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Deer head

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My brother shot a nice 8 this year that he was going to do a euro on. Well moms freezer went it's now defrosted. Any tips on what to do to get the fur and skin off? Would love to get it euro mounted. Could I just re freeze and send it out? Burry the head and let bugs go to work? Please let me know.

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We can get it clean, just takes a lot longer. The meat will be mummified if it sit to long. For rotten heads we charge extra $50-$75 pending how bad. If you de flesh the skull were still $65 White or $$99.95 Cleaned and camo dipped.. Shipping additional unless you take it to us in Buena.. What ever you do DONT burry it in dirt..


For future reference on frsh heads our prices include de fleshing..



Skull Next Vista 2233.jpg

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