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  1. I do my differentials and transfer case at 30k. I do a drain and fill on the trans every 30k as well.
  2. As every one said shoot a bunch of bows.. see what bow feels the best for you.. the deer don’t care if the sticker says Bear, Hoyt or Bowtech
  3. I second nontypical.. he has made my strings for 20 years. He is the best
  4. I am simple I like chicken parm, or a great bacon cheeseburger simple but its what I enjoy.
  5. Wow good for you... That looks great every year it is on my list of things to try and learn how to do. I still haven't let us know how it tastes...
  6. That looks great.. that’s a lot of antler congrats on the buck.
  7. Yikes not what I expected
  8. I just had to go to CVS and get tested. I had a good run I avoided it for the whole year. As I was shaving today I realized I have no smell it’s my only sign. I hope I don’t have covid
  9. I hunted more than I usually do last year and saw the least amount of deer I have saw in years.
  10. Liv2hunt

    Proud Hockey Dad

    That’s awesome good for all of you. The best thing about sports is it brings you together..
  11. Liv2hunt


    Not yet those little bastards were everywhere last year
  12. I went from fixed for over 30 years to a mechanical.. after two seasons I went back to a fixed..
  13. I have been using pyrodex pellets for over 20 years always kept in a cabinet in my garage.. I have never had an issue..
  14. As some one said you can’t wrong with either machine.
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