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Artificial Hip and Hunting


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I am going on my 16 month with a new left hip and no problems! I'm so thankful for modern medicine. Last Sat. we walked almost 7 miles pain free as we chased some pheasants. Last year I was slow and super careful. I still have some general muscle weakness, but no debilitating discomfort.


Anyone out there with a new hip, knee and etc?

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I broke my neck in July 2015 and had neck fusion surgery in August 2015. I was bowhunting again by mid October last year but had to buy a 50lb bow. I couldn't draw my 70lb bow and was very weak. Had a tough time hanging stands, dragging deer, and was overall a little timid about over doing it. I have a good bunch of guys that I hunt with that helped me get through last year. I am back to hunting with my 70lb bow and swinging around in the trees hanging stands. I killed 2 deer so far this year and my two son's each killed their first bucks this year. Both of them killed 8 ptrs.

I'm your Huckleberry :devious:

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I got both of my hips replaced a little over two years ago.. Oh my god life changing experience..
My buddy had his hip replaced a couple of years ago.  Couldn't barely walk and was in constant pain.  He and I were stomping all over the northern woods of NH this year, and he's never felt better.


Great news! My recovery was interesting. After surgery I had those spinal headaches for about 10 days, the PT pulled my hamstring during early stages recovery, on about 30 days out from surgery I got the shingles. And last November I had that dreaded Bulls Eye Rash and had to take antibiotics for Lyme. That's 3 Strikes plus one! With all that I still run through the gauntlet again!

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Several of my fishing buddies have had one or both knees replaced and no longer complain about being in pain all the time and all are back to fishing all day while wading in big, strong rivers like the upper Delaware.  It is amazing how far medicine has come!  I live every day with a mechanical heart valve myself that "ticks" away that is basically made from graphite.  Like you said Batsto, "keep moving or they put dirt on us".  :) 

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