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  1. I have a chuck roast in right now. Tomorrow at 4pm will be 30 hours and the meat will be soft as butter.
  2. you can skin and quarter a deer in 20 to 30 minutes. If you don't have one of those skin grabber tools you can use the golf ball method and get the skin off pretty quick.
  3. I guess if he shot and just wounded the animal who cares right? Maybe that's why he came back the next day. He didn't know where he hit it.
  4. 870's seem to do a lot better when the barrel is pinned.
  5. Cant we just ban this crap? This is a hunting site, I don't care about your political views. I want to see deer and fish, that's why I come here.
  6. i use that winch that straps to the tree. Pretty easy to use.
  7. if this is still for sale its a great deal for your dad.
  8. The parents need a kick in the ass too. Trash breeds trash.
  9. I have the pit boss 5 cubic foot copperhead pellet smoker. it works absolutely fantastic. Now my Bradley just sits there.
  10. 475 is an awesome price. So sad that to sell something here you have to practically give it away.
  11. cabelas cg-15, this machine was made by weston for cabelas and is exactly the same as the weston 2300. new seal bar and gaskets, works like new, looks like new. i hate to sell it but Hammer convinced me to buy a chamber vac. Asking $250, was 400 brand new. located in howell 07731. and for the internet police, thats fingerprints, its stainless.
  12. my dad always used to put MUM antiperspirant on our feet. feet didn't sweat so they stayed warm.
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