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  1. Liv2hunt

    Yoda4x4's Fall Buck - 9/29/18

    Nice buck Yota congrats
  2. Liv2hunt

    What's your weakness??

    Too many things to list I am like a Dogg I could eat all day.. at Walmart my kids grabbed ice cream it's called #Chocolate it's So Good
  3. Liv2hunt

    Favorite Candy

    Dots Dots are my favorite.. but any fake fruit chewy candy I could eat all of the time..
  4. I like folgers with hazelnut creamer..
  5. wow great pictures
  6. Liv2hunt

    Favorite place to relax?

    LPJR I feel the same as you.. when I am in my tree stand during archery season. When I take the lid off my thermos and start drinking my coffee.. That is where I relax in my favorite seat..
  7. Liv2hunt

    Got my 2017 Fall Bow Buck Mount Back

    wow Awesome deer congrats... It makes it a little sweeter knowing you did it on Public land..
  8. Liv2hunt

    LEOs and NJ Teachers

    Good thing for that body camera I know many cops get jammed up over situations like this where people just lie and say how the police officer was harassing them... I wish I didn't watch the video now I am aggravated...
  9. Liv2hunt

    Got a high mile Chevy truck?

    I had a Silverado Years ago the original clutch went at 198,000.. I loved that truck..
  10. Liv2hunt

    The REAL pork roll question

    I don't know we go to BJ's up here in Roxbury I buy the 6 pound log slice it up on the meat slicer and food save it.. I never read the package. I like whatever brand BJ's sells
  11. wow I am speechless what the heck is going on in this world...
  12. Is it cantilever mount?
  13. I am going to set the DVR I am going back out to shovel around 7:00
  14. Liv2hunt

    Northern Region Meeting a Success

    I am real disappointed I missed last nights meeting. It's been a while since we had a meeting up there. I came home to water dripping through the downstairs ceiling. I hope I can make it next year.
  15. Liv2hunt

    Venison Summer Sausage

    I want some that looks great