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Trappers ed north this weekend

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Even if you don't expect to trap, it is not a bad idea to attend, if only just to get a feel for what trapping is all about and how to get started - and you never know, you might find it more interesting than you think.

I thought it was the best out of all the NJ DFW education courses -it's a full 2-days, of course, versus just the few hours you get in the archery or firearms courses. You also get hands-on. Learn how to set the different traps, then before you leave Saturday you set up your own cable restraint, come back Sunday and find out what you (or more likely the instructors) caught, and watch first-hand how to dispatch and/or release, skin, and flesh. You get to keep your cable restraint that the instructors give you.

I don't anticipate trapping a lot - I took the course just because I wanted to know how to (and be legal doing it) snare these yotes on my buddy's property. But after taking the class last week, now I am wondering if I want to really get my feet wet and spend a couple weeks in late February running some trap lines after I get my fill of hunting.

Anyway - if you got nothing going on this weekend, I would recommend it. Never know when you will need a trapping license!

Oh, and the fur harvesters convention in Atsion is on the 4th - you can buy some supplies there to start out with after you've got your license. I plan on going up there just to buy a dozen snares and some basic supplies to get started. I may start a thread here to ask what a beginner should buy without going crazy.

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I took the trapping course 2 years ago, it was just something I always wanted to try. Every time I went to check my traps it was like it was Christmas morning. My brother started tagging along just to see what I was so exited about, he was raring to go every morning to go check the line with me, so last year he took the trapping course. When we were telling our friend about it he started tagging along with us and he was so exited every time we ran the line that he took the course this year and all of us can't wait to see what this year will bring us.

Good luck too all.


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