you want one and I'll PM you my contact info.
  6. There is some loin and the rest is hind quarters. I use Hi-Mountain jerky cure, 24 hours minimum in the fridge.
  7. Ok, jerky smoked and put in the fridge to cool. Vac sealed and it came out great.
  8. Ok, jerky in the smoker at 175 degrees. Now just check it ever 40 minutes.
  9. I think what we watched last night was entertainment, like wrestling. The whole game the same Chiefs let the Bucs right through the line and get Mahomes, like they were supposed to let them win. Even Tony Homo said a bunch of times, "The Bucs didn't get called on that one" and said he thought some of the calls on the Chiefs were sketchy.
  10. Always in the smoker. I have a 5 cu ft pellet smoker that will run for about 4 hours at 175. Rotate the racks every 40 minutes pull off them as they finish and cool in the fridge. I've been making jerky for over 20 years and have it down to a science. When it's done it will have that amber look to it.
  11. I make jerky a few times a year. This time it's garlic and cracked pepper from Hi-Mountain, a really good jerky cure. This is just the start, I will update as I progress. The meat gets cut with a jerky slicer. This saves a lot of time and adds consistency. The meat is sliced, placed in layers and cured. Then vacuumed sealed and refrigerated over night. FYI 15 pounds of meat.
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