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Stevo's Mischief Night Youth Rimfire GTG - Officially 10/30/2016 at 10:00AM


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OFFICIAL DATE/TIME/LOCATION:  October 30th 10:00AM @ Colliers Mills WMA Range in Jackson, NJ



Well this was actually the weekend I had planned for our 2nd Range Day. So now we will have to cram two lessons into one event. Should not be too hard for us but might be a bit for the youngsters to remember. Our Goal will be teaching the proper use of the Range and Proper shooting techniques.


Same as last time I will supply the food, bring the Grill, ketchup, mustard, and some Macaroni Salad.


If someone could pick up Hamburger and Hot Rolls, Someone grab Paper Plates and Napkins, and someone fill a cooler with Water and a Few Soda's I would really appreciate it. I have three Rifles to use. One is a Cricket if you bring a younger Kid it will fit them fine. If you want to bring your own Rifles that's fine so long as it's a Rim Fire. I am hoping I can get at least 3 people to man the stations. And one NRA Instructor as Rangemaster.


I will stop by the Range on Thursday to make sure everything is good to go. It should be fine. If not I will make it fine. This time there will be no cancellations unless the weather sucks. I wanted to get this up and running before November cause I know you guys want to be in your stands for the Rut. Any suggestions you may have are appreciated.


My goal here is for the Kids to have a great time, learn something, and want to do it again. Remember they are our future shooters. Without them the great Sport of Shooting and Hunting will be gone. An American Heritage we can't afford to loose.


If we can lets make a list on this post so we have an idea on how many.


Thanks Steve

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Thanks Booner I'll let you know. I lost your number. The wife must have thought my cell phone was dirty so it went through all the cycles in the Washing Machine. If you still have mine call me. If not PM me.

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I will be in MA the day before and am not sure I can make this.  However, I will toss in a Bucket of Bullets,1,400 x .22LR regardless.  I would like to come down for this but won't know until a couple of days beforehand.

Sapere aude.


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Steve this is a great idea. I would have loved to have brought my daughter.


I'll be with some other friends upland hunting. I will have to catch up with you guys at another time.


Very nice of you to organize this.

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Bump for everyone!  I'm definitely going to try to make this, I'll have a better idea next week once I see how things shake out at work.

Still have ammo from the last time we tried that I'd like to give to the kids to shoot :up:

Anyone been to the range lately to see if there's any vandalism issues?

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