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  1. How big is it? Would it fit a 6 foot guy at about 325 lbs? I am near 08016 zip
  2. Regardless if I was at a bar or restaurant and looked over and saw reserved for the 13 and there was a flag there, it definitely would cause me to pause. But, at that table of if the restaurant did display a way for donations that would be even better. We have had a lot happen this year and last year. We need all the pausing and thinking we can.
  3. A buddy of mine, fellow dog trainer, has got me keeping trash bags in my truck. When we train, we pick up the trash around the area leaving it better than we found it. Now, since my daughter has been joining me lately on the training outings, she is catching onto the leave it netter than you found it. If someone wanted to set it up we could as a group on here, hold group clean up days at the different WMA's. This would help build relationships with the local wardens and rangers. We may also be able to get scouts etc involved to assist. Just a thought.
  4. Wtf.. That lake is used by many wild life and many dogs train there. Colliers is getting trashed with broken bottles, and left over party trash. Very sad.
  5. Wasn't Ashby doing the study with traditional bow equipment and not modern day compounds? I mean the ranch fair stuff is all about fixed heads, 16 % foc and I think 550 arrow weight or something. I use slick tricks which we tune. But I am trying severs 1.5 this year. Interested to see how they work.
  6. Never had casabas pizza but I am willing to try.
  7. Pineapple. Pepperoni Hot peppers. Oh man so good. One of my favorites. Sweet heat!
  8. While hunting near highcrossing, the pines for those northerners, we found an entire living room set with end tables and lamps. All set up in the middle of the woods. No shelter, just set up like a living room. Found a back pack with a large jar with a id. A piece of copper sticking out of the top. tubing. a few coins, spoon, and weird jewelry box. (probably get high kit)
  9. Keep it fun and no boredom. I started my kids around 5 and 6 when the canal was stocked.
  10. Good luck and a bright future!
  11. Head to Bob and AJs. Test their bows. Elite Mathews Prime Bow tech In stock. Anything ordered may take some time. You can shoot the bows there and they will spend time with you discussing the set up. BUT know come Nov. The companies usually start showing their new line ups.
  12. I shoot Elite and currently Prime Nexus 4. I have always wanted a Mathews ever since they came out with the solo cam back in the 90's. I just can't seem to pull the trigger when I go and shoot all the bows. I always seem to gravitate to Elite. This year Prime got me with the very smooth draw of 74 lbs and the balance of the bow. Let's just say it was extremely close with the Remedy but wanted something different to try this year. I have never tried a Hoyt. Bow tech was ok but never as smooth to me as the Elite, Mathews, or the Prime. I may end up purchasing a used Encore or left over Enkore at the end of the season. Depends on what Elite comes up with for 2022.
  13. I don't need them to fly. I need them for track.
  14. Hello, Doing some dog training and would like to purchase some pheasants. Anyone know where I can purchase about 6 pheasants in the Central to South NJ areas? Hell, even in PA?
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