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  1. Tail Chaser

    Hamburg mountain

    I was curious. O know mountain Creek has been trying to get that property for years. At one point they were ever talking about putting a golf course up there
  2. Tail Chaser

    Hamburg mountain

    There's a lot of traffic in there. ATVs mountain bikers hikers
  3. Tail Chaser

    Hamburg mountain

    I noticed the wildlife management sign is gone one 515 in Vernon. Did we lose this property ?
  4. Tail Chaser

    For all you Diesel Owners

    I have the ram 1500 with the 3.0. Pulling around 7000 lbs travel trailer I average 14.5 mpg. Just about 23 on my daily driving. But I also have 2" lift and 34.5" tires
  5. Tail Chaser

    Connected on a nice Buck last night 10/17

    Nice tom. Great buck.
  6. Tail Chaser

    Sussex county butcher?

    I guess they're out. Lol
  7. Tail Chaser

    Sussex county butcher?

    Bannock you had to wait 2 months for just a regular cut?
  8. Tail Chaser

    Sussex county butcher?

    125. A little pricey. What's the 50. Carcass processing
  9. Tail Chaser

    Sussex county butcher?

    Highland lks
  10. Tail Chaser

    Sussex county butcher?

    Ok so I don't think anyone ever really answered. Where will you be bringing your deer now that Jorge is gone. Preferably within v35 minutes of Vernon
  11. Tail Chaser

    Natural slate 12"x12"

    Hey sorry I missed this yesterday. They obviously are different. In my eyes if they in different rooms 25 feet acway no big deal. But it's your call . A perfect match is more important to some people. Call me and we can talk. I should be able to get you some pictures of the project they can from at aome point tomorrow
  12. Tail Chaser

    Natural slate 12"x12"

    I'm not sure of the country if I had to guess I'd say China. Most of that multi color slate is from there. I tried to get a wide range of color in the picture. I also have two nice pieces for saddles that really go well with the slate. The grout is by mapaei. I think 25 lb bags. I messaged you my number give me a call
  13. Tail Chaser

    Natural slate 12"x12"

    Hey guys . I'm still trying to fund the new xbow. Since there was no interest in the muzzleloader or bow how about this. I have 250+or- sq ft of 12 x 12 natural slate. Colors vary . Plus four bags of pewter colored grout. Looking to get 275. Or bo. Located in highland lks 07422