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  1. I don’t know I love my Hoyt.. But when I hold that shotgun it brings back memories that’s how it all started for me 40 years ago sitting with my dad shot gun hunting..
  2. Take pics my daughter started coming with me when she was 3 she is turning 14 tomorrow.. when she turned 12 she decided hunting wasn’t for her. My 11 year old daughter still hunts.. I hope she doesn’t stop
  3. Liv2hunt

    9 pt

    Wow that’s NJ bomber.. congrats..
  4. I already have two wolfs my daughters use them they both shoot as good as my Triumph. Good luck with the sale..
  5. That’s awesome I am down here now.. it’s been In the 80’s the last two days.. I only saw some rut action today.. saw 6 bucks the last two days only one over a 100” . I hope a buck like you guys shot shows up.
  6. Looks awesome I use a meat slicer for my venison cheese steaks as well.. I could eat that right now
  7. Congrats a NJ 10 point is special great deer
  8. People do suck.. Sorry to hear that. The world is a disaster right now
  9. I have taken Lots if footage when I took my girls over the years.. my 11 year old is In the tree with me now.. they started coming when they were 3. My 14 year old doesn’t come anymore👎
  10. Out in 6 with my daughter I hope we see some action tonight
  11. Wow that’s A Bomber great deer congrats
  12. Oh man you had to go back to work and the monster showed up.. good luck in The morning
  13. Wow great buck congrats
  14. That’s hilarious..
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