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Turkey in Zone 2?


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Hey all.... so new hunter here, went out for turkey on Saturday morning in Zone 2, Flatbrook-Roy WMA. I didn't see or even hear any turkey, although did see some signs of scratching on the ground. Any advice for a newbie? Is this a good area to hunt? Was the weather a factor? It was 34 at sunrise, and got to mid-40s when I had to leave at 1pm. Going to head back out on Friday and/or Saturday again. Anyone have any luck in Zone 2 or could recommend a location in that area I should try out? I read some decent things about Walpack WMA, but not any solid info for this Fall. Anyway, thanks in advance for any information.


Happy Hunting!

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Turkey hunting, like most other hunting, is all about scouting where they are.  They've got great eyes, so you may be spending a lot of time on a high ridge glassing them to find out where they are.  If you've found a scratched up area, try to find another one nearby.  Turkey have a tendency to tear an area up and move on to another area 15-30 minutes later.  You can stalk the scratched area, or between the two.  But they have a somewhat predictable pattern.  If you don't have the opportunity to put game cams up, you may be sitting in the same spot all day long for them to come along, and you have to sit still or find a natural blind.  If they see you, they won't come anywhere near you.


Turkey are fun to hunt, IMHO, a lot more fun than deer.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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Fun and discouraging in my short experience...I'm admittedly a greenhorn, but at least I've seen deer (forklings, droppings, carcasses, etc.) on my scouting trips. I have yet to see any sign of a turkey (which is what I'm looking for). I thought I heard a few. but quickly realized it was squirrels. Really hope I can at least see a turkey before the week is out. Fingers crossed.

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There are a good number of birds around this year thanks to this past year's weather, but that doesn't mean it's gonna be easy.  You need to find what they are feeding on, cover some ground until you have located them.  In my experience the harder the hunt the more rewarding it is, and you can have a very successful year even if you don't kill a bird.  Enjoy your time out there and learn from each experience.  


P.S.  Welcome to the site MrFrantastic.    

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