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  1. Harleys overheat in traffic? It's an 80 degree day, who the hell would buy a motorcycle that cant sit in traffic? The new slogan, HARLEY- Don't let them idle, keep moving even if you gotta break the law.
  2. uncomfortable? when did i say i was uncomfortable? Just annoyed at assholes. it was two douches on harleys and one crotch rocket with Rahway shirts on. They just wanted to cut in front of me first to show that they were tough guys. I rode bikes for a long time and never thought i had to cut cars off or ride in between vehicles because i could.
  3. Went to point pleasant today for lunch, what a toilet. Had some north jersey biker trash in front of me blocking the road, had to drive around them. They made it clear that they were badasses by driving in between the cars to get ahead of everybody. What a human garbage dump.
  4. Well if they are the nations most trusted they have to be good, lol.
  5. I would go to the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. Several friends have gone there and told me you cant do any better.
  6. corded get the Milwaukee Super sawzall. It will never die.
  7. Just get the vaccine, OBEY OBEY, the government is there to take care of you.
  8. We liked going to Avon by the sea, but even that place is over run with trash. My wife says we are the only people there that speak english.
  9. why is it junk, all he needs is the code.
  10. That one is fine, when you get the code go on the internet put the code in with your make and model. Sometimes the codes mean something a little different for different cars.
  11. The color on that meat looks awesome. Good job Tracey.
  12. Any pics of the giant swelled up head? I mean that's what we're really here for.
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