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  1. I see them pretty often . Saw one just last week crossing the road. Even had one on my front lawn couple years ago.
  2. Usually 2 but we also buy beef and pork . Variety is good. Now that my oldest moved out it just me and my daughter that eats it. My wife will taste the back straps and maybe some jerky that's it
  3. Stew is my go to but Venison barely soup is always good on a cold day too
  4. I like cutting one up and putting in my venison stew.
  5. Getting raped each month for health care insurance
  6. Cuz it's alot more fun asking you guys.
  7. 2015 ram 1500 big Horn with the 3.0 eco diesel
  8. Typically the outlet won't get wet unless the basement fills up. What ever you plug in is usually the problem. Or if you're standing in water and plugging or un plugging
  9. Either will work the same. Breaker is way more expensive
  10. Not always. That why people used tho electicute themselves in bathtubs
  11. The ground fault is so you don't get shocked . If you step in to the wet basement and for some reason the outlet is shorted in the water
  12. Outer are accounted for cut in half and packed separate
  13. Took the loins out my self so that's not it
  14. Not that it matters it going on the grill regardless of what it is lol.
  15. After using Jorge for the past ten years I've been spoiled the meat was always weighed vacuum packed and labeled as to what cuts we're in the package. Just picked up my deer from thea local butcher and they use the meat boats like you get in the super market and no label. I'm not complaining, super nice people cuts are very clean and their prices are good. I'm pleased other than the packaging. So my question is what is this cut? Looks like a mini back strap. I take out the tenderloins myself when I dress the deer and both straps are accounted for. Put the sharpie on top for scale. And I have put everything in vacuum bags
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