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Been in since 6, Zone 21..not a peep. Woods just now lit up. Hoping to have a good day. Maybe catch a nap if I'm not bothered by deer coming I... (the nap is more likely)

Didn't even hear movement in the dark but lots of signs coming in.



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Thanks everyone......Seems we all made out the same, both at work and in the woods. Put my camera up when I left just to see what's moving and when. Only saw one little fella on the dirt road while I was  driving out if the woods, didn't hear anything inside.

Certainly was better for fishing today.

Think i'll try a late morning sit tomorrow and see if they're  on my camera at all. Then I guess move on to the other spots the rest of the week if nothing looks good. One positive, doesn't look like anyone is near the spots I checked today. Just my tracks in and out from the  other day..

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