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An article which was posted on Bowhunting.net today


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I was very pleased when I was notified this morning that an article I had written about the new Dead Ringer Hunting Broad Heads called the Rampage line was being posted on this morning. Now before some of you start yelling at me, yes I do work for the company and believe in the products the company produces and sells. With that being said I also strongly believe that this new line of Hybrid broad heads will quickly become one of the best selling broad head lines to ever hit the market. They were just introduced last January at the ATA show so they were too late for getting into the big box stores like Cabela's and Dicks, etc. for this season. Even though you will not be able to get them from the bigger stores until next season, go can still order them from Dead Ringer Hunting at http://www.deadringerhunting.com or you might still be able to pick some up at your local Wal-Mart store who does carry them. Some of you may have already tried them or at least have seen some of the results posted by hunters from around the country. These new heads have already taken many of the North American game animals in addition to exotics and African game animals. They are proving that they will do what they say they can do. "When failure is not an option" .... "Let there be blood" I hope that you might enjoy the article and even give these new broad heads a chance sometime. I also hope you are all having a good, safe, and successful season so far. Please remember, be safe and good hunting!


Here is the link to the article: http://bowhunting.net/2013/10/from-then-to-now-the-modern-broadhead/



A few pics from the article:







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I shot my buck with the Ladies Version . . . the Rampage 2 Stiletto from Dead Ringer Hunting



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I've been toying with trying mechanicals but just never seem to pull the trigger on a Rage or other brand.  The concept of a hybrid that will always have decent cutting surfaces regardless of whether "it opens or not" is appealing to me.  Maybe next season as I'm forced to sit this one out. 

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