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  1. " Looks like the state of New Jersey will not conduct a Fawn recruitment Study as requested and supported by many sportsman's organizations including ours. The reason is that it is to expensive to conduct one. " ( NJPH ) http://www.grandviewoutdoors.com/big-game-hunting/coyotes-vs-deer-the-predation-effect/
  2. Built my hunting arrows this year,, Element Typhoons ( .204 ID ) with AV3 vanes, A nocks, Titanium half outs, Full length 8+gn per inch concept tube , 175gn Aero point to match 175gn Tramahawks ... Coming in at 590+gns . Just gotta add my blue lighted nocks an these bombs are ready..
  3. Here is some info on the new Firenock Concept System for standard size shaft arrows.. What is it, In a nut shell, it is a specially designed 4-6 inch carbon tube and double shoulder insert that is installed in shaft size's .243-.245ID they we square and apply a chamfer end too which mean the component is really concentric.. What does it do, It stiffens the front of your arrowOut of a well tuned bow your arrow should come out of oscillation in about 7-10 ft pending set up. This will give you better arrow flight sooner and waste less energy. Your arrow will fly better, hit harder...
  4. I had a few guys contact me about dipping over the last couple week, no one mentioned you..
  5. Thinking about getting a new 2016 Obsession, now is a great time and we are offering options... SAVE BIG! Obsession 2016 Pricing.. Mod bows K32 K34 Sniper GT Addiction OBB Huntress LX $899.00 ( standard retail price ) ---------------------------------------------------- Def Con 6M Def con 7M Phoenix XL $999.00 ( standard retail price ) ---------------------------------------------------- Draw Length Specific cam bows Fusion 6 Def Con 6 $999.00 ( standard retail price ) ---------------------------------------------------- Above is retail pricing on standard option bows. For same abov
  6. Some skulls that got done up and a pic of our Euro leaf wall panel that we make in house and dip in camo and or burl wood finish.. Be sure to check my add in Hunting digest for coupon offer if looking to get a euro done.. Thanks!
  7. Had a great time today!.. Looking forward to tomorrow, day 2 of shoot...
  8. My shop will be there set up by practice range..
  9. Anyone that has any of the below Mathews bows I am presently giving 10-15% off retail on Firenock Titanium kits, for a limited time only.. MA5TRG:Mathews 2015 TRG 33pc (2015/03/22) MA5WAK:Mathews 2015 Wake 31pc (2015/03/22) MA5HTR:Mathews 2015 HTR 29pc (2015/01/20) MA5SDX:Mathews 2015 Chill SDX 27pc (2015/11/20) MA5Z20:Mathews 2015 Z2 20pc (2015/02/27) MA4CRE:Mathews 2014 Creed 23pc (2014/07/01) MA4CHI:Mathews 2014 Chill R/X 23pc (2014/07/1) MA1Z70:Mathews 2010/1 Z7, Z7 Magnum 20pc (2015/02/27) MA2HEL:Mathews 2012 Heli-m 19 pc (2015/02/27) Less weight & increase accuracy.. If you
  10. Black Eagle Challengers built with AV3 vanes, Firenock G nock, BE G nock bushing, Firenock concept system. These things fly like darts. ( 30yrds)
  11. Looking for a bow, stop in the Shop, Athens, Obsession, New Breed, ROSS & Scorpyd X bows at our lowest prices... Also great offers on built Rampage arrows.. See Facebook link for further details.. https://www.facebook.com/819601094736714/photos/a.819613638068793.1073741828.819601094736714/1177124972317656/?type=1&theater
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