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C week in the books and it was a good book


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Got out to my spot around 5:15am (don't know how folks get out any earlier) and had a hen talking on the roost, so I settled in and by 6:00am I had four gobblers going crazy. But as all good things must come to an end, so did the gobbling. The hen flies off the roost in the opposite direction and takes the Toms with her --  leaving me alone and confused. I break down the blind, get my decoy and head on down the hill to my car. For some reason I decided to look at an area that I had seen birds all year and figured that it couldn't hurt. I'm just about to hit my mark and two crows start jawing back and forth and in the midst of their discussion, the tom's gave up their location.I moved to within 30 yards of four big Toms and watched them vie for a lone hen's attention. At some point, she was like, "later losers" and started to move off. Three of the Toms were stuck to each other leaving no clear shot, but the fourth held back just enough so that when I let out a soft yelp on the mouth call, he raised his head, gobbled, and the Browning pump did the rest. I walked up to the bird and had a once over and you could tell that this one was a fighter as evidenced by his tail.


Turkeyboy44, I'm not going to bird up yet, although this one did score better than my first. If I change my mind, I'll post all of the required pics.




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Maybe he's got D week and doesn't want to burn his upgrade incase he gets a bigger one.  What are you anyway the turkey contest nazi?!

That's pretty much it BB. This tom had three others with him, so I'm going to try one or two more sits over the next two weeks.

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