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  1. My 20 gauge 870 has shot lots of Hornaday SST’s never a problem. I am thinking it’s the gun.
  2. I will be there my 10 year old daughter is coming with me.. it’s a great shoot It’s always a good time..
  3. Yeah I got it that’s funny.. remember when tape decks had auto reverse
  4. My 10 year old daughter shot her muzzleloader last year with 2 pellets she was fine. I was a little nervous but she was accurate and had no issues.
  5. I agree lots of stick bows. The targets had some distance Most shots were over 30 yards. I enjoyed it LPA always puts on a good shoot.
  6. Yes I got a few them today myself
  7. Yes still going.. I didn't get to hunt much at all this season. I will be taking the bow out this afternoon.
  8. 2 deer if I shoot a 3rd deer I will eat it.. 2 deer is what I usually get and consume it bye the summer
  9. I myself wish i had this Procedure done.. but I am a big chicken. A needle in my nuts I just can't do it..
  10. Wow that is really great news.. Good for him. Good for all of you.
  11. My daughters my cousin and My Uncle and my Buddies.. I owe all of these moments to my father. He passed away in 2011. I don't have any pics of him on this phone.
  12. Wow congrats.. I hope everyone is healthy.. enjoy that baby
  13. she is a trooper my 9 year old daughter did a dark to dark Monday and today.. poor kid we haven't saw a deer yet in two long days.. she was awake till 3:30 the warmth of the sleeping bag just put her down..
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