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  1. I'd like to sell as a package. I'm in highland lakes. Sussex county
  2. Any interest? All 50 Cal. $45. For all Hornady sst 250gr. (14 in box) Powerbelt 295 gr (32 in pack) Precision rifle qt 215 gr (6 in pack) Pyrodex 50/50 full box of 100 never used
  3. Mossberg 500 with a full choke. Federal premium 00 copper plated buck. They make two different veloseties 1200 fps and 1500 fps. I find the 1200 is best in my gun. Most of my shooting is under 30 yards but I have taken deer at 50 twice although they were easy shots
  4. Wow you have backstrap from last season. They last about a week around here. Lol
  5. Awesome. What zone if you don't mind me asking
  6. If anyone is planning on hunting canistear Rd on Saturday just a heads up it will be closed for roadwork in West Milford.
  7. Cool. Did it help with strength and range of motion.
  8. Sending me for an MRI on Wednesday. If there are no years in the rotator then shots are the next step
  9. Hey guys. Well this kills me. My shoulder has gotten bad. Doc said its only gonna get worse not better. I've held of selling hoping I'd be able to draw but with the regular season coming soon it's time to take reality. Its a great bow . Shoots way better than I'll ever be able to. Lol Diamond black ice. 70 lbs 29" right hand. Appex 3 pin lighted sight. Whisker biscuit rest . Trophy ridge quiver. 4 carbon express arrows (less the broadheads) . True flight release Stabilizer, wrist strap, limb saver silencers and an old bow guard bow case. 400. Bucks *Price drop 325. Or best reasonable offer.*
  10. My spots suck this year. I've only found three so far. I hope they haven't dryed up for good
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