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  1. The REAL pork roll question

    I don't know we go to BJ's up here in Roxbury I buy the 6 pound log slice it up on the meat slicer and food save it.. I never read the package. I like whatever brand BJ's sells
  2. wow I am speechless what the heck is going on in this world...
  3. Is it cantilever mount?
  4. I am going to set the DVR I am going back out to shovel around 7:00
  5. Northern Region Meeting a Success

    I am real disappointed I missed last nights meeting. It's been a while since we had a meeting up there. I came home to water dripping through the downstairs ceiling. I hope I can make it next year.
  6. Venison Summer Sausage

    I want some that looks great
  7. I have used Simon Peter for many many years. I use Andover Hunt and fish as well. Both places treat me and my daughters great I can't say anything bad about either place.
  8. does anyone use the on X hunt???

    I got the app back in December I like it. I go bye what it says
  9. Black Bear Chili Made By My Daughter !!!!

    Looks great.. my 11 year old daughter makes Mac n Cheese.. I wish she would make chili
  10. Northern Region Membership Meeting

    I will be there. I am glad the meeting is being held again.
  11. Venison Kielbasa

    I could go for one of those right now. They look good enjoy.
  12. Great story enjoy looking at the Bubba Buck every time you can
  13. Who Gun Hunted This Year?

    Yuup I went Monday and Saturday of Shotgun season I hunted 5-6 times with the muzzleloader.. I like every weapon we can hunt with Its just the time too get out in the woods.
  14. If today was six day opener ?

    Yes I would... to some that day isn't special.. I just had my 37th season of never missing an opening day shotgun.. I hope I never miss one..
  15. How Old Were Your Kids?

    Honestly I started taking my girls when they were 3 on warm bow day. The shotgun one was 8 the other 7.. my girls are now 11 and 8