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  1. Those fillets say drunken white guy to me. A Latino or asian would grill those fish whole.
  2. Benjamin Moore advanced is great paint. Sounds like you did good with the prep. Although I would have started with a sanding sealer. I've found that it dries quickly though so put an extender in it. You can get a product called flood at the paint store. And get a softer brush. Roll it on and feather it out with the brush. It gets better and easier on the final costs. Remember your brushing and rolling so it will never be as smooth as a sprayed on finish. And the glossier the finish the more you'll see the imperfections.
  3. There's a couple different styles of carving wheels for a grinder . Might be worth a try
  4. Five drunk guys = a bar fight Five stoned guys = a rock band
  5. I had terra grapplers on my ram. Over all a very good tire . I felt they were just ok in the snow . I have falklen wildpeak at on now. I really like them. I think they handle the snow better
  6. If it happens in the winter my guess would be condensation
  7. I don't know what going on . I thought maybe it was being developed. It's right by laural lake
  8. Cool looking wood on that rifle. Maple?
  9. Still available ? sent a message
  10. Look on their website. They bought an old dairy farm early 2000s
  11. They have a farm in Sussex county. First time I drove past it I had to do a double take when I saw a bidding. Lol
  12. Years ago this happened at Rockport. I asked the co he said the dpw dumped road kills
  13. I had to pass one like this bow season in zone 3
  14. Pmed me about buckshot. Emailed his " buddy" in texas . He wanted $80. A box . Told him to have a nice day
  15. Depends on the deer. I've seen them step over one that was just shot to get back to the bait
  16. I can shoot them in a pinch. They shoot good . Sometimes they won't eject out of my gun. When the crimp opens the shell is too long for the ejection port
  17. Lol my one buddy says he lights a candle everytime he sees one hit by a car
  18. I wonder how the non-existent mast crop this year will affect things
  19. Bears and coyotes put a hurting on the fawns
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