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  1. Liv2hunt

    Well... Truck post?

    Looks great best of luck with it..
  2. Wow that’s a bomber.. your whole wall is impressive.. Deer of a lifetime for me..
  3. That’s Horrible.. sorry to hear..
  4. Man that looks great...
  5. I have had Chevys and Toyota’s I turned to Toyota’s years ago I am on my second Tundra it’s 10 years old everything still works.. I thought of getting another one because it’s 10 but the heck with that..
  6. Stupid I can’t believe I watched it
  7. I switched to a thumb release. I had some arm issues after surgery when I used a regular trigger release my bicep would cramp. I switched to a thumb release a few months ago. Since I pull with fingers now cramping has stopped .. I have not hunted with it yet but I like it so far. I use a Spot Hogg whipper snapper.
  8. I doubt school will go back. there is no way an elementary aged kid is going to keep a mask on all day. There is no spatial distancing at school. Kids are always touching each other. Also kids sharing desks every period. I just do not see it. Trust me I wish it would open. I wish everything would open.
  9. Nice Bucks fellas..
  10. It’s because he is in outfitter himself. He is afraid he isn’t going to get his money this year.. Guess What Jim people are trying to survive right now and hope they can keep their job and get back to it as soon as possible.. outfitters are not a priority right now buddy..
  11. I just made some today. I just bought this marinade in a bag from ShopRite I marinated it over night. I wrapped the pieces in bacon and put them in the crock pot. I cooked on low for a few hours we are eating it now
  12. I can’t lie I like hazelnut creamer..
  13. I love the fire stick it’s what we use.. we pay for Hulu it’s a lot cheaper than cable. We have 4 fire sticks running in the house
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