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  1. Wow that's a Bomber!! congrats.
  2. Wow what a Buck Congrats..... That's a Deer hunters Dream of..
  3. Liv2hunt

    50 cal f/s

    Love my Triumph... Who ever is buying this you won’t be disappointed..
  4. That’s where I am at in my life I lost two great private places. I had to hunt public land again for the last 2 seasons.. I saw 2 bucks All season last year.
  5. Liv2hunt


    Wow very nice offer that’s what I shoot but in a right handed version. I love the Hoyt Spyder
  6. I have a Caldwell pod that looks just like that it works great.
  7. I had a cable snap back in January the last day of the season.. I have been meaning to do this for months. I did this to 2 stands today. Now I just need to get them on a tree.
  8. Descent bucks those are Bombers!! I hope you get in there getting them in shooting range would be a win let alone putting one down. Good luck
  9. I shoot a Hoyt Spyder 30” I think it’s from 2014.. I really like it it shoots well. I only shoot 65 pounds.. It kills deer and it just feels right in my hand
  10. I feel your pain we put our dog down a few months ago. Remember the good times. Sorry for your loss
  11. Yes I have been sighting in both my muzzleloader and shotgun at 50 yards for almost 30 years. I hunt hard woods 50 yards has worked perfect.
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