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Anyone shoot a Mathews Halon?


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Starting to get a little antsy to treat myself to a new bow. I currently have a Mathews Z7, I guess I've had it about 5 years, which I love. I been looking at the new bows, and have my eye on the Halon. Anyone shoot one? Thoughts? Also, when I'm ready to buy the new bow, I'll be selling the Z7 for a good price in case anyone is interested. Thanks guys.

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I only deal with Targetters and Rob. Even when I moved one hour away I still drove to his shop. We go back many years, we grew up with each other and his cousin and I hunted together before he passed away.


I too had and loved the Z7, when it was time for a new bow I was looking at the HALON, but the price was more then I wanted to spend. So Rob showed me the Z2, and Z3. Both are based pn the Z7 platform. After some time handling both I opted for the Z2, i actually like it better then my Z7.20160812_134115.jpg

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I went to a local shop and shot the Halon 6 a few times, as well as a bunch of other new bows from Prime, Elite and Hoyt. The Halon was the best, in my opinion. Smoothest draw, which was important to me, absolutely dead in the hand, solid back wall, just an all around great bow. Some guys don't like it because it's heavier than many of the new bows but it's about the same as my SBXT. If I can shoot a bow again regularly after my last shoulder surgery, I will treat myself to that bow. Jury is still out on that one but maybe by spring I'll be breaking open the piggy bank. 

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Shoot every bow that you can.  Don't go in to a shop with a particular brand in mind.  Many companies make  great bows nowadays and you'd be surprised at what you actually like the best once you shoot it.  


Personally, I hate the way matthews bows feel in my hand and shoot.  Not a huge lover of hoyt bows either.  Bear is making a nice bow again, but  PSE, Xpedition, Obsession and Prime are the ones that feel right to me.  I've been shooting PSEs for the past 6 years, and right now the top of my wish list is an Xpedition.


Just saying that you should go in there with a blinders on and shoot everything they have.  


Not sure where you live, but Strictly Archery in Washington, Warren County is the only shop that I let handle my bows.  I won't let anyone else touch them  

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This is my first year bow hunting in 15 years. I treated myself to a new bow. I shot EVERYTHING. I SPENT 2 full days at Harrisburg shot every Flagship bow: Hoyt Defiant and Carbon Defiant, Obsession Defcon, Matthews Halon, Bowtech BTX, Elite e32, Prime Rise, elite impulse, PSE Carbon Air, Xpedition Xception and a 2015 Xpedition Xcentric. I went with the 2015 Xpedition Xcentric. For me, it was the best bow. Perfect target acquisition. Burning fast. Quiet. Stable, etc. shooting the bare bow with a whisker biscuit and no site, I grouped three arrows at 15 yards within a 1.5" group and blew off one nock. I was in.


Then outfitted with a QAD fall away, CBE single pin, limbsaver quiver,

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