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  1. good luck Booner, maybe they can give you a bone stimulator to speed up recovery.
  2. glad you blacked out the background, now the fish are safe.
  3. Most guys don't even see 100 deer a year.
  4. Good, this will give the cormorants more time to clean them out.
  5. some guy had the same thing 10 years ago that used a cordless drill to get you up and down. I wonder how heavy and loud it is.
  6. Mr12gauge

    Home Defense

    Oh boy, another chest beater.
  7. Mr12gauge

    Home Defense

    Honestly, if shooting a person is going to scar you or your loved ones for life maybe you shouldn't own a gun.
  8. You'll piss all over yourself and the tree the first 10 times but it's worth it.
  9. That's it! I blame Trump!
  10. They should also get big fines too, the risk should be higher than the reward.
  11. Mr12gauge

    Anyone Try This Yet?

    If the chicken was any good you wouldn't need the donut.
  12. The penalty has to be high enough so it's not worth taking the chance.
  13. At Echo lake by me if you dont get there stocking day or the day after there's no trout to catch. When the cormorants are gone there's no trout in the lake.
  14. yeah, ok you've been here long enough.
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