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  1. I have a crossbow in just in case something were to happen. This bow also isn’t set up and tuned to my new arrow set up. I already have a bow fishing set up with an old bear bow…
  2. kamo_krimpets


    I decided to buy a new hoyt Ventum, Im pumped to paint some arrows with it to say the least. That being said I’ve decided to give my old bow away. My kids are too young to do a hand me down and don’t have any use for it. Now I don’t know if anyone really “needs” a bow. But if you or someone you know is in need of a bow let me know. I’d prefer to be able to give it to an up and comer or someone just starting out. Shoot me a note, I’m located in south Jersey (the real south Jersey).. it’s ready to hunt LH Hoyt Spyder Thirty 60-70lb currently a 29.5 Draw length brand new vapor trail strings whisker biscuit Apex Bone collector 4 pin sight trophy ridge quiver Fuse stabilizer will throw in mix/match arrows
  3. In the words of Ave Venture “That! What the hell is that!”
  4. But why is Stan Putz walking with a a GoPro that’s recording? And he’s holding his phone like he’s FaceTiming or on speaker phone? Following a blood trail?
  5. Pulled a camera I had up on the main entrance to an Summer/early season bedding area and found this thing amongst lots of antler pics. Maybe a cat? But when you zoom in it appears to have a long snout...
  6. Don’t know how many of y’all are members or get the communications from The Backcountry hunters and anglers organization but they sent out their normal link (regarding conservation issues) where you can punch in your info and they’ll send a generated letter to the idiots at be about numb nuts cancelling the Bear Hunt.. https://www.backcountryhunters.org/nj_black_bear_hunt_2?utm_campaign=take_action_with_bha&utm_medium=email&utm_source=backcountryhunters#/167/
  7. As stated read his quotes in ‘18 when they shut down the public land. He was pandering then now he’s rolling over playing dead. Non lethal management doesn’t work not in any state especially when population is booming. Its acting chairman, Frank Virgilio, said he views the situation as a great opportunity to bring different groups and viewpoints together to re-examine nonlethal bear management. “So I don’t really always look for the bad in an issue. I look at the good in an issue and the areas where we could find common ground. I think this is an opportunity to find common ground,” Virgilio said. Read More: Hunters, foes agree: Murphy wrong on bears (though reasons vary) | https://nj1015.com/hunters-and-foes-agree-murphy-wrong-on-bears-though-reasons-vary/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
  8. 609-292-2965 Call Frank the sell out! Ol Frank former president of the federation of sportsmen’s clubs in this state is a sell out.. Read his quotes from back in ‘18 when the public land got shut down. Does not represent “sportsmen” he’s a political panderer buffin Murphy’s muffler
  9. I appreciate the leads guys I will check them out.
  10. Anyone know any shops that have stock? I’m having a hell of a time even getting an ETA on arrivals as it seems no one knows or has been waiting months in some cases.
  11. So I’m helping my mom go through a lot of boxes and albums and such for this ancestry.com thing she’s doing. I came across this gem from 1952 that was mixed in with my grandfathers football and mason stuff. Pretty neat to see the regulations and the pledge that was on the cover. Thought I’d share.
  12. No holes in my decoy (hen) lol..... I moved so much up and back along that hedgrow If this guy was there he could've did something to let me know he was there I'm a larger fella lol I'm not slithering around nowhere ..,the gobbling started in the distance as I stated past where me and whoever ended up with a turkey between us.. when the shot went off i didn't know what to do shit, duck, run etc it was too close and completely unexpected thru up the orange flag I carry and retreated a bit to see if I could hear someone moving around or cursing because they missed the bird but nada I said F it., Negative on the Medford deal.. as for learning anything? Wear more orange? Shoot the bird even though it ran between us after the initial shot? Lol
  13. Got a late start this morning due to my 9 week old baby girl having a rough night... Hit the woods around 630 at my first spot move around a little bit while calling nothing showing... I take a short ride to my second spot no one is parked there I'm thinking this is fantastic all to myself... I walk down the stream that runs through this piece to the back of the property that borders a few huge fields. All is quiet...give a few yelps and hear a gobble... He's about 150+ yards away... I make my move to close the distance and get into some clearer woods. I stop to call gobbles again. I get set up against a tree and put my decoy in a good size clearing behind the hedgerow. I call again and get a gobble back turkey is less then a hundred yards... I get him fired up to the point he's gobbling every minute or so with me calling every so often... this goes on for about a half hour.. I decide he must be henned up becaus he won't come.. I decide to move closer once again so that I'm basically in the other side of the hedgerow from him.. I set up call and nothing... I wait a minute or two hit him with some clucks and purrs ... gobbles back... he's getting close to the hedgerow... I'm thinking he's coming right to me now.. right then boom a shot is fired less then 10 yards to my north I can hear the pellets spraying through the hedgerow the bird comes running through the hedgerow right at me.. I freeze because i ruined my britches and the bird runs right by me instead of shooting because this bird is now between me and the mystery shooter I pull my orange flag out strap it to my chest and stand up..Now I was there with this turkey for close to an hour and a half... never heard another call other then mine and gobbles responding to my calls... I walked out into the field and seen nothing.. I don't know if someone tried to cut the bird off from me or what.. no other cars no nothing no sign of anyone... i was that close to a. About a 8 inch beard b. Having a shit load of pellets down the front of me.,, never seen it coming ... be careful out there people... knowing this person missed both me and the turkey clean makes me feel good.... sorry it's a long read... I'm still amped up...
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